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ArmA: Queen's Gambit (Also known as "Armed Assault: Queen's Gambit") Queen's Gambit is focused on a new story-based campaign which takes place 18 months after the ArmA: Armed Assault conflict. A group of seasoned mercenaries arrive to help the government with a sensitive matter that the army, no longer supported by the Americans, can not handle by itself. With all-new environments to stage conflict and strategic ops, and a whole new range of characters, weaponry and vehicles, ArmA: Queen’s Gambit offers a new and improved war experience for intense and realistic battle action. [505 Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1195
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
505 Games / Bohemia Interactive, Black Element Software

ArmA: Queen's Gambit reviews ( 3 )

KarlL., Apr 30, 2008

Great game, but not not for everyone. I can understand why people after another Battlefield game would be disappointed. But for people who want a real war sim, this is it. However, since it is essentially a rehash of operation flashpoint with few improvements, or fixes for the original version of Arma, I'm giving it a lower rating. I hope BI Studios does a better job with Arma 2 Not that I wouldn't enjoy more of the same.

Jakexxx, Jul 26, 2011

A very good game for snipers, but most of the time I can kill the bots without using the sniper scope, I think the hit box at mid-high range is rather big. The chopper flying simulation is far realistic than the GTA:SA, but the nose and guns of the AH-1Z Super Cobra can nose-dived onto the ground without exploding, that was after I've performed an stunt of dolphin spin-dive from an altitude of 60 (press and hold the keys of W, D and X altogether); Like a tree the Super Cobra when erected in the ground, it's blades still spinning for a while before it fell like a plank of wood, but back on it's legs without exploding. Bots can see through the concrete floors and shot player dead when he's standing or laying on the roof top (shots gone right through the very thick floor!). Bots can prone-through the walls on the steps of the second floor (no-clipping). They've putted too much worked into the part where simulations are, hence few bugs. If you stand in a doorway and tried to lean to one side and take a peek, some angle of views are very limited as you can't see the same way as you did with leaning to the other side, it made it feel cheap like it's was a game back in 1995. The sun-lighting effects are too much, the gamma and brightness level keep changing by the different directions you're facing to the sun. The handling of flying machines in this game beats BF2, but the aiming recticle are not very popular among nowaday games. This is not as much fun as BF2, but some might like it for being slower than BF2 and being different to most FPS games.

5ivemonths, Jul 31, 2011

The shots are always fired from the (third gun view) from right side of your shoulder, even when the player is using the iron-sight or sniper scope view the shots are fired from the right side of his shoulder. When there is a pole near by (like closely to the right of the gun), the sniper-scope-view shot hit the pole even though it's not in the way between the target and the gun's barrel. But to make up for that, it has a editor that allows one to create their own mission, but not everyone wise enough as to know how to use it to the fullest.