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Axis & Allies In Axis & Allies: RTS, players relive and experience the most epic struggle in the history of mankind, World War II. Players direct the military and economic destiny of any one of the world's most powerful countries - United States, England, Germany, The Soviet Union or Japan. Axis & Allies: RTS not only captures the intensity of war but also allows players to change the outcome of the major battles and campaigns of World War II. Confronted with the strategic and tactical situations experienced by the top generals and national leaders of the period, players have to make critical decisions that determine the fate and the destiny of the world. Axis & Allies: RTS features gameplay elements such as unique organization of units; command of land, sea, and air units in real-time; dynamic fronts and supply lines; interaction with Generals and Leaders of the era; and intense online play with a powerful random scenario generator. [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 865
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Military, General
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / TimeGate Studios

Axis & Allies reviews ( 4 )

Discord, May 20, 2012

Very nice World War II RTS game. I especially like the global WWII mode, in which you take control of Germany, Japan, Britain, America, or Russia and win the war with the opposing factions, which are predefined and cannot be changed, so it's not like HOI in that regard. There are two campaigns, one for the Axis and one for the Allies, which are also quite nice. Quite nice.

RobertS., Sep 23, 2007

This game just absolutely blew me away, everything was quite easy 2 do, music gives feeling of being a's a perfect WWII strategy game compared 2 the inferior Company of Heroes.

TimD., Nov 11, 2004

Axis & Allies has been known for the past 20 years the WWII board game. Now it has been developed into a kick ass RTS as far as I?m concerned. This game isn?t your board game anymore, it has become a real concrete game Atari and TimeGate can hang their hat on There are several modes of play from which gamers can choose from. The first is campaign mode, 24 complete missions on both sides of the war, 12 missions as the Allies, 12 missions as the Axis. This gives the player two campaign options; the opportunity to play out the war as it historically took place, or to play an alternate history version of WWII. It?s a compelling aspect of the game that not many other RTS can boast about. The World War II mode is a meta map version of the Axis & Allies board that lets players move pieces on a turn based map of the world. When a player meets an enemy he has the option to fight out the battle in a quick resolve (dice roll based on relative unit strengths) or in a Real Time Strategy format. Multiplayer can be played on LAN or internet with up to 8 players on varied terrains. Something hardcore guys will really like is that the original map editor used by TimeGate is included in the game. Another awesome feature of the game is the supply lines (the perimeter around your base where units can automatically re-supply and regenerate). All of the buildings at your base are completely mobile, you have the ability to pack up and roll your entire base towards an opponent (with the exception of Air Fields, they must be sold off and repurchased to move). This gives your men the tactical advantage of rolling your supply lines towards the enemy for quicker re-supply. In my opinion, it?s a unique feature that makes the game way more strategic. One of my favorite features in the game is the company control aspect, where by units operate in companies or regiments much like they did historically in WWII. This allows for a LOT less micromanagement of units, which me focus on the larger grand scale battle at hand, which is the idea right? The units of each super power are unique and authentic to their given nation, for example Germany can call for King Tiger Tanks, where as Great Britain can produce Churchill Flamethrower tanks. Another note on authenticity is that each super power lets you control the actual Generals from each power, like Nimitz or Eisenhower from the US. They all have their own special operations as well, such as unloading an A-Bomb with Nimitz on an unsuspecting enemy. The game does however lack a certain visual appeal found in several other fall releases. I found the zoom options and camera angles to be limiting; however the overall quality is not without merit and the games core gameplay more than makes up for its visual weaknesses. Another issue with the game is the AI and game mechanics found in World War II mode. The meta-map AI is more of a ?punish your mistakes? rather than a strategic opponent, kind of pesky if you ask me. The meta map also only allows the play to invade into one occupied territory in a given turn, which makes conquering the map entire more tedious moving into one area at a time. As both a PC strategy gamer and a fan of the original Axis & Allies, I was excited about Atari and TimeGate studios combining the two into a dynamic real time strategy game and have been impressed with the results to say the least. The game is obviously more RTS then conventional A&A gameplay, but for anyone who expected different, there are certain aspects you will still enjoy. It?s a true old fashioned beer and pretzel game. Here is my breakdown: Graphics: 7.5 Visually appealing, yet not as polished as some of the other RTS titles out this fall. Difficulty: 8.0 AI in the game adapts to situation based on players movement, however lacks strength in several areas, primarily WWII mode. Single Player: 8.5 Single player campaign mode faithful to some of the historical battles of WWII. However, WWII mode lacks the true A&A feel and gameplay mechanics. Multiplayer: 9.0 Great experience, play against friends as one of 20 generals in a number of maps. The game fully utilizes the GameSpy Arcade arena and ranking system. Sex Appeal: 8.0 I really enjoy WWII mode and have had lots of fun with the campaigns. I could see this game staying on my hard dive for an extended amount of time. OVERALL: 8.5 I enjoy this game and haven?t seen other reviewers do it justice. It is a surprising star of this RTS fall line up and highly recommended.

DerekR., Nov 8, 2004

The premise of this game had a lot of potential. The notion of participating as commander of the armed forces in the greatest and most epic battle of humankind's recent history surely captured the imagination of RTS gamers, WWII enthusiasts, and fans of the original board game alike. Regretfully, the developers were not able to realize this potential. Sadly, the game is dissapointing. Specifically, the real-time battles are mediocre at best (falling short of the benchmark set by CDV's Blitzkrieg). The WWII mode is not bad but lost its appeal after I won the first few times. Sorry Atari/TimeGate, but you dropped the ball.