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Black Desert Online Black Desert is a large scale of sandbox oriented MMORPG that provides you a variety of unique experiences with spectacular action and battle, strategy-based castle siege, sophisticated simulation contents such as trade, NPC-hiring and real estate management.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 11955
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
GameOn / Pearl Abyss
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Black Desert Online reviews ( 7 )

Rouce, Mar 11, 2016

The thing with this game is that it's hard to grasp at first. It's a sandbox MMORPG, so there are mostly no explanations whatsoevere on professions, the node management, conversation minigame, the crafting system, etc. etc. Also killing mobs seems to be very easy at the beginning, the potion cooldown of only 5 seconds gives the impression that PvP just might be potion spamming, the real-time fighting with its keyboard combo controls can feel off at first, and whatnot. It took me a whole week of playing until I understood what the game is all about and where the enjoyment comes from. But now I love it. The combat system really is something special and a great diversion from tab targeting. Also it feels really fluent once you've created and memorized your own combos. Looking up how everything works made me feel like playing a MMORPG for the first time again. Mobs are geting harder and harder the further you progress, especially if you want to quest while being a bit underleveled. Potion spamming is a thing in this game, but since there are no other ways of healing it's just a different system than most MMORPGs. It won't do much in endgame, the one who outplays his enemy first will be the winner regardless of potions. The graphics are totally fine. They've got its up- and downsides but overall they look really, really decent. Especially the lighting. Remarkable pros: -New and great fighting system without tab targeting, fluent gameplay and nice combos -Amazing player housing. You can buy hundreds of different houses scattered around the world and customize it freely with self-created or bought furniture. It also grants different benefits, so there is a reason to visit your home - Mounts aren't just a different model but a real entity in the world. They'll stay where you left them and you can equip them with armor for defense/saddles for speed and other things But I'll definitely remark that the game isn't for everyone. It's not your usual MMO with a lot of handholding and conventional gameplay. Be aware of this and preferably do some more research before buying this game.

Nilm, Mar 7, 2016

Runs great, looks fantastic, about 30-40times better then ESO. Servers have never crashed so far unlike ESO users are better Less trash to deal with

DDonut, Mar 3, 2016

Not for people who like to give up, Who dont enjoy spending 100 hours perfecting your play to the utmost and making a name for yourself in a game that has no limit. You will never forget the days u see your first ents walking through the forest. Or the first time u hammer on a cyclops in a far of forest. The first time u succeed in building a fishing boat and go on the hunt for whales or just see the sun rise above the islands. Cant praise this game enough but its not for people who dont like the grind. This is for people who like to work for their stuff and wait for that feeling when u finnally get that +15 upgrade on your weapon.

