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BattleForge BattleForge is a fantasy online real-time strategy game where you assemble your own army with collectible trading cards. Win, trade and buy your cards online to create your ultimate deck. Mix and match the elements of your cards to play with your friends online and conquer massive online battlegrounds. For mortals caught in a clash between insane gods and ancient giants, standing together is the only option. Using the forces of Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow a mysterious Forge which makes legends come to life, is their single hope to create armies powerful enough to overcome these impossible odds. It is now time to set out and reclaim an epic fantasy world which has been overthrown by sinister powers in the twilight of a dying sun. [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2059
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 12 Online
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / EA Phenomic
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BattleForge reviews ( 7 )

CraigR, Jul 30, 2009

This is the first game I've been hooked on in ages. I've owned my own video game store chain, so I was pretty jaded. This game is awesome. If you can get past the fact that they reel you in "Magic" style to buy new cards, it's unbelievably fun and varied. If you on;y spend $50 on cards, you will have a better time than most games you would drop $50 on without blinking.

FabianT, Apr 1, 2009

I was a skeptic at first when hearing about it, but now that I have it I really need to say: The unit and spell variety in this game just astounds me. Can't wait for more sets to come out so things will become even more interesting. Even if that costs money, it's so worth it.

Kami, May 17, 2011

i cant believe the lower ratings on this game, often based on paying for additional cards. with just one purchase of the retail version (which you can get on ebay for about the price of an average lunch) you get more than enough in-game currency to buy anything you might need. and if u ever run out you can buy additional copies and add their content to your existing account. in over a year of playing i have spent less than £30 ($45 or so). And for that i have got literally THOUSANDS of hours of top-class entertainement. Compare that to a $50 game that u get 25 to 50 hours of gametime from and then tell me which is better value for money.They say that these days its all about the multiplayer, and for me its all about the PvP. BFs PvP is unprecedented. its unique and exciting and gets my pulse racing like no other game.. and ive been a gamer for 25 years. And the beauty is it doesnt matter how bad or good you are because with the ranking system everyone plays opponents of their own level. Someone that levels out around rank 15 can (and will) have matches that are as exciting and fulfilling as somone that levels out at rank 25. Your opponents will always be a balanced mixture of those at your level, those just below youre level and those just above.And, unbelievably for an online pvp game against strangers, many of the players demonstrate good sportsmanship and manners. Losers often congratualate their opponent on a match well played, and indeed the standard concession of defeat is "GG" - good game. and to me Battleforge is exactly that - a VERY good game.

AaronG, May 5, 2009

A great game if you like collectible card games and a good game if you like RTSs. It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get into it, there really is a lot of strategy and the customization you can put into your deck is great. Spending time to tailor a deck to your liking is really something that adds a lot of value and is missed in most other RTSs.

JamesTran, Apr 2, 2009

A very addictive new CCG/RTS blend. Despite some interface problems in the auction house and the CCG pricing structure, this game really draws you in. I think this is what CCG on a PC should look and feel like. If you are a fan of pure RTS, this game might turn you off. If you are a fan of CCGs, this is perfect. Bottom line: Try the demo. I did, and I got hooked.

EubieB, May 17, 2009

Battleforge is dogged by the usual teething troubles that affect any new, large scale multi-player game, but aside from a somewhat clunky UI the starting package is a solid mix of deck building and RTS action. EA essentially refunds the retail cost of the software in game currency, which helps to ensure new players are able to build a solid deck without feeling hopelessly outmatched by hard core collectors. There are some issues with card balance in PvP, but as long as EA remains committed to the project and tweaking the game accordingly, Battleforge may earn itself a following among RTS and card game fans yet.

ManaDar, Apr 24, 2009

I'm a huge fan of RTS and RPG games but this game is a "cash cow" in the worst form. The gameplay is repetitive. The units are not interesting. The storyline is a document, like a long and boring book . PvP is not interesting because some cards are seriously overpowered. If you buy this game, then you will regret it.