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Battlefield Vietnam The Battlefield franchise enters a new era equipped with more firepower, modernized weaponry and vehicles, and a deeper infantry experience from the jungles to the beaches of Vietnam. From villages on the Ho Chi Minh Trail to the city streets of Hue, wage modern warfare as the United States or North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Select from a variety of characters within the different soldier classes as you command powerful new vehicles including the UH-1 Huey helicopter, the M551 Sheridan tank, and the F-4 Phantom fighter jet on the U.S. side and the Russian-made T-54 tank, the MIG-21, and Mi-8 multipurpose helicopter on the NVA side. Go to war in new dramatic battle scenarios including leading a squadron of Huey helicopters in an all-out attack on an enemy compound, executing an ambush of enemy soldiers from dense foliage, captaining a PT boat through a dangerous jungle river passage, and more. Grab your M-16, ready the Napalm and prepare to enter some of the fiercest battles of the Vietnam War. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1735
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Arcade
Players 1-64
Company / Developer
EA Games / Digital Illusions

Battlefield Vietnam reviews ( 5 )

NhatT., Mar 19, 2004

This game is awesome! I love the whole BF 1942 series, I have played desert combat and secret weapons and loved them all. I've always wanted to play a vietnam version of Battlefield, I never got the chance to try out Eve of Destruction and now I dont need to because I have BFV. It's just awsome. It was pretty much every thing I was looking for. If anybody is a Battlefield fan this is a must have. Don't listen to the critics they get paid to say things listen to the fans cause' we now what's best!

CHRISTOPHERH., Mar 23, 2004

Here's the deal don't listen to the kids who cant play with trees in the way. Gameplay has changed for the better. You have to be sneaky now. And it is more fun once you get the hang of it. I guess its a little too much for the kids who play. lol. Buy it trust me.

monkeyspunk, Apr 3, 2013

This is the 1st BF game that I really enjoyed with really nice graphics and awesome sound track that had you flying over the paddyfields killing and singing tunes lol loads of fun had.

Blaez, May 10, 2004

Whilst my system easily ran this game easily. I found myself shutting it down and going back to 1942. The density of the graphics combined being more or less limited to muddy, easily sniped, pathways was just too frustrating to contend with. Technically it is a step above 1942, but you dont get a chance to enjoy any of it. You will spend 80% your time looking for an enemy, only to be killed by someone you never saw crawling around in the shrubs. Realistic perhaps, but then, theres a level of realism that just isnt fun - which is what a -game- is about. The whole asphyxiating atmosphere the maps give is not conducive to fast paced strategic battle but slower, attrition based battle. Aircraft again, are un-usable, you have more fun just flying around than actually attempting any combat with them. If your after the definitive shooter with vehicles, UT2K4.

Thisfourmbite, Jun 4, 2004

Still has lame BF physics which the pathetic stunt modders and fanboys cant get enough of. Dues Ex 2 had legs bugs than this. get a real Vietnam experirence and play Vietcong.