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Bastion Bastion is an action rpg form Supergiant Games.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 12016
Genre Action, Role-Playing, General, Action RPG
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Supergiant Games

Bastion reviews ( 7 )

NoroSteve, Jan 2, 2012

A lot of people say that playing games such as mario or zelda, bring about a great feeling you simply cannot feel with the games nowadays.I promise you, that bastion will deliver that exact feeling. After a while, everything thats happening around makes perfect sense, and the narration throughout the game, is such an amazing idea, i don't think it has been done before, this successfully. It would be an absolute crime for you not to buy this game!

Neon1236, May 7, 2014

Probably the best game i've ever played. The graphics are beautiful,the gameplay is smooth and filled with action. But the 3 things that made me a fonof the game,are the narration,the music,and the story. First,the narration is so AWESOME,you will hope that God has the same voice as Rucks. The music gives such a good atmosphere,it fits for every situation,and I couldn't find one not that sounded bad. And lastly,the story. The only word i could write to express it,is: gorgeous. I have shed a tear or two in the end,and from an indie game,its a big achivement to write a story like this. I can only recommend it for everyone.

Funshade, Dec 12, 2011

Coming from a guy who thinks Final Fantasy is just a story line for 50$ I Don't think ive ever felt more like a Hippocratic jerk. I've never wanted to find out more, or what happens next in a video game. The combat is intriguing and makes you think on your feet on a regular basis, Mix that with the variety of weapons all fit different combat styles makes you play like you want to rather then the best way.

MacroPower, Apr 6, 2013

Bastion is a fantastic and colorful game that tells a heartwarming story. The game revolves around the narrator, a likable figure that dictates your actions and voices the game's story. He is quite unique, and unlike other narrators in games like "Thomas Was Alone" or "The Stanley Parable". I honestly can't quite explain it, you would have to play the game for yourself to see it. The gameplay is fun and even though animation isn't top-notch, you barely notice it. You have the ability to level-up, gaining new weapons and powers there's also plenty of secrets about the world to discover. Bastion's combat is fairly enjoyable and although challenging, it was not frustrating. Bastion forms around the choices you make. This includes the narration. For instance, during the beginning of the game, (if you destroy enough items) you are told the classic line: "Kid just rages for a while." Some of the other choices are more influential, of course. I was proud and happy about some of my choices, but filled with dismay over others. (And such is life.) Overall, this is one of the best indie games of all time. It's worth all $15, but if you wait long enough you can pick it up on sale (or in an indie bundle). Bastion is great for everyone, no matter what you like in a game.

WesleyC, Nov 10, 2011

The fantastic narration really brings this game to life. Although the gameplay is linear it manges to be enjoyable without being too challenging. Well worth a look.

hootis, Dec 29, 2011

Take this game for what it is, a simple indie rpg, and at that it did a good job. Although this is not to say that there are many improvements that could have been made. The combat system is quite simple and the perks for leveling up don't seem that great, along with a simple story. However this game is worth playing with a great narrator and art this game will make you want to play it. But once you get into the nitty gritty its simply just not there. Good simple fun game, don't go in expecting the world to bend over backwards and make every game completely perfect, all around worth playing none the less

Psy_pmP, Jan 7, 2012

i don't know what i must to say. This game so boring. This looks like WB wind the rating. Good music,good art. But gamplay so stupid. Where is the story? This is so stupid game.