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Armada 2526 Armada 2526 continues the great tradition of space opera games. You guide your race from its first interstellar journeys, until it becomes a mighty galactic empire. Along the way, you'll explore the galaxy, conduct research, diplomacy and trade, found new colonies, maneuver mighty star fleets, and fight epic battles. Although the game is complex, and the possible strategies endless, powerful help and advisor features help you get up to speed quickly. [Matrix Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1605
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Tri Synergy / Ntronium Games
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Armada 2526 reviews ( 2 )

Suraknar, May 28, 2011

At first glance this looks like a great 4X Space game, it features all of the right elements, and blends Turn Based and Real Time elements quite well. Th graphics are quite well done, the Music I find rather good too. That being said, where the game loses all of its potential is in its combat mechanics. Combat in Armada, does not hold up to the title's name. Very limited, in many ways frustrating even, and specially nothing like the Trailer, that was the biggest surprise for me. I was very disappointed. If you intend on playing all your battles with Auto-Resolve it can be fun for its other aspects. I hope they release a Combat mechanics Overhaul and make this game what it was supposed to be.

badbrush, Sep 9, 2011

It's close to the original Master of orion in terms of depth of structure/ base building, research and ship development which I didn't mind as it gets you straight into the mechanics of the game. I didn't mind the 10 year old graphics either as this is quite normal for x4 games. However it means it falls short when compaired to Master of orion II or even the overly complex III and the galatic civilization series because it lacks replayability. The real time space battles means that A.I is pretty bad and i found myself squinting a lot in an attempt to make out ships.