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Baseball Mogul 2008 New features in the 2008 edition include: Baseball Mogul Encyclopedia - Outputs over 30,000 interlinked HTML pages. Historical leaders tracked in over 70 stats by team and season; hitting, pitching, and fielding stats at every level; annual financial records. Pitch-by-Pitch Mode - Fully interactive pitch-by-pitch mode puts you in complete control of the game. Ticker Tape - Shows updated scores, stats, leaders and headlines, even in the middle of each at-bat. Lefty-Righty Stats. Expanded Scouting Report - More stats like OPS, GDP, intentional walks, ground ball percent, and DICE. User Interface - Improves the visual appeal of each screen while also putting more stats at your fingertips. 2007 Rosters. Exclusive licensee of the Sean Lahman Baseball Database, including complete stats and data for over 18,000 players going back to the 19th century. [Sports Mogul Inc.]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1444
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Baseball, Management, Sim
Players 44 Online
Company / Developer
Enlight Software / Sports Mogul

Baseball Mogul 2008 reviews ( 4 )

ArnoldW., Apr 2, 2007

This is a not a game for joystick junkies. But if you like the strategy of building a team, and the strategy of calling plays and picking pitches, this is the best baseball game you can buy.

ChrisW., Apr 11, 2008

This game is sweet and underrated. People give it low scores because it doesn't have any graphics. This game is for the mentally inclined that can see the game through numbers and not just some graphics. I am a die hard baseball mogul fan till the day I kick the bucket.

Bradyboy12, Aug 11, 2013

a fun text based baseball sim that is engaging do everything from managing your rotation, to your minor leagues even adjust ticket prices and build your own stadium.

JimG., Apr 17, 2007

Poor game, the look & feel is outdated, and compared to other baseball simulation games like Out of the Park Baseball, this game falls way short in fun factor, realism and depth.