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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag The year is 1715. Pirates rule the waters of the Caribbean and have established a lawless Republic. Among these outlaws is a lethal young captain named Edward Kenway. His notorious exploits earn the respect of legends like Blackbeard, but draw him into an ancient war that may destroy everything the pirates have built for themselves.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 13732
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, Open-World
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag reviews ( 7 )

Sloanster, Nov 19, 2013

The Assassin Creed Franchise has had its up and downs, but ACV is absolutely an up. This game is extremely fun and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the previous games. The ship combat has improved and the graphics are beautiful. This game is probably my favorite in the franchise so far.

DarkBee, Apr 5, 2018

Assassin's Creed 3 had many problems, but they did not concern the sea battles: Ubisoft accidentally embodied almost all the dreams of the authors of the domestic "Corsairs", only with the proper luster and scope. The problem is that in the plot campaign to become the captain of the ship it was necessary literally on one and a half missions, but Black Flag is devoted to pirates entirely. The series for the first time rolled back along the time line: the barman Desmond Miles, being in the amazing device "Animus", traveled from the Middle Ages to the American War of Independence, but now the events moved half a century ago, when the Caribbean terrorized bukaniry. The new hero, thus, became the ancestor of the central characters of Assassin's Creed 3: Edward Kenway - the father of Kheitem Keneway and Grandfather Connor Kenway. And he's a pirate: after serving as a privateer during the recent wars between the metropolitan countries, he surrendered to the sea brigands, which, by the way, upset his wife, quite agreeing to poor farm life. In parallel, the old enemies of the Assassins and the Templars act in the colonies, and Edward accidentally gets involved in their affairs. All these adventures these days are parsed and recorded by the employee of the corporation "Abstergo", which seems to be going to make a family film from the material obtained. Edward - officially not seemingly an assassin, but he acts just like all the members of the brotherhood: he also fights, as he climbs on the roofs and hides in the bushes. All key mechanics of Assassin's Creed have not really been updated since the first part, and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag in this sense does not change anything. All battles, as well as six years ago, are won by counterattacks, any high constructions are subdued by one button, and everything can still be hidden in the grass, knee-high. The enemies have not become smarter, there are practically no new weapons and techniques, and all land tasks are a collection of primitive instructions from previous issues: catch up, run away, follow and overhear the conversation. Land on Black Flag has absolutely nothing to do. Even the most trifling naval battle - a large-scale show But, fortunately, you need to go down there only on key plot matters, all the rest of the time you can spend in the open sea. After a couple of hours of play you get your own ship (Edward will call it "Jackdaw") and you can immediately go to rob and kill. The sensations are tremendous: they are trembling with the helm, you are tactilely aware of the gigantic size and power of your brig, every wave and every breath of the wind. Even the most trivial battle is a large-scale show: the vessels are spinning, aiming at each other, exchanging a series of volleys, everything is burning, smokes and explodes. In this context, even outdated mechanics work in a new way: long-bored fights and parkour for the time being carried away again, when you take on board a stranger ship, jump between the masts and fence with the enemy captain. Going to the open sea, you never know exactly what awaits you. You can run into other pirates, you can get into a storm, you can loot a single schooner or track down victims larger, you can buy a diving bell and dive underwater, you can search for treasure or storm fortified forts. Extraction goes for upgrades: if you do not increase the firepower of the Galki, you can easily drown at the first meeting with a small enemy flotilla. Finally, you need to remember the team. After particularly loud clashes, almost half of all sailors may die, and they will have to recruit new ones: rescuing captured gangsters from shootings and gallows, hiring drunkards in taverns, luring captives on their sides or picking random drowning aboard. If the first and third parts of Assassin's Creed claimed a kind of pseudo-historical production, then Assassin's Creed 4, like Assassin's Creed 2 - is rather a motley themed show from a casino in Las Vegas. Everyone walks in bright clothes, big hats are decorated with funny feathers, the killers wear complex systems of belts and belts to take a dozen pistols at once, and if a black beard appears in the frame (and he is by no means the only historical figure , which you will meet), then it will look like it would look in a cartoon. But this is exactly what you expect from the game about treasures, rum, seas and jungles. Black Flag - a game for those who love filibusters rather a sample of "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Strang, Dec 29, 2013

I have had this AC for a few days now, and I am already totally immersed.The game is a HUGE improvement over the last game (which shall not be named) Black Flag takes the naval combat from AC3 and makes it more or less the main aspect. The controls for maneuvering your ship are responsive for the most part, sometimes trying to use your fire barrels may be a hassle. There is so much content on the map.Finding buried treasure and collecting songs for your crew are some things to do. Hunting from AC3 has been kept in the game,you can use the animals for crafting or sell them.But hunting gets really repetitive after a while. The new addition of harpooning sea creatures helps add variety but this too gets repetitive.The story is not the worst nor the best, and that keeps my review from getting a 10.

