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Battlefield: Play4Free Battlefield Play4Free is a next-generation online multiplayer FPS combining the very best of the Battlefield series.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2463
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Digital Illusions

Battlefield: Play4Free reviews ( 7 )

hassankachal, Jun 25, 2013

I love this game. It's incredibly fun and somewhat difficult, but all-in-all an awesome game. But, you have to buy funds, which is a B*TCH because without them, you can pretty much do nothing.

arcizlo, Mar 9, 2015

This game was great at 2011-12, since then it only went straight downwards. The developer doesn't bother to release any new maps (except for reworked and often really bad Rush maps), no news, nothing. The game is full of cheaters (wallhackers, aimbotters are daily bread), whiners, hackusators, people who smash team vehicles for fun and so on. But the main problem are class limiters and level limiters and weapon limiters and I dont even know what else limiters. You spend connecting all the time (which is slow), then you get kicked because you happen to be sniper (which is probably the last class in form of influence on battle (for example engineer is far more important imo)), and then you take some other class, reload everything again, reconnect again and get kicked for some stupid weapon limitation for your gun (which you usually invested money to). Not to mention the constant repetition of the same maps (sharqui (rush) and oman, which gets boring reeealy fast. I know its not much problem of game developers, rather people who run the servers, but still... Avoid this game, used to be fun, now it's boring disaster and waste of time with no perspective.

cubey, Dec 28, 2011

used to be pretty good. then December 20, 2011 the EAsy development team robbed all veteran and elite gun buyers of weapons with a new massive update that took away their permanent attachments and replaced their guns with vastly inferior weapons. They said this was for 'fairer' gameplay, yet the dev team still sells weapon 'boosters' and rents out other attachments. Scam artists to say the least. if your gonna play do not any money into this game

xxxxx, Jan 31, 2012

Was OK till 20th of December - when they swapped our paid guns with some toys - just to force us to rent upgrades so those weapons would be just as good as they were.permanent good weapon turned into ****expensive rental system to bring your old weapon backFxxx You EAsy.

IbUyGaMeS, Dec 23, 2011

This game is sadly buggy - you will see some crashes, errors and fail messages on a regular basis. And recently, the developers scammed whole paying community. It is a rare case in pay4content history, where you try to get rid of those who actually fund your game. Given the current disrespect to paying customers (and a daylight robbery) it is not likely that this game will last long. Feels like EA already already booked 100% impairment for this project.

BulletteDeVital, Dec 23, 2011

The game is unplayable since the last greed update. Paying players haven been stolen their precious items without any valuable replacement. You can try to get a refund trough EA Live Chat or . DON'T LET THE CORPORATE GREED TAKE OVER CHRISTMAS! DON'T PLAY - DON'T PAY!

giosweb, Dec 23, 2011

The game was pretty good till they updated it on 20/12/2011. All players who bought veteran weapons "last forever" were literals robbed from their money as they replaced the weapons with other with different characteristic. Now, until you rent add on for your weapon, it is impossible to play as they balanced the weapons to be useless without spending constantly money. Another big fail for EA