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Battleborn Battleborn is a next-gen hero-shooter brought to you by the creators of the award-winning and best-selling Borderlands franchise. In Battleborn’s distant future, the only hope for the last star in a dying universe is a new breed of warriors, who must put aside their differences to drive back an unstoppable menace. Choose from a myriad of powerful heroes and fight together alongside your friends in an intense co-operative campaign, or battle against them in fast-paced competitive multiplayer matches.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4442
Genre Sci-Fi, Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
2K Games / Gearbox Software
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Battleborn reviews ( 7 )

SkittyIsKitty, May 3, 2016

Could be the GOTY for me. Has multiplayer, has single player, has co-op, has competitive play. This game is the full package, something other games should work on. Good bye life.

abaddon5, May 4, 2016

Battleborn is a diamond hidden in a forest. With the storm of "hero shooters" flooding the game market (which this was the first one to be announced, just sayin') Battleborn has gotten the short end of the stick. Just what is Battleborn though? As mentioned before, Battleborn is of the new genre of games coming out recently, a hero shooter. Battleborn has 25 playable heroes (5 more DLC characters to come post launch, completely free) that you can play in three different competitive multiplayer gamemodes (two maps per mode) or in a full length co-op story campaign (up to 5 players). Story- In Battleborn, you're in a war against Rendain with his Jennerit Empire and Varelsi allies to save the last star in the universe: Solus. There are eight story missions that can be played on Normal or Advanced difficulty with the added option of enabling hardcode mode (only one life per player). Each mission will take you about 30-60 minutes to complete depending on what difficulty you are on and how many people are playing. Additional lore about the game can be unlocked by completing character lore challenges- specific tasks you have to perform with various different characters. Multiplayer- If the story mode doesn't tickle your fancy, there's also the competitive multiplayer. In Incursion, the mode that makes everyone think Battleborn is a MOBA (it's not), you are fighting to destroy the two enemy spider sentry bots. You'll have to escort your own minions to their sentry to disable the shields- but that's far easier said than done. Or you could play in Meltdown, where you need to feed your own minions into a robotic grinder that thinks it commands the universe. Lastly, if you just want to get some quick action you can play in Capture, which is pretty much just domination from COD. Progression- Don't think that's all, though. In each multiplayer match and story mission, you will level up your character and select different augments that power up your abilities. By playing matches you will also level up your character rank which will unlock skins and more augments for your character. In addition by simply playing the game you will level up your command rank which unlocks loot packs, loadouts, gear, and more. Gear-What's that? Gear? There's still more?! That's right- you can also take gear into battle that powers up your character. However, your gear will be unactivated at the beginning of each match. To activate it you must collect "shards", the currency of the universe. But there's a catch-- those shards are also used to build tactical battle structures on the map, so choose what you buy wisely. Gear comes in various rarities and can be gained by buying loot packs (with in-game credits only, no microtransactions), by getting loot drops in the story mode, by completing challenges, or by leveling up any of your various ranks. Conclusion- If you couldn't tell already, this game has incredible depth. This is the factor that distinguishes Battleborn from every other game on the block. Battleborn is a COMPLETE package, worth the $60 in full. Battleborn has NO microtransactions or DLC that will affect the competitive scene (the only DLC will be story missions and cosmetics). If you wish to see how different the game is gameplay-wise from every other MOBA or hero-shooter out there, you should perhaps look at TotalBiscuit's overview of the game. That's about all for my review though. Battleborn? 10/10.

godzillagamera, May 8, 2016

Game gets way to much hate. It's a fun unique idea. Combine FPS and MOBAs, my two favorite genres. It's competitive, has a fun cast of characters and the humor is entertaining.

