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Atom Zombie Smasher Players must save survivors from the 1961 zombie apocalypse by assembling an army of mercenaries and firing nuclear missiles from orbit to destroy the oncoming horde.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1855
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Blendo Games / Blendo Games
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Atom Zombie Smasher reviews ( 7 )

gamenutt5, May 19, 2013

Such a great game. You know what the gameplay is like so I won't explain but it is so worth your time. I love how long the matches last and the entire concept of the game is so fresh. The game runs great and is a ton of fun.

gvazdas, Aug 8, 2011

This game was extremely fun.Even though not graphically proficient, the game offered a large amount of fun and rarely even some humor.I had much fun in this game. Those who like defend games, strategy games, you'll love this one.

smiffy, Sep 18, 2012

I bought this game as part of a Humble Bundle and installed it out of curiosity more than anything. It turned out to be my favorite game of 2011. LOL at the people who gave 0 because it was too difficult for them and mistaking stylised graphics for being poor.

Levardos, Sep 6, 2011

It's really a fun indie game. It sort of is a "tower defense" genre but... not really. I know I'm contradicting myself now but there is no other genre I could compare it to. The main purpose here is to save people from zombies. Overall the developers had a really nice idea and I'm sure a person can have few hours of fun playing this game, but then it just gets boring. There is really not much more I can write. Pros: -Original idea for a game. Cons: -Not a kind of a game you'll stick around for too long.

JimCorbett, May 2, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised by this game when i got it in the humble bundle. I have since spent over 20 hours on it getting all of the achievements. It's quite unique for a defense game and has plenty of customizable options which can make the game easier or more difficult. You can customize your army, increase the amount of enemies, etc. It also has a very easy to use mod creation system which allows you to mess with almost any part of the game. I had a lot of fun creating my own mods and playing a game with them. Overall, it's a good game that is worth a look

genoforprez, Nov 6, 2011

A great idea for a defense game, but I would enjoy it more if--like other defense games---you were able to actually select your units. You have no control over which units you are allowed to use in an encounter, and when you have thirty seconds to kill 10,000 zombies using only a cement wall, a stick of dynamite, and a mortar that takes a half an hour to reload, the game gets more frustrating than fun in a hurry. Maybe I just don't get it yet, but despite its stellar presentation, every time I play it I just feel like it's repetition is boring and its capricious randomization is frustrating. Glad I got it in Humble Bundle instead of buying. It's interesting and quirky, but I definitely would have been angry had I paid $10 for it.

Ears14U, Mar 13, 2012

Are you really kidding me? After gaming for nearly 30 years, this has got to be the most worthless pile of oozing dung of a so called game I've ever seen! I will leave it at that. This game surely SUX to a pure 10++++ Go on...spend your money then..