Baseball Mogul 2007 Crack/Patch

Baseball Mogul 2007 NEW Animated Play-By-Play: All-new in-game Manager Mode lets you call plays and make substitutions as if you were in the dugout. Or retire to the owner's box and let your coaches and players control the action. It's up to you. NEW Pitch-By-Pitch Mode. Fully interactive pitch-by-pitch mode puts you in complete control of the game. New graphical batting and pitching interface gives you pinpoint control over each pitch. Brush back the batter with an inside fastball, then put him away with a splitter in the dirt. NEW Custom Pitcher Database. Sports Mogul unveils a 30,000 line database with data for over 1,200 pitchers that you can't find anywhere else. Includes individually researched ratings for every pitch in each pitcher's arsenal, going back to 1901. From Gaylord Perry's spitball to Daisuke Matsuzaka's "Gyroball", Baseball Mogul 2007 is the most complete baseball simulation you can buy. [Sports Mogul Inc.]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 819
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Baseball, Management, Sim
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Enlight Software / Sports Mogul

Baseball Mogul 2007 reviews ( 2 )

DougD., Jun 1, 2006

This game is incredibly addicting, so be warned! It blends a perfect strategy formula, with incredibly fast simming, and also manages to not overload you with too big of a minor league system. The six round amature draft is a perfect length every year, and there's nothing like seeing your first round pick finally crack the majors. On a small market team your young guns will be forced into the majors at 21 or 22 while the big market teams can afford to groom them and introduce them at 25 or 26. Great way to waste a night (or week. or month).

RichW., May 5, 2006

This game is fantastic. The best touch is the fact that minor league stats are generated for your players. You can promote them whenever you are ready (or if you are out of money). At 20 bucks, this blows away the sim parts of 2k6 for example.