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ArcheAge All players begin their journey on either the Nuia or Harihara continents. From there they explore the world, cooperating or competing with each other. Remnants of the Lost Continent, where the ancestors of the world's races lived together in peace two thousand years ago, still dominate the landscape. If you explore deep into the hearts of these ancient relics, you may discover the secrets of legendary gods and heroes. Or you may reveal more details about the catastrophe that caused the Nuia and Harihara schism. It all depends on your choices.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6519
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Trion Worlds / XLGAMES

ArcheAge reviews ( 6 )

Augustus75, Oct 30, 2014

I'm hooked. It's theme park elements introduce the sandbox elements as well as intended. Crafting is big and purposeful. The world is immersive, dangerous, and beautiful.

mantoothbear, Nov 1, 2014

Game is not Pay2Win and if you think Pay2Win is i am a free player and to cheap to pay for a subscription, they need to make money somehow they don't go to work just so you can have a free to play game and servers running on there own money so stop crying about it, There is nothing wrong with the economy most things on AH are very cheap unless its a high level crafting item that people spent time leveling and making so they cost the right amount for the time put into the item, just another case of people being to cheap, the same goes for houses, its like players want everything for free and MMOs should just give things to people just because but if your to cheap to play for a subscription, to lazy try to get gear (which is VERY easy to get) then just don't play and stop crying about how they game is Pay2Win there is nothing in the cash shop that gives you an edge over the other players that you cant by on AH for a 10g, Every MMO on launch has Queue's, PvP is part of the game if don't like PvP why are you playing a game that has Open world PvP with both factions, land is not hard to get and is being sold constantly, However there is a real botting Problem, slight lag issues such as lag spikes, disconnection and off scheduled maintenance they don't, almost Zero in game support (GMs), but like i said before the amount of Free2Play players crying about how the game is Pay2Win really need stop, Subscribing doesn't give you a i win card, Cash shop is pretty much just full of useless crap

monnef, Nov 5, 2014

All begins with untruthful hardware requirements (e.g. 2GB RAM is no way enough, even with 4gigs the game were forcing Windows to swap). I really liked the idea of sandbox with thousands of people cooperating, crafting and building. But all this is severely limited by labor system, as a free player you have no chance of doing any "sandboxy" things. Those things, which are only advantage over other F2P MMORPGs. Without these elements it's just another MMORPG game with nothing new and a lot of standard PVE and PVP stuff missing (again, from a point of view of F2P players). Transporation is tedious - takes minutes/tens of minutes, in my opinion too much realistic. Dungeons don't seem too elaborate. I did miss a lot of group PVE features - like proper loot system (no greed option, just pass/need), no group finder for dungeons/quests. I also dislike the notion of "only world PVP". I kinda like instanced PVPs with some team objective(s) - capture the flag, domination and so on. Quests feel repetitive even on lower levels, only story quests were a bit better (probably because of short cutscenes). Queues were a big problem, but I assume it gets/got better. What is a problem (for me at least) is EU players being treated as second class citizens, for example restarts in prime time, US problems are always fixed first (in some cases days between fixing US and EU side) and prices of paid items. It's pure PAY TO WIN, unless you buy a patron status, you are nothing. If you aren't planning on tossing money away, then avoid even trying this game, it's not worth it.

Rickos, Sep 8, 2016

I played this game for a few months and I've got to say this is one of the worst customer service oriented MMO's I have ever had the displesure of playing in my 15 years of MMO's. Some guy showed me a trick by using a 3rd party mod, he teleported a vehicle of mine and got his account and my labor account banned. when I tried to explain what happened and get my labor account un banned they banned my main account too seizing about $150 dollars worth of in game credits and refuse to refund it back on my credit card. I will be taking this company to small claims court soon and warn anyone else about this company

Frube, Sep 18, 2014

I've been playing games and checking Metacritic more years than I care to remember, but if ever a game deserves bad reviews/a quick death; this is it! And it's made me sign up just to do this. The game itself is not bad, until you realise just how disgusting the pay model is. Even if you subscribe, the game still wants you to spend more money buying small items from the cash shop. Basically, if you have no job, and loads of money, this is the game for you. If this game was in the hands of another publisher/developed, I think this could have been a huge success. Trion are a truly disgusting company. Even if I don't rage uninstall this game, there is no way that I'll ever part with my money for this game now, not after this. You cannot just sit back and let this all blow over when you have a duty to ensure your customers are happy. 4hours 45 mins in queue and still not in-game.

Hillbillyassasn, Sep 16, 2014

All I have to say is if you read the details about owning a house and such, do not get into this game. Land is very limited and though a very few say they have seen land open, many players have not. You will be required to wait a min. of 2 weeks to get land, at which point thousands of other players will be vying for that same piece of land, and since there is a time on when the land dies out, everyone will know when to get ready, so it will be a luck shot if you grab a piece. Questing is questing. No good or bad. Trading..You will more than likely need a farm....Good luck, land as stated above is a problem.