Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory Keygen Full Version

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory Battle of Britain 2 Wings of Victory recreates the fierce and famous air battles southern England in 1940. The game delivers explosive fun for veteran and casual gamers alike, and occurs over a vast and living world below which will be forever known as one the world’s most decisive moments in history. The simulation allows the player to either act as the supreme commander of either side, or simply click “fly” and let your generals manage the war below. As commander, you can control the war down to a single aircraft or building in a world where thousands upon thousands battle for supremacy. Thousands of targets including every plane, factory, airfield, and radar station have a specific role and impact on the progress of the war below. As the enormous campaign plays out below, you will observe both allied and enemy flights carrying out their daily missions. You can take your commanders hat off and jump in the cockpit of the British Hurricane, Spitfire, German Messerschmitt, Stuka dive bomber, or man the gunstations of the Dornier Do17, Heinkel He111, and Ju-88 level bombers. As a pilot, all you need to do is destroy the enemy when you can and get you and your comrades home alive. [GMX Media]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1330
Genre Simulation, Flight, WWII, Combat
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
GMX Media / Shockwave Productions
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Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory reviews ( 3 )

BilesTabernacky, Sep 20, 2006

Crashed when I installed it. I then patched it. It does not crash now. Modable. See the web site. Lots of support offered. Already a community that cares. The wargame contained in the game is tough. Well done. (I thought IL-2 [all flavours] sucked bad. Funny that) I can get acceptable frame rates even when in the midst of massive fleets of bombers and fighters whizzing all over. I recommend users apply the patches and go to the forum to seek advice, rather than whining. Just my $.02

CharlesI., Sep 2, 2005

Poor gfx perfomance sinks this promising sim. Cannot attain useable frame rates at 1024x768 even on a 6800GT/Athlon 64 3000+/1.5GB ram system. Needs desperately to be patched to improve perfomance in this area.

IanD., Aug 29, 2005

After all the hype, this is a very mediocre and uninspiring game. When you flown IL2 and Pacific Fighters, frankly there's no going back. This one doesn't even come close.