darkcerb, Nov 25, 2013

Large open world with an interesting lead, and no desmond! I suppose I'm biased really, not only was the boat sections the only redeeming quality of three imo I'm also a sucker for pirates, I thought making the player the main character of the real world was perfect and really fit the meta concepts of the series, the only down side is you're mute and completely un-responsive which becomes incredibly grating at many points of the real world story arc. My only complaint is I wish there was more to the world, it's big geographically but feels stale...they're getting close though if they keep up with this trend and hopefully with a more interactive real world story arc the next game could be truly fantastic. Oh and my five year old pc plays this just fine, not sure where the technical complaints are coming from really.

Robobob, Dec 22, 2017

Finally got around to playing Black Flag when Ubisoft recently offered it for freed download for 1 week. I had just finished Assassin's Creed: Origins and absolutely loved that game and 100%ed it, which is the first time I did that for an open world game. Going backwards from Origins to Black Flag left me wanting in a couple ways. For one the controls are not as good as Origins and I often became very frustrated when "free running" because I would often grab onto things that I didn't want to climb. Why the Run button is the same as the climb button I'll never know. In Origins you pretty much run all the time which should be the case. There should have been a "grounded" button that prevented you from climbing while you run. As far as open world missions so, many were rinse and repeat with no story just a different target with a different random face, like the Assassin contacts. Also, for an open world game many missions had a very strict and narrow zone to operate in that almost felt very linear. You didn't have several options in how to complete a mission. It was Ubi's way or the highway. Aside from those complaints the game looks really beautiful on max settings on my new gaming rig. I love all of the lush tropical environments. The pirate theme and ship combat is one of the highlights of the game, though you need to do some major upgrades to make ship combat far less difficult. I'm sure I'll try and 100% this game as well because there are enough unique places to explore and different task to do. One thing I did like more than Origins was that some climbing areas were like puzzles as you had to figure out ways to certain Eagle perch views where as in Origins nearly everything is climbable and almost too easy. The ship fleet mini-game is barely a game but a good way to make some easy money though the combat is slow and tedious. It's a clever way to put the many ships you capture to good use. I wish the combat was a bird's eye view of your fleet attacking an enemy and you had little input but a few orders. One last thing is that I know I have a home base mansion somewhere in the game where rare and unique collectables accumulate but I can't remember what city it is in and can't find it on the map and wish that was better marked. All-in-all a great game for it's time that seems a little repetitive compared against recent iterations.

Reidlos65, Nov 24, 2013

Good game hindered by the Poorest PC optimization ive seen in a few years. Top of the line rigs hitting 45 to maybe 60 if your lucky? Nah don't think so. The game is fun and story is good considering this is outside the trilogy

nitai007, Feb 3, 2014

assassins creed 4 is an amazing game and a grand improvement over AC3. the map is just huge, one of the bigger games i have ever seen.the story is great. it isnt a heavy or too serious story, though it does have its great moments. the story is fun and interesting, and is supported by greatly written cast of characters. the characters are interesting and greatly help the plot. overall i enjoyed the story it was written good and was fun. the gameplay is mostly fun. the games stealth system is greatly improved over AC3, but it still needs tweaking and it isnt as good as its supposed to be. the game has a lot of stealth, and the system just doesnt feel built for it sometimes. still some stealth missions are fun. the combat system is great. its fun and cool and the fighting animations are great. animations in general are top notch! from climbing to running the games animations are amazing. the graphics are also amazing, and its one of the best looking games ive seen. the engine isnt as powerfull as cryengine, but the game is so well made that it still looks spectacular. the sea, sunsets, citys and jungles all look amazing. jungles in particular have tons of detail, and the lighting there is great. the game in general is extremely detailed, much more than other games. given that this game is also so huge, there was a lot of effort built into it. naval combat is also great and fun. boarding ships does get repetetive though. even so its still fun. the draw distance is also spectacular. weather effects are, again, some of the best ive seen, especially the waves. the music in the game is mostly good and fits the game. when your crew starts singing its also pretty fun. the parkour system is overall great. you do stumble to your death for no reason some times, but overall it works pretty good. parkour on your boat is a bit annoying. underwater segments are also great and cool. EXPLORATION is a huge part of the game, and it is done masterfully. you allways want to find new locations and explore. finding collectibles in the game is also fun. in most games i dont care about collectibles, but in AC4 they are done really good. tailing missions and evesdrop missions are still in the game, and theyre annoying as ever. overall this game is amazing and i cant praise it more. exploration is really fun, the design is great and the story is good. this is the ultimate pirate game. i highly recomend it!!!!!!!!