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Before We Leave Before We Leave is a non-violent city building game set in your own cozy corner of the universe. Rediscover and rebuild civilization. Create a multi-planet resource network. Overcome ancient challenges and fend off hungry space whales.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 106
Genre Strategy, Management, Government
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Balancing Monkey Games / Balancing Monkey Games
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Before We Leave reviews ( 4 )

Jebu1155, May 11, 2020

This is an excellent fun game that will get you pulled in similar to the "one more turn" of Civ. For the price it is definitely worth the hours you will get from it. There is a discord where the devs talk to you directly so some of the minor issues I had seem to be in the works for improvement in upcoming patches. World of possibilities with this game so one to watch going forward.

dr_yev, May 12, 2020

I have read plenty of "it's OK but something's missing" reviews but this game looked great on paper so I bought it. The reviews were right. This is a hex-based city builder with some exploration and supply chain management elements. It's alright. But, I cannot help but think "so what?" when I play it. The challenges are straight forward, the aesthetic is a bit weird (wooden space ships drawing inspiration from Land and Overland, maybe?), and there seems to be no incentive to move forward. I really doubt that it is because the game is incomplete; I did not run into any bugs or any unavailable content, at least not yet. It also does not seem like anything is implemented incorrectly. There just seems to be an inherent lack of hook or personality that will most likely remain unless it is completely gutted.

Jenne, May 26, 2020

This is a perfectly average game, exactly 5/10. It looks nice, sounds nice and everything is...fine. It can be a great introduction to the Settlers/Anno style of game. But if you're already a veteran of this genre looking for a new adventure then BWL won't contain one iota of surprise for you. It's everything you played a 100 times before - setting up basic supply chains, researching new stuff - only in with a small visual twist.

NomadicTytan, May 18, 2020

I was pretty disappointed with the game play. Everything seems good up front but there are many bugs once the worlds get more complicated... I bought the game right after its initial release, I haven't been in the gaming space for some time but this COVID reality had me check in just as this game was released. Chose to start with 5 planets, somehow ended up playing with 6 (still confused how that happened but it was a welcome error, it helped me realize some of the issues I encountered were in game design not code). I didn't realize that choosing fewer than the max allowable planets meant that I wouldn't have full access to the whole game, this should be said at the beginning as the game doesn't entice you into playing it twice, its kinda boring.. it could be meditative but there are too many glitches for that. So just to lay that out here first since Balancing Monkey doesn't, if you don't choose to play with 7 planets you cannot advance through all the research available. When I realized this I stopped playing but there were many things before this that led me to throw in the towel. Before this point I encountered many glitches particularly in shipping resources around that had me micro managing computer errors, while macro managing the spread of the worlds. I run a construction business in the real world (hence why its been so long since Ive played computer games), micro managing sucks, this doesn't make for fun game-play. Shipping lanes were ships would only move partial loads or no loads at all even when storage was open on both sides. Ports that would mysteriously get packed with 700 units of some thing even though they are only able to carry 120. "Ports are full" messages popping up when they weren't and a lack of clear messaging when shipping lanes were clogged for other reasons. Its an "eh" game that didn't even get executed well... 5 stars is being generous and its mostly for the fact that they put a lot into the aesthetic and the in-game complications they tried to pull off weren't easy, they still failed tho. Regardless they need to take this one back to the drawing board.