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Armikrog From the creators of the Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood games, comes a stop motion clay animated adventure game called Armikrog.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1347
Genre General, Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Versus Evil / Pencil Test Studios

Armikrog reviews ( 7 )

Jkurnas, Oct 2, 2015

An amazing short lived experience. Claymation is an unlikely selection in the tool kit of game developers and it is a shame. There is so much charm in the appearance and accompanied with a lovely story it is truly memorable. I never played Neverhood but am certainly more willing to pick it up now having seen how great Armikrog is. I would definitely recommend reading the back story in game, I know it is not what most people want to do when they play a game but it really put things in perspective for me and it was a great story to base the game around. 10/10.

Mohasz, Oct 1, 2015

Armikrog is good while it lasts... which is around 3-5 hours - disappointing to say the least. The biggest problem with the game is that it's so short that the moment you'd properly immerse yourself in the world it's over. And the world of Armikrog isn't nearly as charming and engaging as the one in The Neverhood. There's not much to explore, you can only interact with things that are needed for progress - with only a very few exceptions. I didn't care about the characters, or even the story that much. Everything about this game feels a little superficial. Yes, the music is good (not great), the puzzles are good (they're logical but a bit too easy), the animations and the graphics are good, but for example the cut-scenes and voice-overs (there are very few of them) have bad quality, the music and sound effects regularly stop playing for no apparent reason. One would think that nearly 1 million dollars that they managed to raise on Kickstarter and over 2 years of development are enough to create something that is not 'just good'. But maybe I'm naive or ignorant when it comes to game development. Overall, I'd say that Armikrog is a decent successor to The Neverhood, I just expected something more substantial after all these years. If you loved The Neverhood, you've picked up this one already anyway. If you love point & click games, you might want to wait for a discount, then it might worth a shot.

PSz, Oct 4, 2015

The only thing that this game has in common with Neverhood are the graphics. Wait for a price drop. This game is worth maximum 10 dollars. Disappointing, was expecting something more epic and memorable.

Kaniya, Sep 6, 2016

Neverhood is one of those games in my childhood that I will never ever forget. It was something unique and beautiful. The newly released Armikorg, i assume as spiritual successor to neverhood did not feel the same way as NeverHood. Firstly, I believe living character silent was amazing, focusing on his facial expressions was an important feature that gave a really interesting feeling about Neverhood main characters. Sadly Tommy and beak beak may be kinda cute but they just dont feel that way. They are bland and pretty much normal characters. Story wise, the game is not that rich either and the culture of world is not explored through the art style. This was an important part of neverhood that seems developers have forgotten. The world of neverhood was believable, weird and kinda creepy where Armikorg feels like an industrialized world filled with plenty of similar objects. Aside of a few mildy challenging puzzles, most of the puzzles are pretty much the same or even they are repeated with higher difficulties, which got me bored after a while and i was keep thinking when this game will end for good. Nothing improves in this aspect toward the end of game and sadly the game is shorts and ends pretty fast. The art style and overall effort of developers is praising but it just will not meat the standards of NeverHood in any terms. Finally, I believe Armikorg is a wasted opportunity. it is very far from beauty of NEverhood and it does not come close. I wish they would have just remake neverhood with all the budget they had .

millenbop, Oct 4, 2015

It was a pretty fun but short game. It has, as of writing this review, lots of bugs (missing menu buttons, misaligned subtitles, graphics glitches etc) which hopefully will be solved by the time it's on sale. First then you should buy it. Many puzzles are hard due to bad design of the game itself. What I mean is that often you don't know what's possible to interact with. Often you find out by accicent and lots of "ooooh wtf I can do that?" moments. Can't tell to much without spoiling it for new players. Also, video and sound is heavily compressed and very distorted at times. It seems like 95% of the budget and time was spent on modeling, which looks great, but that leaves very little left to the actual game.

sirrozha, Oct 5, 2015

Warning: contains spoilers. Review version: 1.01 (updated) I cannot help but compare this game to “The Neverhood”, since it was advertised as a spiritual successor to it and I don’t think it’s wrong in any way. Pros: • Some parts of the game are made of clay, which is a rare thing. • Nice overall design, somehow rich visuals. • Made me replay and realize the beauty of ”The Neverhood” for the third time. Cons: • Lots of technical issues revolving around: 1) localization (some of them fixed as of 1.01, but you still cannot choose the language via options menu or launch parameter / config), 2) subtitles, 3) cursor, 4) controls, 5) sound, 6) music, 7) transparency masks. • Lacks polish and feels like an unfinished low-cost product, which is unacceptable for an adventure game which lacks branching plot and has almost none to zero replay value. • Easy, boring, uninspired puzzles, some of them are recycled three times. • Not heavy, but noticeable recycling of the assets. • Inconsistent background resolution. • Inconsistent use of clay, there is clay animated in PS. • Not enough quality claymation sequences. • “The Neverhood”s humor is not included. • The story is dull, has no closure. Ending sequence is so ugly, it’s cringewothy. • Generic music which hardly creates any mood. Truly disappointing work, Mr. Terry S Taylor. No lossless OST in the Deluxe package, low-bitrate MP3s only. • The resolution of the assets could have been higher, last time I checked it was 2015. • Protagonist’s sidekick exists purely for gameplay purposes, there is no smart or funny dialogues between him and the protagonist. Even though the game has no game-breaking bugs and could be played through, the release version still feels like a deep beta, looks like the QA was either non-existent or made by deaf and blind people. I counted the total amount of unique screens in “The Neverhood” and even though it’s roughly the same as in the “Armikrog”, “The Neverhood” was a small interconnected world made of clay, “Armikrog” is just a bunch of screens. Verdict: spiritless successor of “The Neverhood”, the world would have been better without it.

djura, Oct 2, 2015

I made an account here just to review this game. If you are looking for something like neverhood just don't play this game. Few of my main complaints for starter : 1. Game is full of bugs 2. Game is too short its like 4 hours of play don't let other tell you different. (only if you stuck on some puzzle and that don't count as gameplay) 3. Too expensive for what you get 4. Music is not nearly as good. I will say there is no music because sometimes it just bugs. The original neverhood music is light years ahead. 5. It feels like they asked too much money on Kickstarter and didn't deliver. Really 1 million for this? They hyped with intro animation and few shots and people felt nostalgic and gave them money. 6. To solve last puzzle before that you get to one room that have the clue after some events you just can get back to that room anymore so only if you were smart to remember what was in the room otherwise you can not solve it. 7. I am giving it a 0 just to lower the game score, it is not that bad game but what they promise and what they deliver is just two different things.