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Avadon 2: The Corruption You are a Hand of Avadon, the Black Fortress. You protect your homeland from the limitless threats that surround it. Titans and monsters, pirates and barbarians. But then a sneak raid shattered Avadon, and, with it unable to keep order, madness resulted. Civil war, barbarian raids, even conspiracies to destroy your people. Avadon's power has faded, but your people need it more than ever. Everything is falling apart, and a shadowy power has risen to destroy your homeland. What will you do? Will you fight your enemies? Or will you join them and end Avadon's power once and for all? The choice is yours!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1046
Genre Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
Spiderweb Software / Spiderweb Software

Avadon 2: The Corruption reviews ( 7 )

svett, Nov 4, 2013

The game is very lore heavy and you will love it if you're into that kind of thing. The walls of text can be intimidating at first, but they turn out to be one of the best features in the game. The characters are so much more fleshed out than other games because of the text that describes them. The combat is balanced and can be very challenging on hard and torment. The graphics are old, but the gameplay and UI are top notch. It's basically like Baldur's Gate on steroids. I love this game!

Cruxxor, Nov 3, 2013

Best RPG release this year. Interesting plot with many twists, great combat mechanics, dozens of side quests, hundreds of items. About 40-50 hours of true roleplaying experience, for 8-10$? It feels like stealing Must have for any oldschool RPG fans, if u like Baldurs Gate etc. you will probably also like Avadon 2.

DeepspaceAU, Nov 3, 2013

Brilliant, as usual, for lovers of old-school isometric RPG's. It's like sitting down with a big fantasy novel. No rush, no flash, just awesome narrative and depth.

MasterBata, Nov 22, 2013

This game is absolutely awesome! I missed the old days of solid, good RPG's that do not focus entirely on graphics. Well this is it! Excellent story, very well written (and I mean it, it's not something usual these days). Combat is challenging from the start, and the level is kept throughout the game. Only thing I don't like is the item variety but at least there are no balance issues.

Kordanor, Nov 24, 2013

Pros: -Good writing in general -Quite open though it's a linear game -Good Combat system -Interesting story -With more than 50h gametime quite big Cons: -very basic graphics -no background music -A couple of quests are badly executed -Some Balance issues making the game too easy -clumsy interface All in all a good game if you can accept the graphics and lack of music, especially considering the base price is below 10 bucks already. If you haven't played a game from spiderweb yet, I'd rather recommend Avernum as entry though which offers more challenging battles and an open world which is much bigger in general.

wawekar, Nov 14, 2013

The GOOD. As expected the game has tons of content with 5 playable characters. Tinker Mage, Shaman, Shadow Walker, Blademaster and Sorcerer. The graphics are old style but that does not take away from game. Good story line, with lots of lore to read. The Bad a. Monsters/NPC are cleaving party members up to 3 or 4 spaces away. I am not sure if this is a bug. b. Lots of items drop or can be found. However a large quantity of it is useless and cant be sold. c. I don't want to add spoiler but there is a certain boss that melee characters can not go toe to toe with. d. Monster/NPC Health seems a bit off on certain ones. e. The need to purchase skills you don't want in order to raise ones you want. This is frustrating as you are limited in the points. f. VITALITY. You really have no choice but to take lots of endurance. If you don't your vitality will run out and you with either be forced to buy vitality potions or run back to Avadon to restore it. With that being said a lot of the spiderweb software games have been fun. I am probably comparing this to Avernum: Escape from the pit. Compared to Avernum, Avadon needs a lot more polishing.

Citizen2BX, Feb 8, 2014

Interesting game that could have been great if it were not for some obvious shortcomings. There were a lot of things about the game that were obvious (at least to me) very unintuitive and feels a bit amateurish. #1 was the camera. The game could have been designed to easily be played almost entirely with a mouse. The right mouse is not being utilized; it could have been used to move the camera around. Or otherwise it would have been nice if there was an auto-center function to keep the camera focused on the main character. With some toggle so one can click on far away targets as it is. It is very strange to cross over to use the arrow keys with one hand to move the camera around then control the mouse with the other hand. And why wouldn't the more common WASD configuration be used? Obviously another weird thing was there was little distinction between what is loot, and, or what can be interacted with. You have to pixel hunt and squint your eyes to see what it is you can interact with. This could have been fixed easily by using graphics features. Finally the map design is a little off. There are a lot of areas, you move around, and there is nothing there. Seems to have no particular rhyme or reason to things. In the end the two annoying things that made me quit after playing a few hours was the lack of an intuitive camera control system and not being able to see where the loot and interactive items were.