Captain_Chaos, Jun 22, 2016

Came for the coop, stayed for the coop, but as I learned in the open beta, the versus is good too! However, I implore you to find at least two other reliably good people to play with, as due to persistent issues with matchmaking, trying to play this game with pubs is an exercise in rage-inducing futility. In addition, due to issues with optimization and "always-online" connectivity respectively, two of my friends are currently unable to play it. Find out if you can run it, and then buy it, because in spite of the above, it's good. Most of the negativity you hear is purely memetic. I bought it day one and don't regret one cent. If you weren't aware, Battleborn is a five player coop, or five versus five competitive team first-person shooter with a much better (read: longer) time-to-kill ratio then the average, and many elements taken from MOBAs. If that's not your cup of tea, and believe me, I understand, then this review will probably not change your mind. In the distant future, thanks to a race of horrible dark energy-oozing aliens called the Varelsi, there is only one star left in the entire ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ universe: Solus. To make matters worse, a madman by the name of Lothar Rendain, former general of the brutal Jennerit Empire, has decided to team up with the Varelsi, assassinating the Empress Lenore and transforming his nation into the even more brutal Jennerit Imperium. But all is not lost! Enter the Battleborn, a rag-tag group of electic resistance fighters from each of the five remaining factions, including former members of the Empire, who are poised to stop Rendain and save the last star. As one of the 26 playable members of the Jennerit, the United Peacekeeping Republics, the Last Light Consortium, the Eldrid or the Rogues, you will battle through hordes of Rendain's Thrall troops, minion robots, and Varelsi monsters and massive bosses in nine story missions, or fight against player-controlled battleborn in six multiplayer maps across three game modes. Battleborn is first and foremost an FPS. if you can't aim, you can't win. That being said, each of of the playable characters conforms to a different niche of play,and surprisingly, about half the cast are melee-focused fighters, most lacking a ranged weapon entirely. This can prove a disadvantage, and I would personally prefer that they have some kind of weak ranged attack just as a means of staying involved in a fight, but most of them instead have means of closing the distance, blocking or avoiding incoming fire, or diverting attenton. Conversely, ranged characters often have means of preventing enemies from drawing close or otherwise escaping a melee, and every character's quick melee attack knocks enemies away a short distance. The key difference between Battleborn and an ordinary team shooter is really in the active abilities, and using them both often and skillfully, as well as selecting the right augments, will give you an edge in individual engagements. In story, this is enough, but in versus... well. Just, bring a good team. You'll thank me later. I thoroughly enjoyed the story mode, which makes good use of Gearbox's now-signature off-beat writing and humor (with considerably less memes, if that bugged you in Borderlands) The music, the voice acting, the color palette the hand-drawn prologue cutscene and accompanying rap, the character design- it all works, its all stylish. Batleborn is one of the most asthetically pleasing games I've ever played. But it is regrettably very short, especially compared to Borderlands, meaning that in spite of a large cast of characters to try and challenges to complete, the lasting time investment of the game will probably have to come from versus, and that carries with it a set of problems. The major problem with Battleborn: It's dependence on other players for the quality of your experience, which is my beef with MOBAs in general and why I quit LOL and never touched DOTA 2. You will lose a considerable percentage of matches if you queue for them solo, or even with one other player. Battleborn is extremely team-synergy focused and if you don't have that synergy, you will lose over and over. It's actually more important then individual player skill, and coupled with an actually reasonable damage model, sets Battleborn apart from its Call-of-Duty-influenced contemporaries. At present the game's matchmaking system is deeply flawed (You know, like matchmaking in general), regularly pitting premade 5-player teams against random pubs, resulting in most matches being depressingly one-sided. About half of my matches have ended in a surrender, including the victories, because the losing team is losing so hard that they don't feel like wasting their time playing the match out to completion. This is not the experience I had in in the Beta, oddly, though I am not precisely sure what changed that caused this. There is also a persistent issue with players behaving not only as if they are inexperienced in Battleborn, but inexperienced playing shooters period. I regularly see absolutely boneheaded behavior and it's driving me up a wall. Since my enjoyment of a versus game is directly related to not only my personal success but my win percentage, which may be the wrong way of looking at it, I admit, It would be nice to take a break once and a while and play the private versus modes against bots: Except that while you can still earn XP from doing so, you get it at a severely nerfed rate and worse, you don't get challenge or achievement progress from doing so. I love Battleborn in spite of its many glaring issues, and while I expected better in the first place, I also expect more from it in the future, especially considering the ongoing fixes, like the sniping exploit on Overgrowth. If you have some competent friends I think you will enjoy it as well.

MaroBaro, May 3, 2016

surprisingly i really like it +the characters i've got to play already are varied and interesting with cool abilities. +i've only played the multiplayer moba mode and it was a lot of fun +graphics & sound are awesome +the fps mechanics are quite solid +knowing gearbox there will be a lot of updates, constantly new characters, and maps. some of the minuses -fps can drop during some games for no apparent reason, and i have the fastest possible rig you can get -unlocking characters seems a bit grindy. -since most of the characters are unlocked with achievments & certain progress you can get shoehorned into playing modes you don't necessarily want to play. -co-op seems to be giving a disproportionated amount of gear to the pvp -knowing gearbox there will be a lot of updates, constantly new characters and maps... i put it as a minus as well since it will all be paid and there are people that do not like that. -a bit too expensive some balance concerns (might be invalid since i haven't played that much) buildables can be a little bit more durable and do more dmg/healing buildables can be in weird positions maybe a couple of more item slots since 3 items is kind a limiting + you can't do different builds in the same game Anyway, bottom line is, I had a hard time stopping playing tonight and this is rare novadays. p.s. also i've been in overwatch beta and stuff, and i feel the fps mechanics are about equal between the two. characterwise i can't really say since i haven't tried that many characters here but from what I have seen they are equal altough maybe i've enjoyed the ones here a bit more. gfx, sound, and art style are super similiar altough battleborn can be a bit more cluttered at times. however, battleborn completely blows overwatch out of the water in game modes department, co-op, item variety, in-match leveling choices and obviously sp & co-op. personally i've gotten both but if i had to choose right now i would go with battle born for sure.

filippo333, May 10, 2016

EDIT: Matchmaking still needs quite a bit of work but it's getting better! Most fun I've had in an online shooter for years. Despite what many people think; Battleborn does not play like your traditional MOBA at all. Most people also won't understand what the game is about without playing it first. It may look like a generic F2P game to those judging the game purely from appearance or gameplay footage, but I assure you it's much more to it than that (there's not even a single sign of paid for content in game). It plays very similarly to a good first person action/shooter. Imagine Borderlands on steroids, throw in Bioshock Infinite's plasmids too for each hero's power. All the character's I've played so far have unique skills and require learning their skill tree which is basically most of the MOBA resemblance over and done with. There's an interesting blend of competitive modes which take a couple concepts from many different games but nonetheless feels new and refreshing. It's an incredibly addictive game with a lot of depth to each character; not to mention how each has a strong personality. If Borderlands humour is your humor, then you will absolutely love the comic book style presentation of the co-op campaign! Yes I said campaign, and it really feels like one given how the missions are fully fleshed out unlike some other games (Titanfall). I really look forward to the future of Battleborn with this well polished superhero comic book feel Gearbox have gone with. It's the only multiplayer focused action shooter I can think of with story and characters I actually care about being primarily a single-player kind of gamer.

prince_warhero, May 26, 2016

Two words - color vomitting Also too much confusing elements for us to understand and play the game. The design is so busy all over and cluttering. Better to stay away