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Atlas Reactor Face off in fast-paced, turn-based PvP with Atlas Reactor – a competitive game that fuses simultaneous turns with team tactics. Read minds, master customizable Freelancers, and outwit your enemies in a world where a 20-second turn can change the tide of battle.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1427
Genre Turn-Based, Action, General
Company / Developer
Trion Worlds / Trion Worlds
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Atlas Reactor reviews ( 7 )

Kilelyan, Oct 8, 2016

Atlas Reactor is a gem among games. Think multiplayer XCOM and you have 20 seconds to figure out what you're doing with your character while you talk and strategize with your team of four. I actually created a log in on Metacritic just to say that.

Kiwi101, Oct 11, 2016

MMORPG PLAYER REVIEW I have played very few online strategy games, even less turn-base. MMORPG's have been my gaming status for almost a decade where I can customize, collect and explore different content at my own leisure or join in on endgame content. I did not think Atlas Reactor would be able to keep my attention but it has and has also exceeded all my gaming expectations offering me the same things I enjoy in MMOPG's with skin/vfx/banner/emblem/taunt collections, ranked game play as well as casual, seasons which offer Lore and Freelancers themselves whose art work and personalities find me attached to some as quickly as they are released while wanting to KOS others as soon as I see them in the arena. The perfect blend of attachments every avid gamer appreciates. For someone who has raided hardcore in four MMORPG's and focused PvP but is in no denial she is getting older, not as quick as she use to be this game is perfect for me. That's not to say its easier-20 seconds to make decisions is no joke-that's just to say I get to continue to make wicked decisions like I have always done in many realms/worlds before and you get to witness it or be the brunt of it. This game is also perfect for alt-tab/double screen players at work, in the office or tending the kids at home. It becomes just as much fun seeing what you can achieve between moves! Gaming is a lifestyle and Atlas Reactor lets me live mine with ease as a gaming writer, reviewer, event creator and hyper which is as important as gaming itself in 2016 for many. The Developers are quick to remedy, apply or discuss updates chatting frequently with players by social media platforms, streaming themselves via personal live streams plus official channels which is reassuring and fun! My main concern if I have any is wondering whether Trion Worlds will develop an official Statistics database for every account that could also be included in Spectator mode UI that needs updating before ranked arrives in the coming weeks to not only enhance the e-sport side of this game that has so much potential to become internationally acclaimed but also to support live stream entertainment. Thanks for a great game Trion Worlds!

Not_Disclosed, Oct 5, 2016

Atlas reactor is surprisingly fine and tense game - as long as if you like games which require you to think quickly and tactically instead of being the fastest mouse clicker on the block. It is quite amazing how dynamic the game is even though it is turn based. In short, in the game you are controlling one of 4 different freelancers on your team. Freelancer is a character with unique fighting abilities, fitting loosely into damage dealer, front line tank and support (generally healing) classes. Your team is pitted against opponents on a relatively small maps which ensure dynamic fight. The first team to score 5 kills or most kills after 20 turns wins. The match takes usually less than 15 minutes, with some extra long matches being below 20. The game may become a classic with huge following; whether that will happen, it is hard to say at the moment. The balance of characters if already rather fine, the matchmaking works, the game is fluid and dynamic and will give you quite some emotions. Skill matters, as well as teamwork. The characters are very varied and unique. The classes are rather loosely defined and the variation within is significant. The unique abilities of characters are unique, which makes it more appreciated how well those are balanced. The balance is enhanced by the match-maker which often chooses similar characters on opposite teams (but not mirrors). So you feel that game is fair - even if you believe one of the freelancers is stronger than the other, often both teams have it. There are some downsides - the voice chat requires external application and at the moment is not widely used - making communication tricky. The time limit for your turn is 15s, which can be short, especially if you learn late what your teammates are doing (their moves are shown once they plot them) and want to make last moment adjustments. The game needs more maps, more fluent communication in teams and perhaps some other modes than 4 vs 4. For example, myself, I am waiting for a mode in which you control all 4 characters in your team for ultimate experience. Nonetheless, the game is already very entertaining and unique, with great much future potential. It is also easy to grab, but difficult to master. Most importantly, it is absolutely no pay to win, even if you play for free. Only skill of you, your teammates, and teamwork matters - money will only get you new skins for your characters and other purely graphical enhancements. Graphics is ok. For me, I do not like the style too much - but in the age of shiny graphics, it fits the bill. You can try it for free - you will not be able to play all characters, but it will give you the taste of the game. Maybe I am wrong, but if the game is matured a bit and perhaps enhanced with simpler (maybe even 2d) graphics for quick plotting, as well as more fluent communication between teammates, it has potential to become a very solid e-sport game to be played for decades. On the other hand, if the developers will move in wrong direction, it may just die... Currently it is a unique game - surely clones will follow if it gets as much success as I believe it deserves. I was hesitating about the score - finally give it 10 as it is a bold move into where few (or nobody) was before and the design works. It is also more finished than most games at release. The problems are generally minor and common to other team based games, even those which are on the market for many years. Graphics is a matter of taste - and you may like it... No pay to win, skill and teamwork are the only factors affecting the game. Easy to pick, but very complex to master.

