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Beholder You’re a State-installed Landlord in a totalitarian State. You must spy on tenants, peep, eavesdrop and profile! You must report on anyone capable of plotting subversion against the State.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2295
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Warm Lamp Games / Warm Lamp Games
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Beholder reviews ( 7 )

MrDrAkoN, Nov 16, 2016

Отличная игра. Хорошая атмосфера, геймплей, сюжет который зависит от твоего выбора, графика приятная глазу, вообщем минусов нет. Если только какие нибудь самые маленькие =)

CTAC, Nov 16, 2016

Вы – управляющий дома, который… ШПИОНИТ за жильцами! Вы ставите жучки, обыскиваете квартиры, прослушиваете телефоны. Вы собираете компромат и строчите доносы. Или… Возможно, у вас есть другой выбор?

Rtrer1, Nov 15, 2016

This game is like Paper, please on steroids! Great art, awesome story and new gameplay. The atmosphere of dystopian world is so dark you can feel it. Worth to try out!

Hrodor, Nov 18, 2016

Отличный, мрачный стиль, игрушка в тоталитарном сеттинге м.... этого так не хватало. Поначалу вроде бы ничего особенного, но я уже третий день играю только в неё. Рекомендую!

Realist_gamer, Nov 14, 2016

Good game and good story as well.nice idea to spy on your tenants and send reports to your's like cold-war era atmosphere and got everything a mini game gotta has to's kind of fun I guess,of course for those who are that patient to read all the conversations' subtitles,because there ain't no in-game voice actor but in the cutscenes.

Skulb, Dec 10, 2016

At first this reminded me a bit of "Papers Please!", because the setting is similar: you're a low grade enforcer in a totalitarian state, trying to balance your conscience with doing your job so you and your family can survive. But Beholder is far more developed and attractive than that game was, and offers a very deep game play experience. As the manager of a tenement building your job is to find people to move into your apartments and then spy on them, do favors for them, blackmail them or simply turn them in to the authorities. Each choice has its own rewards and disadvantages, and you can replay the game quite a bit because of the different solutions available in each case. If the state wants someone evicted, just to take one example, it is enough to plant something illegal in their apartment, record it as evidence and report them. But most of the time things will be a little more complicated than that, because some renters are quite advantageous to have around. Who knows who might move in next? You also have your extremely needy family living with you down in the basement of the building. Ensuring their well being is really the motivation of your character, but it is far from easy. Or cheap. They can even commit crimes of their own, as can you. After a few hours of playing Beholder, and dying twice and being arrested for embezzlement once, I am still interested. Certain early parts can feel a bit repetitive after a few restarts, because the game does have a certain linearity to it, but this is not really a big problem. It looks and sounds great and has a very distinct feel to it all the way. It could use some further development though, because it is a tad short. A second game mode would be a very good idea, to give an alternative once the campaign mode starts to wear thin. In the current game the same tenants appear in the same order every time, which makes sense because each one has his or her own story and problems. But a more open mode where the player could choose the size, layout etc of the tenement and more random influx of renters would be fun. Hopefully this will be possible in the announced expansion of the game, if it can be done without conflicting with the vision of the game. Pros: - Graphics and sound. - Unique setting. - Replayability - Interesting moral, political and philosophical dilemmas. Cons: - Repetitive, especially at the start of the game after a few inevitable deaths. - A little frustrating/confusing when you have many tenants. - A pause shortcut would have been nice. - Occasionally poor English, which makes the dialogues passable. - Stressful time limits. - Somewhat linear gameplay. - Short campaign and no sandbox/infinite mode.

frostytaz, Oct 10, 2017

Right-Beholder...I want to love it, but I think that there is more style than substance here at the end of the day... I rarely review the games I don't like enough, because I feel what we as gamers like can be so subjective and I want to encourage gaming as much as possible to help grow the industry and community that I love so much - but I can't honestly recommend this game to everyone - even the niche that it speaks to may be more than a little underwhelmed. Beholder asks you to do little-but very repetitively; making the quandry of gloomy morality something for you to deal with as the dystopian world you occupy spirals out of control. However, while this may sound enticing, it is not really represented in the game well-it becomes a simple question of family happiness over moral virtue as you spy on your neighbours. The character issues that it raises as you frantically try to spy on every room in your house are really resolved in your own conscience rather than in game-which is far too predictable over time. It had such potential, and may yet-but the formula is not exercised as broadly as it might have been. To the positive, it is a stylish little number-sound is intentionally minimal and depressing and each character interaction is concise and brief enough to keep you moving between options. the graphics are evocative and simple-this game doesn't need to tax any system, and indeed, I could see an iOS/android port as a potentially optimal way to play this title - especially given the increasingly frantic movement from room to room to install, loot or otherwise spy on a neighbour. I can't recommend this at full price, but it is probably worth a run at sale or bundle price to determine personal enjoyment - I am still willing to give it another few hours of my time, but I think that sums up the title perfectly-a niche experience that doesn't demand much, but doesn't reward as much as you'd like.