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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood The critically acclaimed single-player experience of Assassin's Creed is back and better than ever as Ezio returns in an epic struggle against the powerful Templar Order. Now a legendary Master Assassin, he must journey into Italy's greatest city, Rome, center of power, greed and corruption to strike at the heart of the enemy. Defeating the corrupt tyrants entrenched there will require not only strength, but leadership, as Ezio commands an entire Brotherhood that will rally to his side. Only by working together can the Assassins defeat their mortal enemies.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 10611
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, Open-World
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Montreal

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood reviews ( 7 )

kentMOsabe, Apr 18, 2011

First of all, I want to clarify that I am playing this on the following hardware (to back up my arguments, just in case there are any doubters out there). Phenom II x4 965 BE 3.4ghz, 8gb ddr3 1600 RAM, HD5770x2 crossfire, Win7 Ultimate 64bit. So basically what happens in this game is that the frame rate drops to 29-30fps and it doesn't matter whether it's maxed out or in the absolute lowest settings possible, or in between, or whatever, it's all the same. So what can possibly be wrong with this? as you see by the specs of my PC above, this should not be happening. In other words this is a poorly optimized console port, and it is going to lag terribly on anything below what I just mentioned above (that would suck to have to buy 8gb RAM just to play this game, yikes!). That is why I warn you now, there are no patches or future updates that will fix this issue, EVER. Good luck trying to play it well, if you want to play it with different hardware and you think my hardware is the issue, than you can probably try intel processors and nvidia cards, but as I have heard, the same exact thing happens with those and it doesn't matter anyway. As for myself, I'll just max it out because it's all the same. As for the game itself, its a fun game (for me), but like I said, it may be different for weaker hardware with all the lag, and poor optimization. And if you don't have at least quad core in the 3.0-3.4ghz range or 8gb ram, or an HD5770 Crossfire (the equivalent of a single hd5870, yikes! those are expensive too) than I suggest you skip this game, because according to my observations, that's the kind of hardware you require to play it at the minimal 30fps...OUCH!

vraev, Apr 27, 2011

Assassin's creed Brotherhood is a full blown sequel to one of the best examples of evolution in video games. The AC creed series began at the eve of the new generation of consoles and stunned audiences with its unique platforming and free roaming nature. However, the final game although still fantastic, fell short of the high expectations due to repetitiveness, limited combat techniques and dumb AI. The sequel AC2 made a tremendous "leap of faith" and reached all expectations with a fantastic scope that redefined the AC series among the greats such as Grand theft auto, Halo and Call of duty. Ezio is a rich character with resolve and motives to energize the player to follow his journey. Everything from the first game had seen an overhaul: Cities were bigger and varied with a lot more lively environment; Combat was gritty and fun; Free-running was sped up and amazing for exploration. Overall, the story matched these improvements and the game ended with a fantastic conclusion leaving the player wanting for more.As audiences looked forward to a full blown sequel, Ubisoft montreal annouched AC: Brotherhood that picks up right after AC2 in Ezio's shoes. Players were worried about it being AC2.5. But those fears can be put to rest as AC: Brotherhood is a full blown sequel with various improvements over its predecessor with every bit of care and love by the Ubisoft team that propelled the previous game to fame.Combat is now faster with a Batman-AA -esqe combo system allowing you to lay waste tens of enemies at once. The economic system has been improved increasing the value of money in game. Missions have a lot more variety and progression through the game is tweaked for the better.Overall, the refinements further bring AC towards being a historic and story-driven cinematic GTA.I look forward to further instalments in the series and wait eagerly for them to release on the PC.Varun

JedC7, Apr 8, 2011

I've played and finished both AC2 & AC:Brotherhood, just for the comparison... AC:Brotherhood took me less time to finish the story than in AC2. New moves & actions are now available but some new things made me bored like renovating places in Rome, finishing shop quests that will really take heavy loads of time and looting treasures for shop quests (items that are very rare). THE COOL PART is you can raise a brotherhood of assassins and send them to missions, give them contracts, and even call for their help when assassinating. In the Uplay website, there is a thing called "actions & rewards" and by doing these actions in the game, you will earn credits and you'll be able to unlock rewards such as the character for multi-player, single-player costumes, etc. The environment looks very nice, and it's somehow near to realistic.The ending will surely tell you whether there will be a next series of AC or not, so buy it now! it's really worth it. In addition, there is a multi-player wherein you'll be needing an internet connection. the concept is about, assassinating each other, testing your assassin skills, blending with other people to cover your identity, etc. You'll be earning experience and level up, unlock new skills and new costume colors. the bad part is... it will take you about 10 minutes just to complete the player slots and start the game but sometimes it's really fast. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is my #1 game :-bd

kane148, Jan 16, 2013

AC: Brotherhood is a good game that suffers a bit from feeling more like an expansion of AC II and not enough like a full game. It continues the story, setting, and characters of the previous game, while introducing a few new mechanics. Unlike the first 2 games, in this one you spend most of your time in a single city, Rome, which is considerably larger than previous cities to compensate for this. While this isn't a huge problem, it does end up feeling like 'more of the same,' and after awhile running around the same location gets a bit boring. Brotherhood introduces a few new weapons and skills, but nothing special. The shop investment mechanic has been expanded to allow you to buy and invest in various shop types around Rome. This is an interesting diversion, but adds little to the game. The real virtue of this game is simple in continuing the story and further developing the characters. It is certainly worth playing, and is plenty fun, but lacks significant originality: it just feels like AC II part 2.

yogibbear, Nov 28, 2011

Good game. Runs flawlessly. Combat is addictive. The continued plotline is fantastic. Game is let down by an incessant need to upgrade and purchase everything, which distracts from the idea of being an "assassin". Or at least for me this felt odd compare to the previous entries in the series. The highlights for me have always been the modern day sections out of the animus. I'd like it more if ubisoft played around a bit more with the character you adopt in the animus rather than fixating on ezio. Sure he's a great character but I'm getting tired and it's obvious that Revelations will still feature Ezio... when I wish they moved on. Still it's their project and not mine, so it's up to them to deliver what they envisage.

Jaragon, Dec 2, 2013

A good game i enjoyed playing it a lot I think its to bad that almost nobody is playing the multiplayer anymore (they've probably moved on to the more recent ac games) because the lack of players in mp really was the reason I stopped playing it.

luc1kjke, Nov 4, 2012

This game is a total letdown. All series looks dumb with that complex(or dumb?) storyline that really looses itself in all that killing. One advice to developers: If you having simple gameplay then you should have SIMPLE storyline. Seriously - if you can't write complex and easy to follow storyline - don't even try!