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Beyond Good & Evil The planet of Hyllis has fallen under siege by a ruthless alien race. Despite the assurances of the Alpha Section defense squad, the war drags on, terrorizing the once-beautiful planet and crushing the faith of the people. From the rubble of a tiny island rises Jade - a rebellious young action reporter left traumatized by a brutal attack. When Jade is hired by the rebel organization IRIS, she learns that the Alpha Sections are secretly trafficking humans to the enemy. Still wary of who to believe, she sets out to expose the gruesome conspiracy and bring proof to her people. Armed with her camera, dai-jo staff, and unflinching resolve, Jade plunges into a sinister web to untangle the truth and restore justice to her planet. But as she earns the trust of her beleaguered people, Jade discovers that sometimes, in order to find the truth, you must look beyond good and evil. [Ubi Soft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3168
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Montpellier

Beyond Good & Evil reviews ( 7 )

lefiath, Aug 12, 2012

A truly great adventure! This game isn't perfect - but it offered me the best experience that I probably ever had with a game. Pretty much each year I go back and play it again. While I've played many excellent games that I've really enjoyed, I can't name many that I would regularly return to. I would even dare to go that far to say that this game shoud appeal to almost anyone - try it yourself. (And buy it, this is perfect example where bad sales, although primarily caused by bad advertising by ubisoft, caused the game sequet to be delayed more than ten years!)

Rococo, Jan 21, 2004

E X C E L L E N T The graphics are beautiful, the music is an A+. But the best of all is the characters personality, you just love them. And the story is really good.

armen1136, Jan 8, 2013

i would definitely put this game in my top 5 because of the fact that it never gets old. i've played this game over so many times and each time feels even better than the last. the immersive scenery and sounds effects make the game more then worth it to play over again. if you're someone who likes action/adventure games then you would be a fool not to try this one.

JeremyC, Jan 15, 2010

An incredible game; shows it's age, but I regret never having played this until now. The story is a little confusing, and a little light on details, but it's very well acted and told. The gameplay is top notch, and the supporting characters are some of the best I've seen.

VoltFox, Jan 22, 2004

This game is just PERFECT, everything feels right while the game is not that extraordinary, but every aspect of the game fits in the game just right. The story is driven by a really good characters personality, I totally recommend this game to everybody every age, I trully enjoy from the 5 minutes i started playing till the end, I never enjoy a game this much before, I hope they already planning for the 2nd because so many things that has not been answered in the game.

Overvulture, Nov 9, 2015

It's hard to say who this game was meant for. It looks rather kiddy at first, but deals with some dark themes and plotlines, and also is rather frustratingly difficult at times. In many ways the definition of an award-winning flop, it's got a quirky style to it that you may or may not be on board with. Gameplay consists of platforming (which is solid), combat (which is bland), stealth (which is fun but frustrating), and driving/shooting (which is unpleasant). Nothing in the gameplay really stands out as exceptional, but the world and story are well-realized, even if the plot is sometimes melodramatic. Flawed, but charming and memorable. It's goofy and creative in its best moments, awkward and sloppy at its worst. There's a lot to like and enjoy, but plenty of moments that left me scratching my head. Difficulty was all over the place, with tricky parts not helped by the camera, but most of it was on the easier side. Despite what it has going against it, the quirkiness and setting were more than enough to drive my curiosity to the ending. I experienced some minor technical issues, mostly just flickering textures, and a crash or two, but I didn't consider them enough of a bother to stop me from playing. Your experience may vary, as this is known to be somewhat unstable on newer OS's.

Mobile, Nov 11, 2017

ENG In close quarters, this game is considered an undeniable masterpiece. And now he wanted to look, what kind of game is this and is it so good, as others say. The fun began from the very beginning, when at the first start I saw a powerful drawdown of FPS, raided many forums and guides, helped with FPS and there was a new problem with flickering of textures and eventually if one is treated, then another climbs. And there were no craftsmen who consider this product a masterpiece to make a patch to fix the problems, I'm not talking about the developers themselves. But this is a long digression, we will move on to the essence of this masterpiece, do not consider it a repetition, I will be called this word to the end. In addition to technical problems with FPS and textures, there is a wildly wretched camera (I played the keyboard-mouse), tried on the gamepad and it was even worse. Considering that there are a lot of stealth moments in the game, then you will burn more than once, because the camera will simply put you under the enemy, you will not even have time to understand how you have to load or sweat and kill everyone. Now, briefly about the game itself, the characters are not completely revealed, I thought. that I will like the pig, because I like in games like NPC (companions), but alas not here, the characters are dull, the music is not impressive, the gameplay began to bore, constantly crawl with the poor camera in stealth, collect pearls and all that. From the side it looks interesting but in fact, the developers did not try. Passing the game, I still do not understand where and how the game is a masterpiece, I honestly do not understand. This is my personal opinion, but there is nothing special to add to this, the game is erased from memory quite quickly, since it has nothing to fill memories. RU В тесных кругах эта игра считается неоспоримым шедевром. И вот самому захотелось глянуть, что же за игра такая и так ли она хороша, как говорят другие. Веселье началось с самого начала, когда при первом запуске я увидел мощнейшую просадку фпс, облазил много форумов и гайдов, помогло с фпс и тут возникла новая проблема с мерцанием текстур и в итоге если одно лечится, то другое вылазит. По слухам игра работает стабильно только на XP, поздние версии она дико багует. И не нашлось умельцев, которые считают данный продукт шедевром, чтобы сделать какой-нибудь патч, чтобы исправить проблемы, я уже не говорю про самих разработчиков. Но это долгое отступление, перейдем к сути этого шедевра, не сочтите за повтор, я буду до конца называть этим словом. Помимо технических проблем с фпс и текстурами, есть еще дико убогая камера (играл я на клаво - мышь), пробовал на геймпаде и было еще хуже. Учитывая что в игре много стелс моментов, то вы не раз подгорите, так как камера просто подставит вас под противнику, вы даже не успеете ничего понять, как придется загружаться или потеть и всех перебить. Теперь коротко о самой игре, персонажи не раскрыты абсолютно, я думал. что мне придется по душе свин, так как мне нравятся в играх подобные NPC (напарники) но увы не здесь, персонажи унылы, музыка не впечатляет, геймплей начал надоедать, постоянно ползать с убогой камерой в стелсе, собирать жемчуг и все такое. Со стороны выглядит интересно но на деле, разработчики вовсе не старались. Проходя игру я так и не понял где и как именно игра является шедевром, честно не понимаю. Это лично мое мнение, но здесь особо добавить нечего игра сотрется из памяти довольно быстро, поскольку ей нечем заполнить воспоминания.