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Ash of Gods: Redemption Ash of Gods: Redemption is a turn-based RPG that combines tactical combat, CCG elements, and a constantly evolving story in which no one is safe from death, including the main characters.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1116
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactics
Company / Developer
AurumDust / AurumDust

Ash of Gods: Redemption reviews ( 7 )

Aterdux, Mar 29, 2018

Really good game, great story, impossible to stop following it. Gorgeous presentation. The game for me works much better as a visual novel rather than a turn-based RPG. I will go back to combat after I finish the first play through. Initially I thought it was a Banner Saga clone and missed this game Kickstarter. But then | got to play it during a video game conference and fell in love with it. I know the art looks a bit like Banner Saga and combat also seems similar, yet the game has a lot of innovations to stand on its own. And wonderful story. Oh, did I say it again? Well, it's worth repeating!

K_Constantine, Mar 31, 2018

Pros: + Story Extremely reactive story, things can go very differently depending on your choices. + Combat Satisfying combat, although not the deepest, various party compositions, trinkets and perk choices offer you different options to tackle fights. + Graphics Gorgeous art, inspired by and living up to The Banner Saga. + Sound Amazing music, featuring Slavic and Asian folk influences, really adds to the atmosphere. The music is also used well, playing at the correct moment. + Writing Interesting characters that receive decent development. Interesting lore that makes you want to learn more. + Replay Value Lengthy campaign with tons and tons of replay value. Cons: - Writing About 10% of written content featured errors or was badly translated, the rest ranged from average to fairly good. A lot of the lore is not really introduced to the player, you have to work to piece things together and figure stuff out. That's not entirely a bad thing, it's more natural for character dialogue, but it can leave players a bit lost. Verdict: A lovely RPG that more than deserves a playthrough for any fan of the genre.

Bad_Russian, Mar 29, 2018

Отличная игра, с некоторыми минусами. Чувствуется, что на все не хватило опыта и бюджета. В целом хорошо, но 9 баллов это с авансом ставлю, конечно.

gruia, Apr 16, 2018

the best character development ive seen in a game for a long time (Lo Pheng) but there are too many of them ) my biggest problem is with the games phylosophy. it promotes selfsacrifice. thats not a sane thing to do. selfsacrifice should be a rational choice done in a specific context, not promoted blindly. unfortunately my lo pheng is the victim of this error, as he gets killed off just for not selfsacrificing for a random chick. story is cool, although i would rather not have a fantasy setting. and the scripting IS FINALLY GOOD. so many games **** this up and provide random redundant hurdles. this one doesnt. the combat is fine, altough u mostly end up playing with 1 character against everyone else

LosTiger, Mar 30, 2018

Ash of Gods is a turn-based strategy game with roleplay elements which storytelling is made in a visual novel style. The story itself is really good, the premise starts off well and you really want to know how things turn out. You take role of 3 protagonists which have a set personality but are narrated by referring to yourself. Interestening concept which really helps attaching yourself to the protagonists. Each story is very intriguing and keeps you going the whole time. Even main characters can die and the story will be continued to be told so you have to be careful to not kill your favorite characters. You constantly switch between the story of each character which gives you all the time a change of pace. The decisions in the game you make most of the time have some sort of influence or atleast never give you some sort of pseudo influence which makes the end result the same. The personality is sort of set for the protagonists but your decisions can even make your character kill innocents because of the situation you seemed fit to do. I really loved this because it gives narrative and story wise a better story to tell but gameplay wise you also have a word to say. The dialogue on the other hand can be a bit tedious. While at times the writing can be very good, sometimes it can a bit tediously long when characters banter about things which doesnt really keep the story on. Like when characters keep on repeating things that happened in the past without putting any interestening input, this happens only on one storyline tough so its not really a huge complaint. The combat is a turn based strategy style with roleplaying element. You have character classes and skills which level up while you travel the world of terminum with quests in mind that drives the protaginists to a destination. While there is combat there is also some sort of resource management where you have to be careful to not run out of strixes which is some sort of metal that protects people against the curse but also slowly melts away. The combat system is makes fun and feels balanced most of the time. The combat uses energy as a resource for some abillities , movement beyond the characters movement limit and as some sort of shield. If energy is depleted you get extra damage and deal extra damage on enemies who has no energy. Most abillities tough use health as a resource. Which make energy not so viable but still careful to look on it. Next is the card system where you can use up to 5 magic cards during a turn. Instead of using a character you can use one of these cards. In my opinion it is a little bit poorly implemented because most of the time it doesnt serve as a useful porpuse especially in early game because the cards are limited and mostly crap except the healing , shield and sometimes the damage card. Later on you can get better cards, stronger cards tough can only be used after a couple of turns. Overall its fairly decently balanced tough because you can ignore the cards part early on mostly and only later it gets really useful if the battles get harder. The soundtrack is just plain perfect. The soundtrack has either this celctic or mongolian feeling to it and fits often to the situation by either giving your epic combat music or tenebrous mongolian throatsinging. In the end i can totally recommend this to everyone who likes rpgs,visual novels,turn based strategy games or all of them. The game itself offers a huge amount of features and strategic gameplay elemts which are mostly well implemented into the game and the story combined with the awesome artstyle and soundtrack offers a fantastic experience that is only having some combat balancing issues and sometimes excessively long dialogue. 7.5/10 Great game

cottandy, Mar 24, 2018

Overall a good game, recommended to everyone. Even if you're no fan to turn-based strategies, you can try it just for the beautiful art and story. Especially for the ones, who doesn't like tough fights, there's an option in the beginning of the game, where you can choose, whether to play only for the story or either for it and for TBS combat. And one can't help comparing it with its inspirer - "Banner Saga", because it's too similar practically in everything - art, gameplay, combat, etc. If you haven't played either, you should definitely start with the better "Banner Saga" and if you like it, absolutely should continue with "Ash of Gods". Nice story, music and overall gameplay, but in "Banner Saga" everything was slightly better, maybe except for the music. Though of course each can find his own pros and cons in both games. The story and characters are different of course. Storytelling is interesting and long enough, so you can definitely enjoy the game. The only thing they spoiled in "Ash of Gods" is combat, but it's also not bad. You won't just find anything new and interesting in fights here, because there are already several games with quite the same mechanics, abilities, style, etc. F.e., "Battle Brothers" is a much suoperior TBS concerning combat, "Banner Saga" is better too, "The Great Whale Road" is worse, but similar.

CroGerA, Mar 28, 2018

This is a very bad plagiarism of "The Banner Saga". No, it´s not inspired, it´s just stolen and also very bad. I can´t beleive it that AurumDust can be this brash.