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Assault Android Cactus Assault Android Cactus is a twin stick shoot 'em up with an emphasis on high pressure and stylish action. Expect screens full of enemies, buckets of bullets and high scoring combo chains! Take on the role of Cactus, an enthusiastic police android, who responds to a stranded space freighter only to discover it under siege by its...

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1080
Genre General, Scrolling, Action, Shooter, Shoot-'Em-Up, Top-Down
Company / Developer
Witch Beam / Witch Beam

Assault Android Cactus reviews ( 6 )

ivanmaquina79, Aug 11, 2016

I love this game, the characters , dialogs, weapons, Bosses, Stages , playable, addictive to pass a great time with your friends, artistic designs character , and the Story, i hope the developers make a sequel of this great game ...

arlends, Jan 16, 2016

Easily one of the best top down shooters ever made. Assault android cactus brings fresh ideas to the gene. A must play game for anyone seeking some action packed robot blasting.

budwheizzah, Jan 21, 2014

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Where the HECK did this little gem fall from?! I bought this game with absolutely NO expectations... I started with the demo to see if the game would run in S3D using Tridef Ignition. Sure enough put aside a few shadow issues, it worked! Go figure I'm not even a big fan of twin stick shooters - mostly because I'm a keyboard/mouse kinda guy, not able to carry the same skillset on a controller. Despite my shortcomings on control skill, this game is awesome. It's awesome, it's addictive, it's a blast. On your own, you'll have a lot to handle and need incredibly quick reflexes on your aim finger - often finding yourself completely surrounded with enemies all trying to rip your character's face off! It's a demanding twin stick shooter that carries with it a visual style that just makes you want to play "just another 15 minutes" over and over. It's hard to put the controller down. The visual styles are really a great fit. The characters are cute and the level end animations are funny. I even found Holly telling the boss "I'm here to stop you so uhm... stop it!" kinda funny... through small hints they unveil distinct character personalities. This was taking it beyond what I expected for 15$. The cherry on top. If you are a fan of twinstick shooters you should already own this title. If you aren't much for twinstick like me, do still consider this title. I did not regret my purchase.

xaxazak, Oct 17, 2015

(Copied from Steam Review) While I typically prefer RTS and FPS games, AAC had a free demo so I tried it and was really surprised. It's extremely fun (even more than it looks like from the outside), and highly polished. It's fun to play seriously, with challenges of various difficulties, but it's also perfect as a casual multiplayer lounge game. If you're unsure, try the demo. Positives: - fun - purely skill-based - top sound & excellent music - crisp, polished graphics - linux - very friendly developers - local co-op Negatives (for me at least, others disagree on each): - almost no reason not to hold the fire button down constantly - scoring mechanism a little too formulaic - (spoiler removed (it's on my steam review) - minor negative) - only one standard difficulty level Overall, by far my favorite game on steam.

Apolsc, Oct 8, 2015

This twin shooter is very, fun really engaging and quite challenging, the character design is well achieved and the sound effects and music are top notch.

Smatt--, Nov 12, 2016

I got Assault Android Cactus with the latest humble bundle, so rather cheap. However this isn't to say that I wouldn't pay RRP for it given the chance now. The main campaign is about 3 hours along, and extremely exciting. The difficulty curve in this game is just about the right area, and it gets progressively challenging, with the final 3 / 4 levels giving you the anger which would make you want to rip your hair out. Naturally when you complete it you get a massive sense of achievement just from the final 2 levels alone. For the campaign, it is around 3 hours. There isn't much narrative to look into here, just a standard 2 stick shooter arcade game. Due to the mechanics in the game being solid, the lack of narrative does not harm whatsoever. The characters are only in the game to add some charm, there is nothing there to make you attached to them, you could have made this game with rather primitive shapes and I would still be giving it the same positive review I am now. The soundtrack can feel repetitive in places, but each zone has its own different style of music. The game does have a lot to offer when it comes to the replayability scale, it offers you new characters as you play throughout, all of which with their own unique pro's, con's and playstyles, you could do a run through with each character. After the main campaign you also unlock boss mode, there is a variety of game modes and collectables to keep you going, if you enjoy the game enough. For me, the 3 hours I spent in campaign were very refreshing after taking a back seat with games recently, and due to having a job, the 3 hours is good for now, and I'm happy with being able to pick up this game in the future. If you like a challenge, and good gameplay with some difficulty, definitely a must have. Would give it a solid 8/10.