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ARK: Survival Evolved Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and encounter other players to survive, dominate... and escape.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1974
Genre Action Adventure, Sandbox
Company / Developer
Studio Wildcard / Studio Wildcard
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ARK: Survival Evolved reviews ( 6 )

theirrelephants, Oct 24, 2017

While it has its problems, I can't justify giving this game anything less than a 10. I have over a thousand hours in it. A THOUSAND HOURS. That's ~41 days of nothing but playing this game. It's fun, but incredibly un-optimized. Even if you have a good card, be prepared to turn those settings down to medium or low to get playable fps. A lot of the bugs people have mentioned have been fixed since well before EA, I'm not sure what they're going on about. Yeah the game's support is genuinely terrible, but I only had to use it twice, once when I got a dinosaur stuck underneath the terrain (back in early access - and this only happened once) and second when I messed up with tranferring tribe ownership. Couldn't get any help with the first one because I couldn't remember the dino's name and it had been a few days (it was dead, jim), but the second one got resolved speedily.

MadRhex, Mar 31, 2018

One of the best games i have ever played. Of course it has its problems here and there but what game doesn't? I mostly play singleplayer and have fun with console commands and world settings, so i don't know much about multiplayer. But if you want a game that you can have fun with for quite a long time (And you have "very decent" pc) and you don't care much about multiplayer, then this game is for you!

OOa007, Sep 21, 2017

WARNING this game can be fun surviving & building and taming, BUT!!!!! its like why would you want to spend so much time building up your char, your base, your tames and then either someone comes and destroys everything you worked hard for. OR better YET!!! how about your flying around on your favorite tame and CRASH. Ahh the ark past time CRASH CRASH CRASH this game was designed by the devil to build your hopes & dreams up ONLY to CRASH them down. Even after you try hurry and log back on to see if you and your favorite tame are still alive. It wont let you log on for min. 6 mins. Hey what about when your stuff just disappears for no reason. Ya this game could be good but after OVER 2 YEARS in beta it got release & is still broken & every update can break it MORE!!!!!!

coatoan90, Nov 18, 2017

Ok I am writing this review as a new player, I have not read any other reviews, this is my personal experience playing on 11/17/17-11/18/17. I tried 8 different NA servers 4 being PVE and 4 being PVP to make sure it wasn't just a "One time" occurrence. Firstly the game IS NOTHING LIKE ADVERTISED. NOTHING. Literally no one gives a f*** if you are a new player they will kill you and grief you on a PVP server because they can. Forget taming dinosuars, you will NEVER get the chance on a PVE server. Older players have made it their life mission to royally screw you over as a new player. You get to choose spawn locations from a tab, first logging in you will be surrounded by bases of other players. Why? Because they are d***s. The mechanics in the game don't allow you to build near anyone's base, so the low level area with hardly any carnivores? Ya they have them locked down to make it impossible for you to level, progress, and respawn when you die. It's also intentional. They will build small nods inbetween their bases to prevent other players from building. So you are forced to move into the higher level carnivore infested areas to do anything. All in all if this doesn't detour you from buying the game you've been warned. It's nothing like it's presented on youtube, by people that have been in the game since day one, with huge tribes, and private servers. In all honesty No Man's Sky was better than this game.

