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Assassin's Creed Syndicate 1868 London. The Industrial Revolution. An age of invention and wealth, built on the backs of the working class. As gangster killer Jacob Frye, you recruit a gang to fight for justice on behalf of the oppressed working class. Lead the underworld to reclaim London in an adventure filled with action, intrigue and brutal combat. With Jacob as the leader, players can establish UK's fiercest gang, the only force that can challenge the elite and defeat rival gangs to bring freedom to the oppressed folks. Enemy strongholds can be infiltrated by using an arsenal to dominate London’s underworld. From robbing trains to rescuing child workers, players will do everything they can to bring justice to London’s lawless streets. [Ubisoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6219
Genre Historic, Action Adventure
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Quebec
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Assassin's Creed Syndicate reviews ( 7 )

roccit, Nov 19, 2015

The game plays great on GTX 970 (Remember to turn off PCSS) enjoy stable 60fps Good gameplay Enjoying it so far looks beautiful Graphics 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Port Quality 10/10

DarkBee, Apr 5, 2018

After the global failure of Unity, which was scolded literally for everything, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate looks like an honest game: the developers in the trailers showed a real level of graphics, not their imaginations; the game could be tried on dozens of events organized by Ubisoft around the world; the game does not load with annoyed conversations about the honor and morals of both orders, does not reflect on the higher goals pursued by the Assassins and the Templars. In general, the authors have done everything possible to restore confidence in the series. And they did it. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is a race in Victorian London. The British capital of the times of industrial revolution meets tirelessly milling factories, Big Ben, buzzing locomotives, food-barges roaming the Thames, social stratification and exploitation of child labor. While the elite of the society drinks elite tea from the elite service, wears a smeared mustache and dresses in fashionable costumes, London's dirty lanes are filled with homeless people begging alms in the corners and hellish factories where children work day and night. All areas of the city - from public transport to industry - are controlled by Hanglers, a group of Templars, organized by villain Crawford Starrick. The main characters of the game, the young twins-assassins Jacob and Ivi Fry (in the open world can freely switch between characters), go to London to put their order there and at the same time to find a piece of Eden. To cope with this duet of Fry will help their adventurism, youthful enthusiasm and sense of humor: brother and sister willingly exchange mockery, and this animates history. Jacob arrives in London and delves into the heart of the matter, boldly declares: "Why do not we set up our gang and attack the Villagers?" Having caught Ivy's dubious look (say, how do we do it, did we just come to London?), Jacob resolutely undertakes. As a result, Fry gathers his gang: meet the new players in the London showdown - Rooks. In Assassin's Creed: Syndicate much is done correctly. Here, for example, much better intertwined in the general narrative of historical personalities: Jacob will meet Charles Dickens, Karl Marx and other important personalities. Each has a whole story arc - it's not Assassin's Creed Unity for you, where Napoleon was given a pathetic one and a half cat-scene. The authors actively juggle with situations: here in one of the first scenes Syndicate cites an episode with a train from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - right up to camera angles; Here Ivy plays the right melody on the piano to open the secret entrance; in another scene, Jacob and Ivi participate in a shootout on the crews debuting in the series. In Syndicate, you can steal any city vehicle (hello, Grand Theft Auto!) And quickly drive it to the right place, and also ram the enemy transport carriages, in parallel sweeping the lampposts and trees. However, a more interesting innovation in the mechanics of Syndicate was the harpoon (yes, almost like the Dark Knight). Thanks to him you can quickly break away from the pursuers, instantly throwing himself at the top of the nearest building. It actively has to be used during a secret passage - the harpoon allows you to instantly change position and save time. Previously, you had to climb for a long time and run from one building to another, and now - once or twice, and you are already shooting the sentry on the next roof. And yes: in Assassin's Creed for once, a fascinating stealth appeared.

VoodooTotem, Nov 20, 2015

- Syndicate is well optimized - Talent builds are fun. Go as Evie if you enjoy stealth mode, go as Jacob if you are brawler. - Leading a gang is fun. - Good soundtrack. - Good story and missions.

KyngCasey, Jan 4, 2016

The game looks beautiful and runs great on pc but the game play had me bored before getting 15% through the game. The quests are too repetitive and slow, its cool that you can be both boy or girl but who cares when you're doing the exact same thing over and over again

CTZ69, May 24, 2016

A completely frustrating experience. I've played every AC game and this is the worst edition of them all. The game constantly freezes and plays like crap compared to every other game I play on my system. The game is totally unoptimized for the PC. Add to that the lame, disjointed story and the ridiculously repetitive side missions and you would be wise to skip this embarrassment of a game.

gyigyo2, Nov 22, 2015

Well lets see Story 10/5 Graphics 10/8 Gameplay 10/6 Sound/Music 10/5 The pc version is poorly optimized with r9 290x oc to 390x speed cant reach stable 100% 30fps that's a joke every other game is running 100% stable 30fps with ultra config! I swear one of the worst assassins creed games out there! something better in unity than syndicate Evie Frye is a bad joke in very aspect and mr henry green one of the worst assassin out there is a bad joke! The game don't have any plottwist, story is pretty weak destroy the enemies and hip hip horray happy ending **** Characters is boring,ugly. Musics is ugly dosnt even fit for he game! the last gameost was AC3 what fitted for the game.ohh yeah lot of bug even in MAIN STORY lot of major bugs! the WW1 setting was a joke! music was horrible the setting don't fit for ac game.

Nyakuya, Dec 20, 2016

Una mierda de juego por donde se lo mire. Optimizado HORRIBLEMENTE MAL, o deberia decir, DESoptimizado HORRIBLEMENTE BIEN. Es un juego lleno de bugs con mal rendimiento y mala jugabilidad, y como si fuera poco empeora reutiliza todo de Assasin's creed Unity y lo empeora.