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Battleplan: American Civil War

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1310
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic
Company / Developer
Osprey Publishing / The Mustard Corporation

Battleplan: American Civil War reviews ( 2 )

alexanderyw, Aug 14, 2014

this has truly been one of my favorite games, with a total war mixed total war concept and its real depictions of strategies actually used during the civil war can give history lovers a great surprise

Gazebo88, Sep 12, 2014

Battleplan: American Civil War offers up a clean and simple, quick and easy series of strategy contest. While it's ostensibly based on the American Civil War, it could just as easily be World War I, The Thirty Years War or Alexander in Persia given the level of abstraction in the game play. This chess board quality is accentuated by the representation of units as slithering lines of tiny cubes and the minimalist landscapes. In fact as I played it, the one game that it reminded me of more than any other was the old Perfect General game from the halcyon days of DOS gaming, only quite a bit simpler. As a ten to twenty minute iOS game, it's cute and fun. As an American Civil War strategy game on the PC, it's not.