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Beyond the Law: The Third Wave Ruthless mobsters gather in New York City to orchestrate and initiate the first of three waves of crime and corruption designed to paralyze our nation. First they strike with bribery, blackmail and blood tinged corruption. Debts are recalled in the shadows of abandoned shipyards while unsuspecting citizens suddenly become victims of human trafficking. Using prostitution, money laundering and drug cartels the second wave is only a subtle prelude of what's to come. The most deadly of all, the Third Wave is the ultimate threat that could annihilate our Nation's capital. Our police force is under their control. Intervention beyond the law is the only way to fight back to save our country. As commander, you must choose from 50 members of an elite group of paramilitary specialists and lead them on a series of 20 missions. Deploy your squad and direct each of them independently. Utilizing sniper, ballistic, tactical, and technical experts, you will operate in total secrecy to stop the mob dead in it's tracks. [Magnum Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 44 / 100
User rating
Downloads 959
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Magnum Games / Magnum Games

Beyond the Law: The Third Wave reviews ( 2 )

TomR., Apr 28, 2004

I enjoy RTS games & this one had a contemporary hook that I couldn't resist. In "Beyond the Law", you command a squad of paramilitary experts in missions to infiltrate mob strongholds in & around New York City .. Your objective, put down the mob & stop a plot to nuke the U.S Capitol Many of the same features that you'd find in other RTS games. But it's the storyline that pulled me in .. The cut scenes setting up each new mission were intense and gave the game an edgy, gritty feel. A "whole-lot-of-game" for not much money ($20)

VincentB., Apr 28, 2004

Stop the Mob - Save America! Excellent twist on the RTS genre. Only $19 .. Have been playing for hours - so I certainly got my money's worth. Standard RTS gameplay, awesome cut scenes, great storyline .. Thumbs Up!