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Assassin's Creed III Assume the role of Connor, the son of a Native American mother and English father. As a revolution is imminent, your people are threatened by a powerful movement aiming to quell the American revolution and seize control the colonies. After your village is decimated, you bind yourself to the cause of freedom, and set out on a decades-long quest to achieve it. Your predatory instincts, developed through years of hunting in rough tundra, enable you to pursue and kill your targets in silence. When overt combat becomes necessary, you can uncork a myriad of weapons including tomahawks, darts, and guns.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 13942
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, Open-World
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed III reviews ( 7 )

WilliamWang, Nov 21, 2012

This game is awesome :P I really enjoy myself during my game-play. Although there are some bugs or glitches but they don't effect my game experiences. I believe assassin's creed 3 is worth a 10 score

hwarming, Nov 22, 2012

Lot of fun, very solid port, the controls are much better than the previous games, combat still feels a bit awkward but I will probably get used to it, the graphics are a big step up, the people look almost real, the environments lush and full of detail, and in the frontier there are wild animals that you can hunt and skin, adding further into the depth, trees and rocks are fully climbable, and adds a lot to exploration, the voice work is really high quality, and you meet a lot of founding fathers like Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, and George Washington. My only issue is that Connor is kind of boring as a character, he doesn't have the charm that Ezio had, but he's still pretty cool. Good game over all, worth buying if you're a fan of the series.

CoKronakan, Feb 12, 2018

Although it almost reshaped the whole Assassin's Creed series, with it's new game-play and feel. If offered content that was pretty repetitive, if the story was stripped down. Also lacked the charismatic main character. So overall, it was a good and fun game, but definitely had it's obvious faults. Multiplayer was huge in this title, and very polished!

Blod, Feb 9, 2016

Pros nice action nice parkour pretty good battle in the sea Cons awful story end of desmond serious character descripton is not that great, it is bad.

mathodious, Dec 31, 2012

The fundamental gameplay is still there for AC3. The addition of sea battles and a ship you can work to upgrade was great. The revolutionary period was an awesome stage for the 3rd AC3 and final in the Desmond storyline. That's about it. Storyline was botched and it is very easy to see where and how corners were cut to push this game out. After playing and honestly enjoying the first 2 offerings from this franchise AC3 failed to match up and had the feeling it was rushed through production. From lots of glitches in fighting, free running and maps to an economy system that was very hard to understand. Then you get to the disappointing and short ending. Its time for us to expect more out of these blockbuster franchise games, it will net a fortune regardless of critic review but the long term prospects of subsequent releases will suffer due to its unpolished nature all in order to save a dollar now.

william930, Jun 28, 2014

Really disappointing. The game looks gorgeous but there is so little real game play. I feel like I am just running between objectives, walking if it is a stealth level. Even the combat is boring. X to attack, B to block. I had not played an Assassins creed game since 2 and I had hoped they would have improved the combat by now. It seems to have sped up a little bit, but it is still just attack, attack, counter, repeat. The controls are very over simplified, I tried playing with a keyboard and also a gamepad, but the controls seem way too dumbed down. I thought firing muskets would be satisfying, but they only have the range or a throwing knife and dont feel good to shoot. Climbing the ships mast at the beginning could have been an exciting moment, but I climbed up the wrong side of the mast, so I had to climb down and go up the side they wanted me to climb to continue. It is also the glitchiest game I have played in years. During the first sword fight in the game my enemy got stuck in a wall and I had to restart from checkpoint. When first arriving in Boston before even let off the leash enough to sprint I saw a frozen towns person and a dog stuck inside a pile of barrels. There are frequent ragdoll and other physics glitches. I only payed $5 for it in the steam sale and I still feel disappointed.

johnny-hovo, Sep 27, 2017

the worst AC ever!!!!!!unskipable cutscenes,awful game design,worst sidemissions...I could barely play in this sh***t...AC 1,2,brotherhood,revalations,black flag,rough they are good but this.........