Inukshuk, Oct 8, 2016

Atlas Reactor is a fantastic strategy game that kinda mimic's LoL and Overwatch's progression systems. However mechanics are super basic leaving only the necessity to think through turns and properly predict movement. Purchasing the game works similarly to Overwatch. Atlas Reactor is buy-to-play which really just unlocks all of the freelancers, you still have to earn unlocks through loot boxes. Alternatively you can play the endless trial version that works similarly to World of Warcraft or Diablo 3's system (you can play to a point and keep everything you do/find but then have to pay to progress). The difference here is that the trial version gives you a rotation of freelancers to play (ala LoL) with the rest of the freelancers behind that B2P pay wall. While not as fast paced as LoL or Overwatch, Atlas Reactor is still a lot of fun to play with minimal down time. The turn based aspect of the game really doesn't feel like turn based as you get lost in thinking through yours and your team's moves. Unlike LoL and Overwatch you can customize your freelancers and their abilities. While there is almost always going to be a "right" choice I often times find myself picking the 2nd or 3rd best Mod options to better suit my play style and my goals in a given game. The only thing the game suffers from, at the moment, is its age. There isn't a huge community yet and the freelancer pool is decent but on the small side. Both of which Trion Games is actively working on. I would highly recommend trying out Atlas Reactor.

Bookreader11, Oct 5, 2016

Have you ever played a game like Fire Emblem or XCOM and wondered "How would this work in multiplayer?" Atlas Reactor is that answer. And even better, it's not just riding on that answer. Yes, it's innovative and inventive, but it also packs quality into every inch of it. I struggle to think of many games with new concepts that really knock it out of the park on the first try. Atlas Reactor hits that mark, and then some. It's a complex game, to be sure, but I'll do my best to quickly explain the basic idea. You and 7 other people play in 4v4 matches. The game plays out as a fusion of a real time strategy and turn based strategy game. At the start of each turn, you and your opponents have 20 seconds to decide what to do. After those 20 seconds, all your choices play out at once. Repeat until one side has 5 kills. So that's the basic premise, but the game uses a lot of clever design choices and counterplay to make the most of it. Trion made the smart choice to split every action you can take into 3 phases, Prep, Dash, and Blast. The phases all resolve in order: Prep > Dash > Blast. What this does is add tension to every single move, and prevents the game from turning into a mindless point and click adventure. You could shoot your opponent. But they could also dash away before blast phase. Then again, you could activate a shield if you think your opponent is going to directly fire on you. You could also psyche them out, make them waste their dash, and now you're free to fully move and chase them. You could even get an ally with more health to dash in front of you, having them eat the shot. Atlas Reactor's greatest strength is here, in the endless possibilities in every encounter. You need to figure out what your opponents are thinking, how they're likely to act, how you need to act in this moment. You also need to see what your allies are doing. If your support is about to throw a shield on you, it's not the best time to dash away. Besides the sheer brilliance and understanding shown in the gameplay, the characters themselves (Called Freelancers in game) are very varied and interesting. There are characters that can plant shields down, characters that can pierce cover, and characters based around stealth. Besides those basic gameplay archetypes, the developers got truly inventive with the core mechanics of the game. There's a character who punishes you for moving too far, a character who you have no control over when they activate their ultimate, and even a character who revolves around taking damage for allies themselves, and using that to charge their ultimate faster. The devs show no sign of being unwilling to change everything up for a character. And speaking of the developers, they're communicative, involved, and interactive with the community. They're constantly holding events, giving out rewards like in game titles and skins, and in general just keeping people informed and active. More people could learn from them. Last but not least, the game has an excellent business model I want to take a moment to commend. They let you try the game for free, with access to 5 freelancers and limited cosmetic unlocks, and even let you into the standard PvP mode for some matches. In an era of vanishing demos, dishonest marketing, and the general inability to try before you buy, this is a refreshing model that is very consumer friendly. Of course, the game isn't perfect. The main issue in such a tactical game is a lack of solid communication options. There are 3 methods, none of which are very efficient. You can type in text chat, but since you only have 20 seconds, it's not very easy. You can use one of 5 pings, faster but more limited. Finally, the game has Discord integration, and can automatically place you in a voice chat with your teammates. However, not everyone has Discord to utilize this. The game does tell you what your allies are about to do with their target indicators, but it really needs some more robust options to coordinate with your team. Besides communication, however, Atlas Reactor gets almost everything right. If you have an interest in strategy, turn based games, RTS games, or just like new ideas in general, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. I expect you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Falrinth, Oct 12, 2016

