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Axiom Verge Axiom Verge is an indie game focusing on action and exploration.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1644
Genre Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Tom Happ , IndieBox, Inc. / Tom Happ
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Axiom Verge reviews ( 7 )

lilkillpappy, May 19, 2015

This is pure retro gaming ecstasy. Responsive fluid controls, a wide variety of creatures, worlds and music. It's a game for the adults who grew up playing these games. It has evolved and matured into something new and interesting, but feels nostalgic and comforting. It's like a love letter to the past with some new edginess.

ehasis, Nov 28, 2015

Uma verdadeira obra de arte retrô. Excelente história, jogabilidade, trilha sonora. Uma verdadeira homenagem a Super Metroid, mas não um clone. O jogo é bastante longo, possui bastante armas e ferramentas, recomendo!

Landogellis, May 25, 2016

Well worth a play if you enjoy Metroid-style gameplay, a solid entry in the genre which is all the more impressive given this is an indie game going against giants. The enemies and upgrades are many and varied, though it gets a little wearisome to have to backtrack through enemies that even well into the game provide challenge.

sh4dow, Sep 5, 2015

15 hours in and I'm at 90% map completion. This is my first attempt and I started it on "hard". I don't regret a thing. At first, it seemed incredibly tough and it certainly is even later on. But if you don't just run and gun but try to glitch enemies and lure them into places where they can't hit you, it's very manageable. As for the whole "Metroidvania" thing, I have to say... I did finish Super Metroid and I believe also Metroid 2. As well as all RPG-style Castlevanias and many other Metroidvanias. But the only game of its kind (Metroid, RPG-Castlevania or Metroidvania) I remember enjoying this much is Symphony of the Night. The art style is fantastic, the music as well and the controls as well as the huge variety of gameplay elements is just great. The only thing that bugs me a little is the fact that effort that it takes to get most pass codes if one doesn't just Google them. Also that the game does not mark found items on the map. As well as the occasionally inconsistent art style. And most importantly, I can't stand the fact that it's Steam-only on PC. This is really what finally made me knock off one point from 10.

thomas21r, Dec 6, 2015

This game is surprisingly fun and addictive! Good controls large variety of weapons and nice music. Oldschool gamers will love it. Boss fights are kinda easy so i recommend playing on hard difficulty

Zazcallabah, Mar 7, 2017

Axiom Verge is basically Super Metroid. Different enemies, maps, weapons, and story. But the gameplay is very Metroid. The mood and music is very Metroid. I especially like how the animations are always synced to the beat of the background music

podzorama, Dec 24, 2015

Not without some reservations, this is a game to lose yourself in. Tagged as retro, this shouldn't pigeonhole your expectations of the game. Like Fez or Hotline Miami before it, this is a love letter to those glorious early days of gaming. Even if you're not old enough that this kind of game doesn't make you dewy eyed with nostalgia, the collection of upgrades and weaponry, storyline and exploration should be more than enough to entice you. A huge map that will occupy your first run through for probably tens of hours, where upgrades you unearth make earlier barriers accessible. Metroidvania at its purest. Some little niggles: Its easy to toggle through weapons by mistake when using climbing controls, and for me there were times when being unclear where to go tipped the balance from "exploration" to frustration. That being said, you will get a ton of enjoyment from this little gem.