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Awesomenauts The game features the most awesome mercenaries in the galaxy in their fight for territorial supremacy. Awesomenauts brings Russian monkeys with jetpacks, giant robots, and lots of other mighty aliens to the two-dimensional console battlefield. Combining classic platforming-action with modern online multiplayer functionality, the action-packed gameplay offers everything the 16-bit generation and modern gamers love.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3018
Genre Action, Strategy, Real-Time, Fighting, 2D, MOBA
Players 6 Online
Company / Developer
Ronimo Games / DTP Entertainment, Ronimo Games

Awesomenauts reviews ( 7 )

AnotherAznGamer, Sep 16, 2014

Awesomenauts is a great 2D MOBA platformer. The game is run with P2P multiplayer, which means that occasionally there are lag issues, depending on the host of the game; however, if the lag issues are bad, the game often switches to a better host. While competitive, I still find it to be much more relaxed than other MOBAs like LoL or DOTA 2. There are many characters available and there's always a playstyle and character for everyone. The voice actors for the game are often popular Youtubers and the voices and dialogue make the game hilarious at times. Although you do have to unlock characters by playing games and leveling up, the starting characters provide valuable insight into how the rest of the characters work. Each character has a unique jump and movement speed and the first two characters allow new players to learn about how to use the different jumps and speeds they may encounter later. Many players complain about a few "overpowered" characters. The truth, in my opinion, is that every character is overpowered if used well, which results for an interesting balance in the game. However, Ronimo often updates and rebalances the characters as needed, and adds new characters every now and then. The community is usually quite pleasant with a few exceptions once in awhile; however, there is no voice chat (looking at the mute buttons that are now available on the scoreboard, that may be soon to come) and players rarely type in chat. Teamplay with friends is highly recommended, but not necessary. Personally, I am a solo queuer, meaning that I just join in to a game by myself, and it works out pretty well. Awesomenauts is an amazing and addictive game and I've been playing it every day since I bought it months ago. If you've never played a MOBA before, this is a great game to start with (I was an FPS gamer before this game). I highly recommend this game for anyone just looking to have fun, but there are competitive leagues if you're interested in that as well.

Watterson, Dec 28, 2013

Simple, fast and incredibly fun. Each character has its own particular and way to play,and the soundtrack is still in my head. Congratulation to the developers! At this price, you must have it.

jakerfv, Oct 14, 2012

Well worth 10 dollars, there's gonna be a bunch more free skins on the way from what I understand if anyone was interested in that. This game is a 2D platformer moba without the a-holes from those games, I swear playing dota 2 changed me into an evil person almost, but holy crap this game is so laid back and fun, it's still competitive but fun. To me, getting kills isn't nearly as satisfying as getting them in dota 2 but the over all game play just feel so slick. Instead of buying items, you buy upgrades, and the abilities are pretty cool the game is well worth 10 dollars. It does need a few balances though, but otherwise it's a solid game well worth looking at.

ibitato, Jul 29, 2013

It is a really good casual MOBA for everyone. Ypu dont need to be a pro to have fun, and the games last long enoguh to enjoy but not too long. It's really great to see how the game evolves and new content is added. Never a fan of MOBA titles but this one is really well thought. Music and ambient is also great . the price is just fine. A must buy to have some casual multiplayer fun

Killerboy2807, Jan 1, 2015

Ignore everything the bad reviews say. They have no idea what they are talking about. The only issues with this game is slight inbalance and bad servers. There is no lag, bugs, exploits, pay to win characters. Especially not bugs, I have literally not seen a single bug in this game, unless you count the times I played around with mods. (mods are singleplayer only, so don't think i'm a hacker). And lag. There is no lag. I ran this game on my old **** laptop at 40 FPS and max graphics. With the "pay-to-win" thing. There is 4 DLC characters currently. 1 of them is considered the worst character in the game. Another requires you to be hellishly skilled to even use the slightest. Another LOOKS overpowered because he has the best skill in the game, but not many people realize how horrible the second skill is. And the final character is probably the most "balanced" character in the game. Can be considered slightly too powerful, but really all-in-all he is nothing big. Really the only problematic character in the game is this "Leon" guy, Ronimo doesn't know how to nerf him for some reason. Every time they plan to nerf him, they just cancel it. But really, though admittedly it isn't the GREATEST executed game of all time, it's still my second favourite game of all time (after terraria). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I strongly suggest you to get this game, and give it a chance, it's better than it seems at first glance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

VSinGamer, Dec 26, 2012

Good game to play on your free time when you want to relax and blow small cartoon figures up. Art design is interesting and each individual avatar to play has very unique and playful looking attacks. A few problems that keep it from getting a 9 or 10 would be lack of level matching, but this is quickly resolved by the overall simplicity of the game. Tutorial in my opinion is a bit unnecessary and melee attacks being affected by direction of mouse and not of avatar seem a bit redundant to me but you are able to set up controls so the mouse isn't involved in it. Game play a bit repetitive, but fun to watch and a great breather from all the intense cinematic masterpieces of today. Good game overall though, and would recommend to anyone who just wants to play a fun game without the importance of stressing over levels and enjoy a good blast from the past. Personally waited for a sale to buy this game, but still might be worth it full price.

Lester695, Jan 25, 2015

Do NOT buy this game! just don't! The devs are moneyseekers, they want you to pay WAY too much money for stupid skins, which have a horrible design. Then there is the game itself, which is even more bad then their sales model. It's full of toxic players, they insult you every match. Ronimo only bans nice people and lets the ragers play. Then ther's the matchmaking, which is also HORRIBLE, you get paired with league 1 players while you are in league 9, so when you stat your first match ever, you're gonna be up against the best. Impossible to play. Then there's the lag, this game has P2P connections, that is horrible. There is ALWAYS someone teleporting from one side to the other and hitting you through walls. Then there is character balance, which is also HORRIBLE, as some characters are superOP and others are useless. Also the starstorm dlc isn't even finished, and it features PAY2WIN characters with superpowers. They had A LOT of money through crowdfunding, because players wanted the devs to work on connections, instead they wasted the money and just kept making more dlc to steal even more money from players! The game is soooo broken, unplayable. the devs should be ashamed. Also, the forums are corrupted, because when you say 1 bad word about the game you get an IP-ban. This game needs to die.