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Battle Worlds: Kronos Battle Worlds: Kronos is a turn-based strategy game in the tradition of Battle Isle, Advance Wars and Panzer General. Have you ever wondered what games like that would look like today? Well, the makers of this game did. Thus, the game.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1270
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer

Battle Worlds: Kronos reviews ( 7 )

Iceman0402, Jul 17, 2015

Ich bin schon seit dem ersten Teil der Battle Isle Serie dabei und Battle World Kronos setzt der ganzen Serie noch die Krone auf. Es vergeht fast kein Tag wo ich meine Kämpfe mit anderen Onlinespielern führe. Hoffe es kommt bald ein zweiter Teil raus und dann ein Dritter und ein Vierter und ein Fünfter und ....

curunoir, Feb 8, 2014

This is the true heir of the 1990s prodigious Battle Isle games. In fact you could call him the true Battle Isle 4. This is a turn-based pretty experience with balanced units. The gameplay is simple but deep. The ergonomy uses some new ideas that consistantly improve the allround feeling. The developpers are very reactive, in example they changed very quickly the mouse buttons actions regarding of users feedback. The map editor ensures a great durability, also does the multiplayer.

BlueEyeDoc, Jan 11, 2014

This is the game all of us Battle Isle Fans waited for a long time now: a tactical turn-based strategy game, not simple but not an absolute pro-gamer game, and good game mechanics combined with nice and functional graphics. What makes it more perfect is the continued support and patching and a lot of listening to their supporters and fans: there will be soon versions on iOS and tablets, and a addon with new units and more campaign missions for free cause of the kickstarter campaign. I cant understand why those guys below me are voting that bad... for me its one of the best TB strategy game of 2013 and a long long expected successor of my good old battle isle 3. I love it :-) Pro: - Nice graphics, good game mechanics, simple but getting harder and more difficult with each mission. Con: - perhaps those quite simple text-boxes for the Story telling, but he - i wanna play a game and not watch a movie... and the story is only secondary for an tactical turn-based strategy game imho.

Farnsi, May 25, 2014

Great round based single player strategy game. It's not exactly like Battle Isle, but better. The AI acts great locally and globally it is a defined by the map designer, so you have a good variety on each map. The included 3 campaigns and challenge maps let you play more than 50 hours. I MapBuilder is also included and you can create and upload own maps. The graphic is great, the UI-Interface is minimal and could have some more information visible (you find all unit infos with one click). Keyboard support exists. It has a game story in campaigns, the story is not really important, but could be better. It has a multiplayer too with special maps, mp is for me not important, so i did not write much about it. -1 Point for UI-Improvement and the weak story -1 Pont for not use the terrain for damage compute (it is not so significant, but a stigma) Everyone who like round based strategy games must look at this game!

vXxo0oxXv, Nov 5, 2013

Two days in: It's a quality game. Watching the developer video really connected with me. I feel gameplay in modern titles has suffered, as more efforts end up going into graphics and animations with your typical release. That being said, Battle Worlds still has pretty cool artwork and watching things explode is always a pleasure when in the game. Cutscene videos have extremely good quality, and almost dwarf the in game graphics by comparison. Where Kronos seems to shine most, is in the gameplay. The wide variety of units, and depth came to me as a surprise. From what I've seen, the tactical capacity, and room for creative strategic ideas is enormous. As a chess player, this was great to see for me. It's an engaging game, and requires a lot of planning, thinking, and concentration. The UI is very streamlined, and makes the complexity of the game easy to interface with (think Civ 5). For being turn based, command transitions are very smooth, and almost make it feel real time. Honest to the advertising, it does seem well optimized. Overall, the game plays like a modernized, more action packed model of Alpha Centauri, spliced with Advanced Wars. I will keep the rating updated as I continue to play. So far, very impressive. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Still haven't tried multiplayer.

iseeall, Apr 7, 2015

It's a pretty good modern remake of Battle Isle, so if you liked Battle Isle back in the 90s, you will like this one, too. I myself wasn't a fan of Battle Isle or Advanced Wars. I much more like Massive Assault (be sure to check out that gem of 2003 if you like TBS). The differences may be minor but my main reason to dislike Battle Isle (and BW:K) is that most units move so far while having pretty short sight range - which means that much of the battle depends on luck because you usually move into darkness and enemies can pop out of nowhere which cripples planning for any more than 1-2 turns. Massive Assault with its "perfect information" play feels more tactical, almost like chess and that's what I like. It may actually be a cultural difference because Germans and Russians (I'm a Russian) like TBS games without randomness while Americans prefer more randomized, RPG-like outcomes, and Battle Isle is an American game. That said, I'd still give Battle Isle and BW:K a 9/10 or an 8/10. My main complaint with BW:K though is about the GUI. As a new player I had trouble understanding which unit does how much damage and good vs what. To see that, one needs to press "Unit info" button and then the whole screen gets covered by a huge dialog where the important stats are presented as tiny scattered numbers. And still, some stats are missing, e.g. sight range. Ideally, I'd want to see ALL stats of every unit (also enemy ones) on mouse over in a small dialog. It's also impossible to see which tiles are under attack of enemy units, including the tiles where they could move before firing. There are no terrain bonuses, so all the terrain turns out to be just decoration. On the other hand, there are many armor types, and each unit does different amount of damage vs different armor types - this I had trouble remembering and even looking up because the unit info dialog requires an extra click. Still, a good thing is that one can see right on the HP bars how much damage the attack will inflict. Overall, the game is nice and the graphics are excellent, and many things are well thought out. With some more work and GUI improvements it could be and excellent Battle Isle successor.

jld89, Nov 28, 2013

I did not like the game. They *say* that it is in the same line as Advance Wars? What is the only similarity with AW? Maybe the fact that it is turn based and that there are individual units. But that's about it. The way indirect units engage, the way the characters interact, the way the units move, the way money comes in or out, the interface so many things, mostly all the game. A waste of my money.