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Bientot l'ete Bientôt l’été is a videogame for two players. Two players who pretend to be lovers. They pretend to be lovers separated from each other by lightyears of deep space. They have lonely walks along the shore of a simulated ocean, thinking wistful thoughts of each other. Thoughts from ancient Earth literature by Marguerite Duras. The empty beach, the strong wind, the gentle music and a small colony of electric seagulls are their only companions. Yet their heart is full and their mind confused. Walk along the shore, until they meet the emptiness. When it all becomes too much, they run towards each other. Enabled by intergalactic networks, they touch each other’s holographic bodies in cyberspace. A surreal game of chess becomes the apparatus through which they, man and woman, can talk. The words they have were given to them, as they have always been to lovers everywhere. The sea remains, tugging at their hearts when not at their hairs and clothes, as it itself is tugged by the virtual moon. And as great as the desire for the other may be, they cannot stay away from the wind and the waves and the sand. Every time they find a new treasure. An abandoned tennis field. An heap of coal. A dead dog. Ordinary. Absurd. Meaningless. Yet comforting. Enter a café, exit a villa, enter a casino, exit the ruin of an ancient colonial mansion. We know this is not real. So it doesn’t surprise us. Nothing surprises us. It doesn’t matter when you feel the pain of love. Of being in love, of falling in love, of leaving in love. There is no such thing as time. There is only love. And it never stops. No matter how much it hurts.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1018
Genre Simulation, General
Company / Developer
Tale of Tales / Tale of Tales

Bientot l'ete reviews ( 7 )

Alkirin, Aug 9, 2013

This is a non-traditional gaming experience that explores the line where videogames meet art. The game makes no qualms about this either, expressing that it is something to explore as opposed to something 'beat' or 'win'. That would be the best way to describe it. This isn't playing a game, this is playing interactive art. Like all art, you either like it or you don't. I, for one, liked it.

fhouse, Jul 5, 2013

A relaxing experience. It's about love, distance, memories. This kind of virtual communication between couples is quite thought provoking. I give it a 7, because among all these kind of artsy "non-game" relaxing stuff, it's pretty good, and it looks very nice. Has little science-fiction elements which make you think. Cons: The controls should be a bit more intuitive. Even with a gamepad it's not very convenient.

Xanifur, Apr 22, 2013

This is a Tale of Tales game. They create interactive experiences, not games. Although I couldn't find anyone in the house, the AI suffices, and it is an interesting experience. I don't regret buying this title, I think of it as a donation to their next project. I highly recommend you check out their title "The Path". We need more small developers like this.

wjomlex, Feb 14, 2013

The main problem is how buggy and clunky this game is. The multiplayer doesn't seem to work at all, whether private or public, and the developers don't seem to care. On the forums they give helpful advice such as "it worked when *we* tested it". I understand from the simulations what's trying to be accomplished here, but this sort of game is entirely about the experience, and there's simply nothing to do.

Skylarz, Mar 20, 2013

Far by the worst game ever. I only gave this game a 1 because it is in French and I love French, or else it would've been a 0. Multiplayer doesn't work and the game promised that you can play it in multiplayer. A high end graphics card is needed when the game doesn't look like it needs that much vram and etc. This whole "game" is a rip off, I exchanged my Sleeping Dogs hoping that this would be better, but nope. Do not EVER buy this game, it's a scam like WarZ! Yes I officially made a metacritic just so I can tell everyone how horrible it is.

Suzugamori, Jan 14, 2015

The game is beautiful to look at... for a couple minutes. The lackluster gameplay, and no real interaction with others leads to a boring, tedious game that relies on the fact that it's 'artistic' to carry it.

Dejakritz, Apr 20, 2013

This game is an unfinished scam. My description of it? It is really just a hodgepodge of randomness with hollow artsy fartsiness. This serves as failed attempt to conceal the fact that there is no game, just you, a player who might desperately seek justification for the money they wasted by pressing his or her face too closely to the screen or by giving this game a score higher than 0 on metacritic.