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Black Mesa Black Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software's seminal game Half-Life. You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility. Expect detailed environments to explore, a huge cast of characters and experimental weaponry. All-new music, voice acting, choreography and added dialogue give way to a more expansive and immersive experience than ever before. [Valve]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5528
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Black Mesa Modification Team / Black Mesa Modification Team

Black Mesa reviews ( 7 )

CrazyGoat, Sep 21, 2012

Black Mesa has the polish synonymous with a Valve property, and has surpassed all expectations in light of the sheer difficulty of the project. The amount of dedication, passion, and love the developers put into this game is immediately apparent as you explore the depths of Black Mesa, and uncover the secrets of this research facility. Black Mesa transcends the level of 'modification' - they didn't modify anything. They created this game (save for a few sound bites, etc) from the ground up - in an impressive feat not many could accomplish. Having played Half-Life 1, this game left me without a single gripe or complaint regarding it's faithfulness to the original. The additions (of which there are a few) utilize the source engine's physics and graphics in ways that remind you of Half-Life 2. These are not modders, they're developers - and have made a shining masterpiece which raises the bar on third-party game development in the source engine. It's faithful to the original, and yet creates this bizarre sense of deja vu with Half-Life 2 - making them feel like one contiguous game, no longer separated by 6 years or different engines. They have truly done the impossible. This is a must-play.

Rice303, Nov 6, 2012

An amazing game that gives half-life fans more to get excited over it's funny how it's been over ten years since the original has been released yet the gameplay still remains nearly completely unchanged and it still manages to be fun and fluid, there are some aspects of the game that could have been improved, but as a fan project it's a solid ten, I doubt i'd ever be able to make anything like this even with my passion in gaming

earthprime163, Apr 30, 2013

Anyone who just 'doesn't get it' is from the new generation of gamers and wasn't there in the beginning (1998) when Half Life changed the industry. This MOD is a gem a love letter to the Half Life series and it's free!! CrazyGoat's review is spot-on that the amount of dedication by the MOD's creators is unsurpassed.

t0bssu, Jan 8, 2013

Best mod ever made. It's not just a mod. It's a different game. I recommend playing HL1 first because this one does not tell the story as good as the first one did. Nostalgia is so big part of this game.

Dune_Jumper, Mar 12, 2015

Black Mesa is the Source remake of Half-Life we've always wanted. It (almost) has the same amount of polish an official Valve game would have. The only reason I don't give it a perfect 10/10 is because the AI is pretty bad. The soldier AI is especially horrible. However, this will likely be fixed in the full Steam release. So I'll raise my score when that comes out. Sadly, Xen is missing entirely. We'll just have to be patient, and wait for the full release on Steam. The developers are also working on multiplayer, which is awesome.

Lazy_Ninja, Jan 2, 2013

This is a masterpiece of work for 40 volunteers. They have not really created a mod, but a full game that does a very good job recreating the good moments of the long timed Half Life, released in 1998. And obviously, it rocks HL Source very easily, both on graphics and gameplay. Unlike some say: It is not required a top GPU to run the game. It runs well on a GT 240 128 bit DDR3, but except some lag in graphically intensive moments. Summarizing: It does a fantastic job to recreate HL, and I think this is not really a mod, but a new game with a very similar story to the original HL, with some ambients completely recreated. It brings back to life the long forgotten HL, now replaced by some mods, being only a shadow of the original HL, namely: Counter Strike, Day of Defeat or Team Fortress(the former i liked it pretty much). But it also haves it some con aspects. While it does not require a top Graphics Card to run, do not except to run this game, even on medium details, with a 8400GS or a 8500GT. And also, there are some FPS issues on some parts, namely after the first chapter of the game, on the exploded power reactor. Other than that, i would give it 9.7/10 easily.

mangonebula, May 13, 2016

They really molested the original with this one. Half Life was a sci-fi puzzle thriller and they somehow managed to strip out all of those elements to turn it into Call of Duty LXXXVIII: Alien Ops. Way too much attention was paid to the graphics and shooter aspect and not enough to the design and gameplay. ABSOLUTELY NO CREATIVITY. There are stretches of the game that are just laughably easy or where nothing happens at all. The character has to walk for an extended period of time, I assume looking around and gasping at the graphical mastery. On that note, the graphics are not even that great. There are obvious glitches, such as the scientist's ties that flop around everywhere before disappearing. Then, when you finally get to SOMETHING that happens, it's multiple obstacles all at once: 20 soldiers to kill, 10 headcrabs, and an annoying jumping trap. So you end up doing nothing, with not much of the background to interact with and no items to collect, and then dying 50 times in order to get to the next part where nothing happens. In terms of the FPS gameplay, it is sadly lacking as well. For some reason, they couldn't figure out how to evenly distribute the health and ammo throughout the levels, so there are times when you're desperate for bullets and run into two clusterf*cks in a row and other times where there's items everywhere but you don't need them and can't take them with you. The logic behind the damage makes no sense either. You can shoot soldiers in the face with a laser gun, A LASER GUN, and it takes three hits to kill them. Yet, somehow their stray bullets from miles away end up directly in your head. And the soundtrack if abysmal, as the music comes in at completely random times with wailing guitar solos designed to make high schoolers spray slim jim particles and mountain dew from their mouths in awe, all over their Metallica t-shirts. The original Half Life was a clever, nuanced game that was as much about exploring as it was about click and shoot. It's a tragedy for that type of gameplay to be steamrolled and replaced with boring, trite, overdone, mindless shooting to pander to gamer drones. Thank god the legacy is actually left to Valve with people employed that can come up more creative things like Portal.