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Arma Tactics Arma Tactics is a turn-based close-combat strategy game, where the player takes control of a four-member Special Forces team. There are no given strategies, rails to move on, or paths to follow; it‘s up to the player to decide how he will play through both the story-driven missions and generated missions with randomized objectives. Whether using stealth or a more direct approach, players will need to use their strategic thinking and use both basic and advanced weaponry while facing many different opponents - ranging from unorganized local militia to smart and skilled mercenaries.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 49 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1296
Genre Simulation, Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Tactics
Company / Developer
Bohemia Interactive / Bohemia Interactive

Arma Tactics reviews ( 4 )

clarky, Jul 4, 2015

The graphics are bad. The best games in the world were original xcom, ja and silent storm. I am well suited to these tactical games as I consider them the best. This game just sucks bad, to be honest, I never even got to any action. I started the game, (I had to watch a tutorial I did not want to play) and then I got stuck. No idea what I was doing. I ran through buildings, the controls are awful! A really bad game. I was not a fan of ARMA, but I sure wont be paying any more attention if this is the quality of product associated with the IP. Terrible game.

oliver1h, Oct 13, 2013

Arma 3 is awesome. Arma Tactics on the other hand is just simply a bad game. A bad flawed copy of much better tactical games such as 7.62 High Caliber, Jagged Alliance etc. I do not mind the simple graphics, but I do care about the tactical part of the game. Most enemies rush you down and line up behind each other. This means the AI is dumb as hell. The game is using the 'X-COM' kind of 2 action/turn system, which is a piece of oversimplified crap in my opinion. The story is weak, characters are cliché too. The HUD is also a piece of useless junk. I Have no idea how come they dare to ask money for this...

iseeall, Jan 18, 2014

Total crap, I mean really just total crap. As a fan of JA2, XCom and other similar games I got enraged by just how bad one can make a remake of JA. Here you have to wait for stupid animations of the camera after just anything. They constantly take control from your hands and force you to watch those animations over and over. The whole interface seems to be optimized for touchscreens and not the mouse. E.g. your camera view will NOT scroll when you touch the world borders. I kept accidentally clicking thru the tutorial messages. The whole combat system is so primitive that you just can't call this a turn based strategy or a tactics game. The 1st mission you can see in the tutorial is linear as hell. Honestly, my impression is that their dev team was lead by some 15yo idiot or they have no testing department at all, or something similar. One just can't release games like this and ask for money. Devs, did you play JA2? Geez, if this is what the genre has developed itself into I'm afraid for the humanity. Where was Valve looking at when accepting this crap to Steam?

Mithaldu, Oct 5, 2013

This game uses the same engine as XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012). Now even in XCOM this engine was very deficient, sporting highly limited simulation and nearly non-existant AI. In Arma Tactics this already mediocre engine is used in a very unpolished and amateurish way, leading to multiple glitches within the first ten minutes. I can only discourage purchase of this game.