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Asgard's Wrath Unleash the wrath of the Gods in a mythical Norse adventure that can only unfold in VR. Forge your destiny as both a mortal hero and living god in an action role playing game of unworldly depth.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 77
Genre Action Adventure, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Oculus Studios / Sanzaru
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Asgard's Wrath reviews ( 5 )

MeowMix1209, Oct 10, 2019

VR Action RPG at its finest. One of the first games that gets sword play right in VR (parrying and blocking). It's not completely physics based combat (like B&S), but unlike the pure physics based games the sword play in Asgard's Wrath is challenging. The textures used are very detailed, just looking around and exploring the game world is fun! I'm only 7 hours in and I've only played a small fraction of the content. Asgard's Wrath offers a lot, but is it fun to play ? Heck ya it is ! I've been waiting years for a VR game like this, there's just so much quality here. TLDR - want a FUN high budget made for VR action RPG that promises 30+ hours of gameplay ? Then Asgard's Wrath is your game !

GreasedScotsman, Oct 13, 2019

Easily the best VR game I've played, and I've probably played most of them. AW is basically God of War, but in VR. Environmental puzzles, hidden labyrinths, Zelda-like ability variety where you notice areas you can't yet reach, but gain an ability or a follower that will grant you access, making revisiting places you've been a joy rather than a chore. Mild but meaningful crafting, decent inventory space (and charming ways to upgrade it), incredible NPC animations, stunning textures and a story line that is dripping with Norse lore.And I haven't even mentioned the combat, which, like God of War, is where Asgard's Wrath truly shines. I won't spoil it, but basically, the devs keep changing up your weaponry and combat style throughout the game, and it's both refreshing and exciting as you advance the story. They also "revitalize" areas as you progress, adding different enemies, extra chests, etc. so return visits for crafting materials are worth your time. I'm really glad I have a Valve Index because I've been putting in 5-7 hour sessions as soon as the wife and kid are asleep. I have barely touched the extra stuff beyond the main quest and have already logged at least 30 hours and I believe I have quite a bit of main story quest stuff remaining.This game is the equivalent of a system seller. While I have a few qualms about Oculus, they have knocked it out of the park with this game.

Skycastle, Oct 12, 2019

Simply the best VR game on the market. This is a AAA game that I've sink over 20 hours and I'm not even half done with the game. To think that this cost only $40 just blows my mind. it is easily better than most $60 flat games I've played.

drowhunter, Nov 16, 2019

Asgards Wrath feels so much like God of War in VR , this IS how you make a VR game. Combat seems simle at first but once you realize how it works you have quite a bit of options and fighting styles. Oh and the game is huge with an incredible soyndtrack. soundtrack.

Angrodan, Nov 15, 2019

The game looks great story looks fun game mechanics seems fun But the controls suck and arent VR I don't push the doors open they open as soon you clicked your trigger lots of triggers activated animations. Also cant climb a stair just click a stair and you're teleported :( also the fighting isn't really good when I hit an enemy horizontally I cut him in half vertically? How .. Lots of hype but not what I expected.