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Black The Fall Black The Fall is an atmospheric side-scrolling shooter with puzzle solving elements. An odd and unexpected black and white dream inspired by a childhood passed behind the Iron Curtain.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1323
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Sand Sailor Studio
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Black The Fall reviews ( 5 )

gimus, Feb 3, 2018

Velice zaj?�mav?? logick?? plo??inovka, kter?? okam??it?� vt??hne do d?�je. Prost?�ed?� je zcela jedine??n?�, ??iv?�, reaguj?�c?�. P?�ekvapuje m?�, co v??e dok????e Unity Engine. P?�kn?� se hraje a bav?�. Hra m?? cca 3-4 hodiny hern?� dobu a kdo by se v pr??b?�hu hran?� zasekl, m?? mo??nost pod?�vat se na youtube ( - m?? ??ty?�i videa/ ????sti), jak z toho ven. T?�matikou a zpracov??n?�m zapad?? mezi origin??ln?� hry s p?�ekvapen?�m. Cena odpov?�daj?�c?� kvalit?�. Za sebe doporu??uji a autor??m fand?�m, v?� takov??ch hern?�ch "jednohubek"!

KENKEN117, Jul 12, 2017

??�??�?��?�???�?�??�??�??��??�?��??�???????????�?????�??�??�?�?????�??�?INSIDE??�???????�???�?�??????�?��???INSIDE??�????��???BTF?�????????�???�????��?????�??�?��??�????�??�??�?????�??�???�89?????????????�???�??�????�???�??�?��??�??�?????????????�???�??�??�??�???????��????�??�??��??�??�?�???�?�??��??�?�?????????�?�??????�?��??�???INSIDE??�???????��????????�?????�?�??????�??� ?��?????�?�??�??�???????????��??�????�??��?????�?��????�???�?��?��??�?????�????????�????�?????�????????��????�???�?�??�????????��????��?????�????��??�?��?????�??�??�?????�??�

vandreea, Jul 13, 2017

Brilliant bleak atmosphere and sharp graphics. I love the concept of fighting against Communism and the puzzles are rather challenging, I must admit, especially the one that you have to rely on sound only.

iseeall, Aug 22, 2017

Black The Fall seems to be trying to be close to Inside, but in an Eastern European setting. However, it can't reach the greatness of that Danish masterpiece due to lack of polish... E.g. the animations of the main character have no proper transitions and feel clunky. There is no death animation. Though the art is good, and the scenery is well designed. 8/10

AcidOxidant, Feb 8, 2018

This game is a decent. The mechanics are very simple and the puzzles simple to match but it takes a little while before they become interesting at all. EVERYTHING feels scripted, it's not a game with a fully fledged out physics engine. Its gameplay is highly similar to INSIDE by Playdead studios but doesn't feel like the massive letdown INSIDE was compared to it's spiritual prequel, LIMBO lmao. The atmosphere is very well made but again, simple. Fairly low poly count but it gets across a bleak atmosphere of a world gone to the authoritative rule of a supremely powerful and oppressive dictatorship. I got it in the Humble Monthly bundle, it's worth about $15, maybe on sale. Don't go out of your way to play this, it's a relaxed, low energy game.