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Battle Brothers Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix which has you leading a mercenary company in a gritty, low-power, medieval fantasy world.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1449
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactics
Company / Developer
Overhype Studios / Overhype Studios
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Battle Brothers reviews ( 7 )

bilbo1973, Nov 20, 2017

I checked the videos a lot before buying. Bought it during a discount and I can say today that those were some of the best 13 euros spent in games for the year. Very addictive game that you will probably really start to get after the 3rd or 4th play-through (not complete of course). Set up your little band of mercenaries and become a legend in a world occupied by orcs, undead and (3) human houses/factions that try to dominate it. You take sides (with the houses - orcs & undead are not to be negotiated! :-P ), strengthen your group and try to survive. There are various professions and character perks that make your characters unique and you get attached to them. Build them up and keep them alive till then end (or for as long as possible!) Recommended!

Microloutre, Jun 10, 2017

Absolutely fantastic, addictive game, I think of it as a mix of Xcom and Mount & Blade, very unforgiving at first (start in lowest difficulty even if you're good at those games or you'll probably get slaughtered and/or starved out of resources), but once you learn how it works it's tons of fun. The wiki explains some less obvious mechanics if needed.

macharius39, Apr 2, 2017

One of the best indie titles released in recent years. Considering it was made by a very tiny studio the game is really quite good. It was heavily influenced by Mount & Blade, X-COM and the Jagged Alliance series. It has a randomly generated open world, great music, and a very charming 2D art style with an incredible amount of detail on the models. It has a deep tactical level of play and you need to be able to react quickly to the changing tides of battle. Like with Darkest Dungeon, not every fight can be won and RNG is RNG. Sometimes you need to run away to save yourself. I guess some people can't handle that aspect of the game, just like some people can't handle Darkest Dungeon or the X-COM series. The game has over a 92% positive review score on Steam. Don't allow some people who are sour that they can't spam "X" to win at the game and upset that they actually have to do some tactical thinking keep you from giving a great indie game a try.

MNCCritic, Nov 13, 2017

This game is good, an A- to and A, but it does get old a little too fast. There are a lot of very interesting decisions made in the design of this game. Not all of them work, but the designers are obviously experienced gamers. The biggest strike I would call attention to is that it plays a bit like a card or board game. These are casual experiences, designed to be completed in a couple of hours, so high risk game play works well. Not so well for computer games. In Battle Brothers, the risk to your crew is always very high and the time investment to develop your crew members is also very high (many, many hours of play). I think these two elements are not compatible. Being forced to recruit inexperienced cripples is a design idea that really does not work. Beyond the German setting, the structure of the game is reminiscent of an old classic called Darklands. Other people have noticed this as well. My opinion is that they should study this older game to help influence the evolution of this title a) because they are closely related in concept, b) because this game needs much more depth to reach its (lofty!) potential, and c) because Darklands was fantastic for its time and needs to be revisited. I really wish Overhype Studios well on this fine foundation. Triple A could be in their future. As a final note: Although the writer is talented, and I don't wish to insult him, his sense of humor needs to be weaned out the game. Monty Python-esque humor is very hard to do well. It is PhD level comedy ... not for the amateurs. I feel that the weak humor detracts from the play experience. The writer also ventures into inappropriate and obscene humor. This is not as widely acceptable as the current media would have you think. I feel this should be avoided.

ShooP, Apr 3, 2017

A good game but gets boring extremely fast. The game revolves around the turn-based combat, which is fun but very repetitive. The map seems not exploited to its full potential and the game is lacking some end-game goals. Hope it will be improved with patches because the base game is solid.

Mercent, Mar 25, 2017

The Pros: - nice music - great variety of equipment - some interest events - great enemy variety The Con. - RNG may be fair BUT losing one of your man due to poor roll is much worse than your enemy losing one of theirs , because the enemy population do not follow any rules of growth; they are like grains of sand mites crawling all over the place, and are spontaneously generated all over the world, while good recruits are RARE, EXPENSIVE, HARD TO TRAIN and NOT EXPANDABLE (other RNG games allow for easier replacement of gd ppl as long as you have the resources, but not here), and thus an unlucky RNG for you is a Nuke in the face but a pinprick on the enemy's pinky. Despite much player feedback, devs are not responsive and slow to implement measures to allow for EASIER replacement of your men, which will allow for their death to be NOT SO FRUSTRATING (measure such as buying level with gold). Just this 1 con makes the game EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING (the MOST FRUSTRATING RNG game ever). Even though, in the game, there are nuggets of enjoyment, the PURE AGONY OF LOSING A HARD TO REPLACE dead men thanks to RNG devil COMPLETELY overshadows ALL that is good about this game. For this reason, DID NOT buy this game unless you wish to experience hell on earth. Oh, and did i mention that dead soldiers are hard to replace?

riley794, Jun 21, 2017

So much promise so little gameplay. Played almost 100 hrs and hoping for that breakthrough moment but I was met with only disappointment. Trust me your better off not playing this game. This is one of those games that fills you with hope and excitement for the first 5 to 10 hours before slamming the door in your face. It's almost like each campaign hits a paywall except you've already paid full price so WTH. In other words the difficulty curve in the second half is unbalanced. Mods may be able to fix this game with fun to play scenarios but until then it is a total waste of time and money!