Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer Crack Full Version

Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer The United States is stricken by a series of mysterious, brutal murders. A seemingly similar death is discovered across the ocean in Paris, France. The killer seems to have a special trademark: the body is always accompanied by a mysterious doll dressed in 17th century clothing. Young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet must undertake a journey through two continents - from France and Spain to the exotic Cuba. The investigation may lead her to surprising discoveries that date back centuries ago. [City Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1371
Genre Adventure, 3D, Modern, Third-Person
Company / Developer
Pinnacle / City Interactive
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Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer reviews ( 2 )

iBash, Jan 17, 2012

The story is actually pretty good, but low production value seems to get into the way. Skipped animations, sometimes you feel like whole cutscenes are missing, only showing the most needed stuff. The background images are kind of good, too. I also liked most of the puzzles, there are some harder ones, but it's not like you're always stuck or something.What's not so good? Well, you're playing an FBI agent looking for a serial killer, but most of the time, this gets put aside and you're pretty much a ''normal'' woman doing stuff that has nothing to do with the case. You arrive somewhere, a problem arises and you need to solve a lot of riddles with little to no connection to why you've come there, before you can proceed with the actual goal.What really got on my nerves were two things:1) The same three or four comments for false actions over and over again. From start to finish.2) Nicole, the main character, will not perform her actions before she thinks she should,which will lead to a lot of anger when you already know what to do, but she will just keep on claiming it's false until you, for instance, looked at a certain object and she'll say: ''Oh, I could do this or that with it.'' Even though the game isn't too short, this feels like filler content, especially towards the end, when she won't pick up a single item before she â

runner, Feb 28, 2018

Bottom line: +Big improvement over last installment +Decent story +Good gameplay, good difficulty +It ends exactly when it starts to get too tedious -Tedious voice overs, dull characters -Dated graphics, and the game generally didn't age that well -All in all, it's a decent, mediocre adventure game. I'm not really sure whether it's just the first installment of the series making this game look actually OK, or that the game itself it actually OK. I'd summarize it as mediocre, and not that bad, either way. Story, which is the main strength point of the adventure genre, it pretty decent. Felt a bit rushed at the end but it is fine if you lower your expectations a bit. Graphics are dated and at times rather drab, in a way you just can't ignore almost a decade after release. Music & sfx weren't bad but nothing special either, they came in and out when&how they should have. And perhaps that is the main problem of the game, that it simply offered nothing special with a rather low production value. It is fine to pass the time if your into the point and click genre already, and don't mind playing something decent. It did feel like some BIG improvement over the previous game, though. Along things that didn't improve, though, was the set of dull and uninteresting cast & characters, along with the rather monotonously voiced protagonist, and they just didn't do any good to the overall experience. The one thing which actually did feel much better for me was the GAMEPLAY, as this time around, the devs managed to combine the classic point'n'click features with the modern impatient players and will to progress without freaking over it too much. The difficulty was just right for me, not too easy and yet not too difficult, usually just enough to figure out after scratching my head a bit & not too long. The puzzles were also quite focused on several locations at a time, meaning you'd usually have around 5 locations to wander and solve the riddles with what you have, which was quite good for someone like me who doesn't like pixel hunting and going through tenths and hundreds of details in order to find the one thing that would move things forward.. Hopefully the next installment improves things even more and makes the series worthwhile.