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Betrayer Betrayer washes you ashore in the New World in 1604, where you’re expecting to join a struggling English colony on the Virginia coast. Instead you find only ghosts and mysteries in a land drained of color and life. You’ll build up an arsenal of weaponry including muskets, crossbows and throwing axes, collecting untold treasures along the way. Chart your own course through an untamed wilderness teeming with danger and discovery as you search for survivors and unravel the colony’s many mysteries, including the identity of the strange, silent woman in red who helps from afar.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2062
Genre Modern, Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Blackpowder Games / Blackpowder Games

Betrayer reviews ( 7 )

dajarvi, Mar 26, 2014

Purchased the beta version and watched it's development. I also own several other FPS games and survival/horror games. Betrayer is original and hits the mark. Fantastic. Requires strategy and thought before attacking multiple enemies. Check inventory. You might not be able to make the attempt! Set in colonial times, setting is amazing. I give a 10 seeing metacritic is 7.6. $20 dollar game, but should be more. I would have paid $50. Original. Historical. Attention to most detail. I look forward to a AAA sequel!

davoz28, Mar 31, 2014

A refreshingly new visual take with emphasis on exploration and stealth. Creative writing went into this story and characters. I hate how people whined about the black and white atmosphere so much the devs made color an option as there's a REASON for this, but respect them for doing so to cater to the gamer. The presentation is fresh and relative enough to keep you enjoying it throughout the game. Very easy to be overwhelmed if you run and aggro too many enemies. Awesome visual and audio cues will make clue you in to your exploration rewards. Fairly difficult default gameplay, in that if you just charge into 3 enemies you WILL die. Overall I loved the game and can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Sethenan, Sep 26, 2013

One of the most original ideas I have seen in a while with the way the game is presented. The visuals strike a balance between obscure and serene. Must see.

sft, Mar 13, 2016

For whom the bell tolls Blackpowder Games deserve praise for attempting something a little different with BETRAYER, and although it remains, at heart, an action RPG, they have succeeded in taking the genre in an unusual and interesting direction. This is a game that’s big on atmosphere, even if it is a tad light on content. Visually the game is quite unique, and the small indie studio have managed to create a world that’s far more eery and mysterious than can be found in most AAA horror titles. And this creepy atmosphere is further enhanced by excellent audio design. The combat is fun and reasonably challenging, and it does stealth pretty well too. It would, perhaps, gain something from a wider variety of environments and maybe from some voice acting, but on the whole this is an excellent little game. And it’s also great value for money. Some have criticised BETRAYER for being repetitive but personally I found my 26 hours within the game thoroughly enjoyable, and it never felt like a grind. And I managed to get all the achievements – huzzah! Sequel please.

grenouille, Jun 25, 2014

I recently picked this one up after having held off on buying it for a few months. This is more of an experimental game, toying with different gameplay and storytelling concepts. This is the definition of an immersive experience, building on very quiet natural sound design and relying on player agency for exploring the world. Now this game is definitely not for everyone ( ala this game is really divisive). For some the visual style can be visually confusing, the sound design can be a little too barren (albeit intentionally), and the gameplay can get a little stale. Personally I thought the sound design fit the experience impecably and I fell in love with the visual style to the point where my entire 15 hours was spent in that visual styling without any issues. I also found myself enjoying this game mainly because of the open exploration this game offers. If wandering around a field looking for different secrets and objectives, while navigating the game's deadly enemies sounds like a good time, this game might be for you....

hassenpheffer, Jul 12, 2016

Boo! Scared ya! Well that wasn't scary but this game with freak you the hell out. It's smart, lush and genuinely creepy. It's so atmospheric you'll swear you're in the game. It's a little short and somewhat easy if you pay attention and read everything. It's a very smart and well-plotted story with some great mechanics and no glitches. There's no music and rightly so since it adds to the haunting landscapes and excellent sound effects and foley work. It's not perfect. I would've liked actual VO dialogue and some more variety in the gameplay along with some baddies with more bite and variety. Still, it's an excellent ghost story FPS.

MadJaples, Mar 26, 2014

This game is like Marmite. You will either love it, or utterly hate it. When initially presented with a largely monochrome menu screen with the exception of a red face on a post, I was a little put off. I hadn't seen reviews of this on Youtube, or any trailers. It threw me. A lot. After about five minutes playing in a generally monochrome setting, I got tired of it and tried to change the graphics options and sure enough, was presented with a means to give the playing field a lot more colour and a lot more life of which this game is otherwise entirely void of except for deadly spaniard spirits and a woman doing her best to resemble a grown up Red Riding Hood I've found the gameplay thus far massively frustrating. The colour scheme of the hud doesn't match well with the environment of the play itself - with white being the same colour as the clouds, it's hard to determine the direction of noises when a block either side of the compass bar is generally masked by white cloud. So you're still none the wiser about what direction to go in unless you're hiding in the shadows of a tree. Combat is woefully punishing. This game FORCES you to play carefully and quietly. In some ways this would be a good thing, but it's not. I think it takes a lot of the "fun" factor out of the game. You have one central base in which to return, only two swigs of some kind of healing liquid to patch your health back up to 100% - and within a couple of always ruthlessly accurate shots, you've used those two gulps and find yourself having to either find another source for that liquid or having to traipse back to Fort Henry just to resupply for health alone. It's remarkably tedious, and you most likely *will* have to take the latter of those options just to be able to actually get anywhere. For some reason the sound is a little confusing - the audio quality needed fine tuning here - I've heard better sound engineering from Ubisoft and the like, but it still did the job. The noises though can be particularly unpleasant on the ears with the wind, the bells, the whole nine yards - if you have sensitive hearing, which can be caused by all manner of tricky issues with ears, this is not one of those games with which to wear earphones. It's a little bit of fun in very small doses, but the dangerously (and historically unbelievably) accurate musket fire of long distance contacts makes this game remarkably unrewarding, no matter how patient I may be, this in turn makes it impossible to keep wanting to play it for extended periods of time after the third or fourth trip back to base to get resupplied and the like. It's certainly original in many respects, but originality is not always the hallmark of quality, and there are some aspects of this game in which it seems to be missing that little bit of finesse in it's final production. A risky purchase for any gamer I reckon, and those who gave it 10 out of 10 are either remarkably tolerant and forgiving, or just really liked the game - for reasons I doubt I could fathom.This is not one of those games I would absolutely recommend to just anyone. This one will definitely be appreciated only by those who have "acquired" tastes.