Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Crack/Patch

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Awakened from his sleep, Beatbuddy journeys through lush hand-painted environments on a trip to save his friends and his own immortality. Beatbuddy interacts with the living breathing environment that pulses to the beat of an original soundtrack, aiding him as he unlocks new paths and solves puzzles.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1183
Genre General, Action, Miscellaneous, Rhythm, Music
Company / Developer
Reverb / Threaks

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians reviews ( 7 )

Funtastico, Nov 27, 2013

Kind of Super Mario meets sonic under water with a touch of mega man. I found myself bobbing my head to the beats. What a surprisingly fulfilling enjoyment, all while feeling the groove. They don't call it beat buddy for nothing. Worth every penny ($5 Steam Sale) and I recommend it to everyone. I LOVE the music. Absolutely loved it. I used a gamepad. I had no idea $5 can bring this much fun. I'm getting hooked on indie games. So much great content out there and games like this make me drool for more indie platformers. Good job to this company. I'll be looking for the sequel.

DRiVER_helsinki, Aug 23, 2013

hypnotic entertaining nice feeling from controlling the movement. yes the beats your movements become some hypnotic art. not serious game fun game.

Cinetyk, Jan 10, 2014

This game is just the definition of groovy! You can call it a "platformer", though you're floating in a water world, with "puzzle" and action elements, in which the rhythm and beats of the music play a huge role. There's a variety of puzzles, some combat and other action sequences as well. The integration of the groovy music/rhythms with what you do and the seamless progression of it throughout levels and situations is nothing short of marvellous. Even every character you meet has their own recognizable beat (that rhymed, which is pertinent here, ahah). Much like the funny characters, the art style is colourful and cute, making it a pleasure to explore the rich world. The pacing is just masterful, you keep flowing through the levels with the music and the beats, and never get "stuck" in a puzzle for long. I've played the first two levels now, and was so completely engrossed that I lost all sense of time, only to, at the end of each one, be informed by the game it took me about 50 minutes to complete each. It's just that fun! I like electronic/beat-box music a lot, and the game made me want to start dancing numerous times! If you like music games and/or platformers you'll totally have a blast with this game. I haven't had this much fun in a game for a while. And even if that's not your thing, I recommend you try the demo (available on steam) for I suspect you'll enjoy it.

Zutha, Aug 30, 2013

Interesting and unique game. It's refreshing to have a game that is challenging and well thought out while being accessible to all. Worth playing and recommended.

TXing, Mar 6, 2015

I played it at the gamescom in Germany in 2014, it was beautiful in art and sound design and the beat went straight through the heart into the foot! I would easily pay 20 bucks for this game!

gmorales, Aug 22, 2013

A game-halting bug in the second stage killed my experience, but I guess it's worth a try. The music is amazing, but the level design is sometimes too straightforward.

Laer, Mar 14, 2017

Un juego simple, donde jugaremos con Beatbuddy, este extraño personaje, que nos llevara a dar una vuelta por curioso y bonito mundo. El juego tiene una mecánica simple, consiste principalmente en rebotar con el propio personaje, para ir abriéndonos camino y poder seguir avanzando, y resolver rompecabezas, bastante sencillos (en algunas ocasiones la mecánica cambia ligeramente). El aspecto artístico del juego es muy bonito, con un raro "3D" en los personajes (no se si se puede considerar 3D) y gráficos 2D con distintas capas, haciendo que el mundo cobre vida por si mismo. La banda sonora es muy buena, es casi el principal motivo por el que adquirir, jugar y disfrutar el juego. Es mas, el propio juego la aprovecha muy bien, jugando con ella a placer, haciendo que muchos de nuestros actos hagan cambiar la música. El juego no dura mucho, pero lo suficiente para el dinero que cuesta. Si te guste este tipo de juegos, lo mas probable es que no te lamentes del dinero que cuesta, pero recomiendo más comprarlo en oferta, ya que es una experiencia extraña, que puede gustarte o no. En definitiva, el juego no esta mal si quieres jugar de vez en cuando y no pasártelo muy rápido (ya que si así lo quieres, puede parecer muy repetitivo, tanto la música como la propia jugabilidad). Un juego recomendado para pasar el rato.