Kayla45, Sep 8, 2017

Ark Survival Evolved: I have finally decided to review this game after 8400+ hours of gameplay in early access mode. Positives: The game is a great idea. The way the game begins is tough… I mean really tough. It is a challenge to get started and anyone without any patience is going to struggle but I do have patience and to me the hard difficulty of this game was a real refreshing eye opener… but be warned it is not for the feint hearted. The best part of the game is the idea that you can breed your dinosaurs. This has been implemented in a really interesting way, where you can pool your breeding into achievable goals and breed out your favourite dinosaurs to have the stats that you have always wanted… but all this comes after you have set up a kibble base, and tamed great level versions of your favourite dinosaurs. I personally play on PVE and as you can see, for over 8K hours I have had a great deal of fun and I have met some fantastic friends in the community… This ought to be a great game, but there is another side to it that I have to address… Negatives: I am so sad to say this, because I have put so much effort into playing this game legitimately and have done my best to help create a wonderful community and support network on a great PVE server… however, the developers of the game have treated us long serving players with utter contempt. We have been completely mistreated, taken for granted, unrewarded, lied to, mis-sold to… under a cloak of awful communication and absolutely brutal and dire decisions that have kicked the games player base in the teeth. The scenario now is that the devs were going to cull the lowest 10% of ghost servers… and instead have decided to wipe over 33% of servers with medium traffic to consolidate their server lists and re-use these to plonk new servers on that do not have the same issues that the old servers had, and then to cap it all, any support for the old servers and the long serving players who play on those servers is to be canned so that we are on our own if we lose a character or experience any technical issues… This is a huge let down of the Ark gaming community, and sadly it is pretty irrelevant, because any support I have needed in my 8K+ hours has been utterly non-existent anyway. I reported a serious harassment case and followed every single instruction to the letter, and no action was taken against the wrong-doers. This was a shameful let down and completely spoiled my enjoyment of the game… The devs carried on doing little tiny favours for a select few gamers whilst most tickets were left completely unattended. I have colleagues who lost their level 100 character in transit and not a single effort to answer the ticket was made, that was over 2 months ago now. The sad truth is, that this team of developers and community managers, is sadly the most useless and incompetent and uncaring team that I have ever experienced in a game… so if you have any issues playing this game… do not even bother to report it… nothing will be done… this Dev team do not care. They care that they receive your money… they will go on to look after the new servers and make things look as though they are prepared to provide support there… but it is as many things are in ark… it is lies and false promises. Conclusion: This game had SO much going for it… it was a fantastic idea but the execution of the game and the choices made by the developers has left a bruised gaming community feeling ripped off and mistreated, un-respected and un-supported… and sadly their actions and incompetence in how they run their business has led to this review being a vote of no confidence. The way the legacy servers are setup now means that over-time the old servers will lose players and get wiped, so either old players stick around on current servers and wait for the server to die, or we start afresh on a new server and wait to be lied to and sit having no confidence that one day these new servers wont be wiped themselves… and that is the finding of this review… that ultimately, there is no point in playing this game, because it provides 10% fun, 80% grief and trolling and a final 10% of crying into your coffee as you hope your dino baby survives over the next ridiculously badly timed update that takes away something else that used to be a good idea. Do not buy this game… do not play this game… go and play something similar where the developers actually deserve your money.

gamer2005, Mar 5, 2018

Full history of Ark scandals: I've never heard of a game being on beta for 3-4 years, but this company has used this trick to deceive and trick players into buying this game by flagging it on steam store as early access. Apparently there is no enforced law for what constitutes as an honest Beta period, but it is defined as a phase shortly before release in order to test and fix bugs. However this company constantly lied to their players with fake news and promises, to keep it on beta for over 4 years. What's more is during beta period there was even DLCs charged the full price of the game, which offers little content that should already be there in the first place since it is Beta. Evidently there was also a scandal that came to light over how this company founders broke NDA and stole content and poached employees from a previous company they left. During the lawsuit it was also revealed that this company had sold out to a Chinese company which had copied Ark into another game clone called Dark and Light with almost everything the same but minor aesthetic tweaks in order to fool players into buying something double the original price for same content. Last but not least, this company was using dishonest marketing ploys to create hype and trick the community. The staged contests were rigged for example the modding contests which were originally announced as vote-based were in the end overturned silently by a "judge" with no explanation why, this meant that submitted popular original mod entries that had 100k+ votes lost out to broken unworkable mods with less than 20 votes that even used copied cheap assets. The company was so ashamed of pulling this stunt that they even skipped announcing the final results in the wake of community backlash. Then it turned out the cash-prize winners were close friends of staff members and so it became a clear case of Nepotism. Then the mod liason hired on their payroll was the 'top winner' of said contest with a mod that nobody plays with the lowest votes and with the skillset of a baby gorilla and everyone knew he won unfairly, but as usual Nepotism etc. Just another case of scandals that outrages the community. There are many other scandals like how every patch update promised fake results like 20-30% performance increase which is ridiculously high and unbelievable since the game continues to run like a 16-bit lag-fest with no actual improvement, and patches released 2-3 times a day forcing players to quit and restart servers over minor changes. And how the staff continue to ban players for selfish reasons like for attacking their streamers and friends ingame and for posting negative reviews. But the list goes on and fair warning to anyone who feels they deserve support and attention for being horrible rich company executives laughing their way to the bank by trampling on the communities' feelings.