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BeachHead 2000 As a lone gunner, you're the last defense against an onslaught of enemy fire. Keep a steady aim and blast away at land, sea, and air forces as they rush you from every direction. Engage yourself in limitless levels of white-knuckle action, stunning photo-realistic graphics, and earthshaking sound effects. [WizardWorks]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 48 / 100
User rating
Downloads 826
Genre Action, Shooter, General, Rail
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
WizardWorks / Digital Fusion Inc.

BeachHead 2000 reviews ( 2 )

Crazybob, Jul 27, 2002

C'mon, how many games can you play when you blow up a truck and the guys catch on fire? high action, high stress, this game rocks! it's a great time killer...

RonF., Sep 22, 2006

This game is fine, sure its not the greatest graphics, so what, it plays well. Its actually much more realistic than the fantasy roll playing games the psuedo-intellectuals play.[NOTE:: I did not say all that play role playing games are that type] Like movie critics, if they don't like a movie it's probably good & entertaining. My only wish is that the levels changed a little more. Past about 20 they repeat the pattern.Possibly siighly more difficult as it goes. I have been up to about level 150 on my 98 machine. If you like FAST try it on a screaming XP machine, No way to keep up and win.