The gameplay concept is great. A great breeze of fresh air when it comes to moba gameplay. Execution is also very good considered its not made by a bazyllion-dollar-studio with quadrilion of employees - its more than solid. Its a mix of moba you are used to, x-com turn based action (althought light on the tactical part due to chaos) and a dose of poker guessing/bluffing - a mind game of sorts. Im not the fun of the short timer, which is to short in my opinion - 20 seconds simultenous turn for everyone in the match at the same time - which makes the turn based gameplay a bit chaotic, shallower, homogenised and soon starts to feel very generic in comparison to what it could be, due to not being able to plan and cooperate properly (and so everyone decide to go the uninspired - but low in risk of failure - way in each turn), but the longer you play the quicker you can assess new situations and plan the actions. I doubt you will ever be able to do them with your team perfectly with this timer tho, and we will rarely see sophisticated, coordinated team actions, unless you have a premade team full of veterans with voice support, who are very quick at coming up with same strategy for each turn and executing it flawlessly. Its like if devs would not know if they want to aim for deep tactics turn based or dynamic gameplay and decided to go in between. Its still fun tho - cant deny that. Perhaps the time pressure, mistakes and misunderstundments of teammates are intended, but personally I would rather have the extra 10 seconds per turn. Its not like the turns are exclusive for each player to have the need of cutting their time down. Sophisticated and coordinated moves beats chaos and occasional laugh here and there, anytime in a turn based game. After short while the mistakes and silly moves will get boring. I dont think im the only one that would swap 4 shallower experiences for 3 more interesting ones that takes those 3-5 minutes more to end, but felt unique. I would give it 10/10, but there are things that wont let me do that: - To short timer is most important to me - No sense of impactfull progression yet - Bugs here and there - Mediocre interface design, lacking crucial information or presenting them in uncomfortable way - Still low amount of heroes and maps to play So its 10 points. -1 point for the minor bugs, mediocre UI, lack of features that will come with time. It all will get improved soon, so it doesnt deserve to go lower in rating for that. That gives me 8/10. Should be 9/10, but i ran out of time before i realised the mistake.

ItaJohnson, Feb 9, 2017

More trion worlds filth! Everything about this game is a bad idea that is poorly executed! I really dont see how ANYONE can give this a positive review much less so many of them.. oh wait.. how many employees does trion worlds have? hmmm.. then add in a few people they gave free stuff to for positive reviews and i think we have our explanation. From the concept to the sound the entire game reeks of failure. Its obvious they once again tried to STEAL (since trion worlds isnt capable OF creating) other games mechanics, but all they did was mangle them and try to turn them into another cash cow for half-wits.