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Battlerite BATTLERITE is an action-packed team arena brawler. Experience the unique combination of a top-down shooter with a fast-paced fighting game. Challenge friends and others in a battle of reaction, unleashing the champion within you.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1133
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, MOBA
Company / Developer
Stunlock Studios / Stunlock Studios

Battlerite reviews ( 6 )

levanion, Dec 10, 2017

Best MOBA experience I've ever had, with unique mechanics and characters. After playing this other MOBA games like league of legends or Dota 2 seem boring to me. Fast, action packed battles that keep tension from start till the end. Well done Stunlock Studios!

CappnPlanet, Feb 25, 2018

Get this game. Seriously. I'm writing this review because I want people to try this game out. Here are the good reasons. 1. It's cheap. $30 unlocks the full game and all the champions. Or you can play for free and unlock as you go. Unlocking new characters is relatively easy to you. The developers have put a lot of free content inside, free skins, etc. You get loot boxes often. Not like League of Legends. 2. It's faster paced than League of Legends/DOTA. Matches last 5-10 minutes. 3. The gameplay is skill based. There's no Random Number Generator (RNG) moves to the damage whatsoever. You need accuracy or you'll whiff your moves. The game tells you on the bottom right how you died, when you die, so you can improve and know what killed you. 4. This is a competitive game, with a cool ranking system. This is pure PvP and everything feels fair/balanced from what I can see. You can win with every character. It doesn't matter if there are two ranged guys, two melee guys, you can win if you are good. Similarly, you can also win if the enemy is 2vs1 on you. If you're good you can win. 5. Support this developer if you want to see more skill based games rewarded. Personally, I'm sick of League and Dota with auto right click on enemies. This game is precise and has a bit of everything: a loadout system, no cumbersome item system, no 150+ champions that barely feel different (the roster feels good). 6. Great music, I love how this game get's into some trance like music when you're in the groove. 7. The TENSION. This game creates tension in best of 5 matches. Many times I've had games tied 2-2 and had to win the last game to win. It's great. I haven't had this much tension since playing PUBG in the last of 5. 8. Simple to learn, difficult to master. There's a lot of depth and high skill ceiling in this game. It's a game you can play for a long time and learn more every day from how the characters interact with each other and the different combos your characters can perform. It's a joy to learn new characters and keeps the game feeling fresh. 9. I've had a lot of fun with this game. Join the discord, read the Reddit posts, get your friends to play a free game. 10. Support the dev. $30 is pretty cheap and they even reimburse you if you try the game and you have played the free version I think they give you a discount for champions you've already unlocked. THESE ARE THE PRACTICES AND THE DEVELOPERS WE SHOULD REWARD. Not the cash grab Ubisoft / Electronic Arts / microtransaction kind of developers. I hope this game stays with a high playerbase because I want to play it for a long time. Hell, it should be an e-sport and there's probably just not enough traffic. I'd rather watch this than some drawn out LoL match. 12. This is the true Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. You seriously are in a battle arena and you feel like you're in a tournament. The only negative I can see is if the playerbase dwindles matches will be hard to find. Right now it's very easy to find a match.

DMaq, Nov 13, 2017

The best game in TAB games. Mechanics and game control is amazing. Moldavian communitry like this game very much. We hope you will improve your game and in 2018 we will be on the greatest world tournament.

lucaslukitas1, Jan 25, 2018

A MOBA super fun, with characters of unique characteristics, servers with little or no ping (my internet is 2 MB) The game contains some problems and bugs, but nothing that could hinder the gameplay. I think Battlerite can reach the position of League Of Legends

chocapic, Dec 10, 2017

A día de hoy, es el mejor arena pvp existente, divertido, adictivo, todos los personajes se pueden conseguir jugando y en poco tiempo, precio razonable de skins, buen balanceo de los héroes y no es pay to win, solo ganas por habilidad, lo cual se agradece. Lo peor quizá el machmaking, pero todo se puede arreglar con el tiempo. ¡Y encima gratis! Juego que todo el mundo debería por lo menos probar. 9/10 porque AÚN no es perfecto.

Tofu24, Dec 14, 2017

Gran Juego MOBA, gratis, con buena variedad de personajes/habilidades y sobretodo, un gran control con una vista semi-isometrica preciosa, lo que para mi le ha dado la vida al juego. Como ya he dicho, el juego es totalmente gratis, tiene microtransacciones, pero no son necesarias Jugue a Battlerite en su early access, cuando era de pago, y encantado de las actualizaciones y el aumento de su playerbase Siento no usar tildes, pero las macros de mi teclado no me lo permiten :P como puntos negativos me gustaria decir que es algo repetitivo, y le hacen falta mapas distintos y modos de juego nuevos a mi parecer.