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Black & White 2 In this real-time strategy sequel, you'll reprise your role as a powerful deity in search of a following and return to the once idyllic world of Eden, where the discovery of weaponry and warfare has tainted the beautiful landscape. With the help of your gigantic Creature that you raise from infancy, you must earn the respect and worship of the natives. How you choose to do that, whether through nurturing them or terrorizing them, is up to you.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2197
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
EA Games / Lionhead Studios
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Black & White 2 reviews ( 5 )

GiancarloB., Oct 6, 2005

Although the ai does not reach out as mush as it did in the first game its still probobly one of the most spectacular games iv ever played. the freedom of the game is almost boundless and training ur creature is just one of the funest things ever. really good job on this one.

hollowfication, Jun 3, 2012

best game ever i love it finished it and did it over again via cheat so much fun i could do it every day and i would not hate this game.............................

DougC., Jan 29, 2008

I personally loved Black and White 1 because of its scope and complete originality. I was very excited about Black and White 2 and spent a huge amount of time watching for updates during it production. But i was quite disappointed when i finally got to play it (After spending a few days trying to get it to work when it was released) in my opinion the big downside is the opponents AI. I was looking foward to large scale wars where i would need to use strategy to prevail (and a lot of fire xD) but all i got was the same number of troops attacking me at the same intervals and the computer not really reacting to anything i did. The toning down of creatures was also a let down, creature fights always just end when one leaps on the other one. All the punching before hand is meaningless. Its plot also didn't really seem adequate for a game where you are a god. Of course certain parts of the game were refreshing such as the level of control you had over creating your utopion city or totalitarianistic fortress and the ability to pick up 300 of your people and hurl them at an approaching army. But i personally think that if the game had not been so hastily released it would've been one of the best games for 2005.

Chris_DK, Jul 7, 2012

A decent game that can consume a lot of your time! It is quite enjoyable. But the warfare is completely stupid, what is the point of going to war if the enemy can use destroyed armories to create platoons? The enemy can create a fully experienced platoon in 3 seconds without having to recruit people. That makes warfare unnecessary and shallow.

bigtroutz, Oct 3, 2005

I have not seen this version of the game. However, all should be warned that the original B & W game was filled with fatal crashes which made playing it to completion impossible. Furthermore, although Lionhead was aware of the bugs, no patches were ever made. A big waste of money, IMO.