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Assassin's Creed: Revelations Revelations follows master assassin Ezio Auditore as he walks in the footsteps of his legendary mentor, Altair, on a journey to recover five ancient seals that hold the keys to the future of the Assassins brotherhood. It's a perilous path - one that will take Ezio to Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7756
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, Open-World
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Montreal

Assassin's Creed: Revelations reviews ( 7 )

chaosxk, Dec 1, 2011

Overall i think the game was a great improvement from its predecessor (Brotherhood). One of the features that i like about this game is how you are able to travel to places much quicker than before, due to the fact that you can glide over rooftops, fast travel, etc.The graphic details improved a lot as well, where the textures and models are more detailed than before. Like all games, this should always happen where every year the game improves in graphic quality and this game fulfilled it.The new features of weapons/items makes it more easier to play. One of these items would be a grenade that you throw to wipe out a crowd of enemies. There are more features, that you should find that out yourself. The story line is also as good as older Assassins Creed series, bring rich and full fulling experience. This is a game that should be played, if you haven't played any Assassins Creed, i suggest you to start from AC2 and start up.

TeqqVenom, Aug 23, 2013

This game is very good, it definitely didn't let me down from the last one, The hook-blade is a very good idea, i like that they changed up the menu, and the storyline just gets better. This game is a great game and anyone who says it isn't is just a silly goober

morfil, Jan 9, 2014

As compared to brotherhood, there may not be many new things added to the game. There's the hook blade and bomb crafting which are both excellent. The Den Defense and Desmond platform missions are however, not so great. Apart from these there have been many tweaks, but they are all minor. It feels and plays just like Brotherhood. This is the ONLY flaw in the game. The game is terrific in all departments. The Story is the best I've ever heard. It's absolutely stellar. There are a lot of moments in the game that quite frankly WILL take your breath away and leave you with goosebumps. Storytelling has been improved by miles and the cinematic cut scenes are excellent. Ubisoft has done a great job in tying up all the main characters together and the story really comes together in the end. A perfect goodbye to Altair and Ezio Auditore. Their stories are legendary, they are an inspiration and they will never be forgotten. Ending could not be more perfect. It's explained perfectly and really stirs up a lot of excitement for what's to come ahead. Assassin's Creed Revelations : "Checkmate. Your Move Assassin's Creed III."

Andreakossa, Apr 21, 2012

Well what i could say, Ezio is starting to feel the old age on his own, movements are a bit slowed down, you will see it when playing the memory's of Altair, the game is not so long, there's only 1 city, which is very big, but almost empty, the graphic is very nice itself, the endgame will make you feel sad, not gonna spoil it anyway, if you want to conclude the story from previous game i suggest you to get it, the MP mode is also not bad, even if is sort of dead.

Hamtier, Dec 25, 2011

assassin's creed is as good as ever,but this installment lacks any major inovation a sequel needs.the biggest new thing being Bombs,which quite frankly,the game can do without.and feels more like an excuse to scatter material for it everywhere.another new thing is the hookblade which is a cool trinket but isnt enough to warrant a sequel. no what apparently is warranting this sequel is the story..which is in general lackluster except for the missions directly involving the masyaf keys that drive the whole plot to begin with. with all these complaints,you probably wonder why i would still give it this number. well thats because revelations is still a assassin's creed game,it still has the solid free-running and assassinations and it still maintains stealth as getting in the easier kills(not-counting counter moves, that this time around,dont always insta-kills). ow and if your worrying about desmond,dont worry,we still get plenty to see of him..or not, if you prefer that.

Daxx669, Feb 23, 2012

I have always love the assassin's creed series. i just feel after each one of them the only reason to get the next game is from what shocker what it shows at the end of the game. in this case, Desmand gets powers... what moron came up with that idea. This is still a good game. the games seem to get longer in lengh with each game but im not sure if thats because im getting slightly bored and it just feel that it's taking longer or or if it is genuinely longer. If they dont get back on track with a serious story im probably not gunna buy any more AC games and remember it when it was good.

monkeylion, Oct 25, 2012

Boring, repetitive, predictable, booooring, I bought it a couple of days ago from the sale on steam and I am already bored, if you are in for the assassins stuff I would recommend more hitman than this...