Moriwenne, Apr 2, 2016

I am a fan of mmorpgs. I am also a fan of beautiful graphics which makes exploring a treat. I don't shy away from action combat games either so, I picked up this game and played it for some 50 hours. The game has many different systems in play. Housing, workers, nodes, crafting, trading, transport of goods, npc minigames, questing, etc. I first tried to play the game just by going through the motions, trying to experience a bit of everything. I am experienced with such games and usually figure things out. I failed with black desert in this regard. I believe the game does a very poor job of explaining itself to you. I had to find a bunch of guides and videos elsewhere to get me going. I am not a crafting freak. I mean, I like crafting. I like the option of creating my own items and the ability to participate in the market and earn a bit more money and I don't mind some mild gathering. But this is a means to an end. What I really want is the money and the items that will improve my character. Some might enjoy a fishing minigame and I don't mind doing it a couple of times, any mini is ok if only repeated 2 or 3 times but after that? No thank you. I am not a housing freak. I don't mind building a house and decorating the outside like you could do with Archeage. It's something that will exist in the game, serves an aesthetic purpose and that's ok. But putting furniture on an instanced house, that no one will see, takes time and effort that is just not fun FOR ME. Transporting goods, fixed warehouses, these things add a bit of a real feel to the game's towns but honestly, it's a limitation I could do without. I have to transport things myself, do some actions to move things around and I don't get any fun out of it. I remember doing trade runs in archeage and basically having to walk things over long distances. The goal there as well, was the money at the end and the trip itself gave me no pleasure. In fact, I often just played another game like hearthstone on another screen whilst my character walked. I did enjoy the aspect of danger associated with the trade runs though. The towns and cities never felt distinct to me. I like feeling that a place is special and has interesting characters. The towns and cities felt a bit too overcrowded with npcs that don't matter. You can talk to too many people which serves no purpose. There are these minigames that you can perform with too many npcs forcing you to spend time and literally energy so that you can get a discount on some goods and this is true for so many npcs, it's just unnecessary. I enjoy some pvp. In my 50 hours of play, the game didn't create any opportunities for me to pvp. Low lvl pvp is as fun as high lvl pvp as everyone learns the game and it offers different challenges. In BD i didn't find any. In comparison to say GW2, there was an arena that I could join at any time to improve my fighting skills and learn how to fight other classes. There was an entire pvp map where only pvp mattered (solo and grouped), with objectives, which is fun too, and you could do that from level 1. I like having these different options as they offer variety to one's tasks and stop boredom from setting in. I like solo play but I also enjoy grouping. I like it when a game throws a grouped area in your path as you progress through the leveling. Maybe even, have a dungeon area that offers a map with specific gameplay that a group of people must figure out. Again, this offers variation from the usual grind or 'go kill x' quests. In my 50h of game I found no real group options with the exception of a couple of gathering guild quests. I like visuals. I like to change the looks of my character as the game progresses. You see someone's armor and you know their strength. You see someone wielding a specific weapon and you recognise his power and also, it just looks good. This progression should exist in the early levels and not just when you reach max level. After 50h my wizard still looks like gandalf and all wizards around me also look like gandalf. Also, I like to play females and the game not allowing me to create females with every a modern boggles the mind. The game's graphics are quite nice though and the character creation is a treat. In conclusion, the game accomplishes many of the things it sets out to do and fails on some others. The stuff that fails at like the interface, creating some sort of story, having good localization, cash shop, some combat stuff…some of these things I could tolerate. But as a whole, given my tastes, the game doesn’t offer enough to keep me engaged. PS: The point of reviews in my opinion is not to complain. The idea is to explain the game to others whilst inserting your own tastes into it so that people with similar tastes might take something out of it. If this helped someone then hey, quest completed!

KrytyNiekrytyk, Mar 9, 2016

Pros: - great graphics - great character creator - sandbox Cons: - boring (go to place B from place A and kill everyone, do the same from B to C etc). - no equipment system (you will look the same from lvl 1 to lvl 50, or you can pay 30 euro for some epic outfit) - hud - no tutorials - combat system has too many keyboard shortcuts, so you can be pro player if you will just hit keyboard with your head. So: Wait for f2p or for equipment system patch, and this will be quite better (like 6/10).

Bombzy, Mar 7, 2016

I was really looking forward to this game, but I have to say I am disappointed. Character creation is quite nice and very detailed - but gender locked classes was a bit annoying. However, that was the best bit - it is really all downhill from there. The game itself is a mess. Confusing and cluttered UI, glitchy graphics, lag, lighting effects where you can't see what the hell is going on half the time. Combat looks quite good but is way too easy. Maybe this changes at higher levels, but even the first boss fight with the Giant Imp required no thought, planning or skill. Quests are boring and unimaginative and text and voice acting is truly awful. Steer well clear - this will be F2P soon.

Teekanne, Feb 21, 2018

The game does some things really well. The action combat feels extremely fluid and the lifeskilling has potential, however this game is a scam in that it creates an artificial problem and then sells the solution. Every cash shop item is a response and the solution to a roadblock in the game. The developers initially promised there would be no Cash Shop along the lines of the Korean mode ... they lied. They continue to lie to this day and will vehemently deny they are pay 2 win but pay for convenience. Either way, their racket is becoming more exposed in the west and I will never recommend a game developed by PA or published by Kakao ever again.