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Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil Black Mirror 2 fascinates players with lovely detailed 2D backgrounds and a thrilling story: Black Mirror 2 takes place in the 1990's, twelve years after the first episode. Solitary Darren, hero of Black Mirror 2, meets cute Angelina while he is working at the local photo shop of Biddeford, a small town in New England. Angelina immediately understands to catch the eye of Darren´s despotic, unpopular boss. To add the mystery, there seems to be a third person interested in Angelina – Darren sees someone chasing her. He decides to investigate these incidents. His researches will soon lead him to several locations – such as the small English village of Willow Creek, that adventure game players know from part #1.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1132
Genre Adventure, 3D, Modern, Third-Person
Company / Developer
Viva Media , Viva Media, LLC / Cranberry Studios

Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil reviews ( 6 )

Pannox, Nov 19, 2013

I must confess, this game is surprisingly good. It starts very slow, take almost one hour before the real game starts, but after that, is all worth it. Great story, great voice actors and lot of moments of suspance. The only probablems that I found are the lack of lip sync, so you can't tell if the protagonist is thinking or talking. A problem that fortunatly got fixed in the sequel. I really suggest to play this game, expecially if you're a fan of real good Adventure games.

MrMog64, Jul 20, 2013

The Black Mirror 2 is a good horror point and click adventure game. This game nails horror, and by horror I don't mean jump scares. I mean creepy and unsettling environments and events that are occurring throughout this game. This game starts out slow for the first 15 to 20 minutes than quickly starts to ramp up. You start in Maine USA as a different character than you played in the first Black Mirror game. While in certain areas this game feels like a step up from the original, it feels like this game is almost setting up the scene for the 3rd in the series in terms of story, characters, and setting. Graphically there is a big different between this game and the original. There is also the option to hold the space bar and see all the hot spots or areas you can click on the screen to interact with. You can toggle this on and off any time during the game in the options menu which can help you out instead of being forced to look up a walk through online which is a nice touch compared to the first game. Make sure to play the first Black Mirror game or you will be lost when the game starts referring back to the events and characters that take place in the first game. This is a good game but I feel like it doesn't have quite the same type of dark and gloomy environments that I loved in the first game. The Black Mirror series is worth your time.

celsus, Jun 5, 2014

It's the longest adventure game that I have ever played. It has as many as six chapters, I thought third would be the last. It's rather too easy and very surprising.

Jhikaru, Nov 4, 2014

Black Mirror 2, a horror point and click adventure game. This game made a pretty good job on creating an eerie environment and some of the events are scary too. It did not have much jump scares and moved at a fairly slow pace at the beginning. Around the middle part of the story, it started to get interesting and it made me wanted to keep on progress. The ending left me hungry for Black Mirror 3. Overall, it got a very nice story, great voice actors and the puzzles were logical and reasonable. I really recommend this game to point and click adventure gamers that liked story filled with horror and mystery.

theTRUTHson, Sep 15, 2016

A hard one to review. A lot of work has been put into this game and it shows. The overall atmosphere is very good. Yet it suffers from some silly mistakes such as hidden hot spots, sudden deaths, badly designed puzzles. For every impressive scenery, there is a bad game mechanic. It constantly has you wondering if you love it or hate it. I think it is a good adventure game that is set back by some bad design choices. Best solution imo is to use a walkthrough for whenever you get stuck and you will enjoy Black Mirror 2.

Voyou, Aug 22, 2016

And we got a winner for... most annoying player character of all times so far. He even beats Secret Files Tunguska's logorrhea as he talks even more any time you click anything, of course through his nose (the talking, not the clicking.) And no, not in a humorous way: all he does is whine and whine and whine. I had to give up one hour in. Apart from that, the game is a dull version of things done so many times before, with a weaker than average interface (hot spots you can barely see, unnecessary clicks, a button overlapping the game world...,) bad voice acting, and so on. Frankly, if you can bear the protagonist, you might get your dull fix out of it, but I'd rather replay Shadow of the Comet or such from the early 90s.