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Beyond Eyes Beyond eyes shows you the imaginative world of Rae, a 10 year-old girl, as she ventures outside her familiar surroundings in search of a fat cat named Nani. Rae isn't like most other girls. She lost her eyesight in an accident with fireworks when she was just a toddler and the experience left her traumatized. Fearing loud noises and public places, she hardly ever leaves her house, preferring to spend her free time in her special garden where everything smells pleasant and all is nice. Some people might feel sorry for Rae, being as isolated as she is, but Rae herself is perfectly content with her life especially after befriending a gorgeous full-figured stray feline she names Nani. When Nani goes missing Rae finally gains the courage to go outside for the first time on an wonderful and life changing journey to find her missing friend. The world outside is frightening and unfamiliar but, with the guidance of the player, Rae learns to overcome her fears and finds beauty and possible new friends outside of her golden cage.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 856
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Team 17 / tiger & squid

Beyond Eyes reviews ( 6 )

otherunicorn, Aug 4, 2017

If you are used to games such as the Fallout series, expect to be disappointed - or not. While the aforementioned are my usual fare, I found the slow pace, quiet music and sounds and beautiful graphics refreshing. To call it a game is not quite correct. It is more like a graphic novel, only using concepts and perception instead of words. Sure, the play is linear, but what else would you expect from such a simple plot. The game does not feed you with cues, allowing you to learn them from your environment. There are no map markers pointing you to the next task, but then, why would there need to be? After all, you are playing a recently blinded girl who has finally gained the courage to step out into the world beyond her front gate. A beautifully executed idea.

Exray, Jan 3, 2016

It is a game with a great concept and a good story and you could say truthful as this could and as usual, the trouble is that not much content, also is repetitive and boring and if you put a better story, missions with other children like playing a game would be something very interesante.PD: I'm Spanish and use google translator, I feel misspellings

Vzhik, Feb 7, 2017

Трогательная, неспешная, расслабляющая история. Единственное - текст так себе, но в целом достойно.

mbrigham1223, Dec 20, 2016

A visual striking, original title that can (and should) be completed in a single session. Pros: - The original concept of seeing through the eyes of the blind places true weight and meaning to exploration, leaving the player desperately seeking out any sound. - An emotional, if light story - Hand painted art works as the perfect medium for the slowly revealing world Cons: - Two hours long - Frustrating lack of direction; at times it is difficult to find out exactly where you need to go, as there aren't any markers and you can only see that which is directly next to you. Overall, a serene and peaceful experience heightened by the vivid colors and texture. While light on story and gameplay, this game bleeds atmosphere. A great way to cool down after a bigger, action heavy title.

Gblizzard, Dec 12, 2017

Beyond Eyes is a visual novel you play by controlling Rae, a young blind girl. You have a friend named Nani who is a cat that visits you daily, until one day Nani stops visiting you. You venture out into the world, having to use your other senses to uncover the land around you. This sounds cool on paper, but in reality it's just walking into walls until you eventually find the correct linear path to the next area. After about 30 minutes of wandering you find a mentally challenged girl who can't get her ball because of a fence. You walk around the fence and help her then continue. You wander for 30 more minutes, only to find your friend Nani died. You replace your dead cat friend with a mentally challenged one. The end. Save yourself 15 dollars and 2 hours. 2.75/10 The best part of this game was the 45 minute nap I took from being so bored of it.

TitaniumDragon, Feb 26, 2017

Beyond Eyes is a game about a blind girl trying to find her cat. You might think there’s more to it than that, but there is not – this game is a walking simulator, and perhaps the least fun one I’ve ever played. The core aesthetic is an interesting idea at first blush – your character is blind, so you can only see things very close to you, or things which are somewhat noisy from a distance. This latter mechanic, unfortunately, is mostly pointless – only a couple times in the game does it really give you much of a target. So, mostly, you’re wandering around blind, trying to find your way through the levels. There’s nothing in the levels which threatens you, just a few extremely simple “bring object A to location B” “puzzles”. Indeed, there aren’t even very many of these – perhaps three in the entire game. Given it takes several hours to beat this game, you might wonder what you do spend it doing. Do you spend it on story? Not really; there’s no comprehensible dialogue, only three characters (you, the cat, and a random person you encounter once and help get their ball back). Mostly, the game is just walking around levels and trying to get to the end of them. And I do mean walking – the character you control walks around very slowly, and there’s no means of going any faster. As such, getting through the levels is very tedious. There’s a handful of achievements for doing various things in the game, but most of these are basically just “interact with some environmental object”. Yay. Worse, you must stand very close to the environmental object to interact with them, and one of the achievements is simply walking over a few patches of nondescript ground indistinguishable from everything else. What could be more fun than that? The story, such as it is, is extremely weak and threadbare – the lack of dialogue robs it of any real characterization, and the fact of the matter is that the core of the story is pretty boring. Do I really care about this girl finding her cat? No, because I’m not really given any strong reason to care about the girl in the first place. Lack of characterization means lack of investment, and the two dozen or so story lines in the entire multiple hour long game does not endear it to me. There is really nothing in this game to make you want to play it. The core aesthetic is a vaguely neat idea, but that’s it – and, quite frankly, it quickly becomes obvious as you play the game just how tedious it really is.