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Blackguards 2 Blackguards 2 ia an SRPG focusing on turn-based, strategic battles with a group of scoundrels as anti-heroes.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1535
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, Tactics
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daedalic Entertainment
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Blackguards 2 reviews ( 7 )

Thornville, Jan 22, 2015

A really good Sequel for Blackguards 1 with a bunch of improvements. Features like the new stamina bar or the mercenaries improve the strategic challenge and the dynamics of the fights furthermore. Even exploring the battlemaps makes sense now as there is now a bunch of loot to find!!! I really enjoyed the first part... but I'm very surprised about the good quality of this sequel - especially as it was published this short after the first one. While the prequel seemed to be more focused on luck and RNG (which was kinda ok when I played it) with the second part I have the feeling that it is way more strategic. I finally feel more rewarded for being clever than for just being lucky. Furthermore I'm a big fanboy of the Dark Eye Fantasy universe and I love the whole anti hero protagonist design. I'm glad they kept this from the prequel! KUDOS @ Daedalic! Two thumbs up from my side!

Eldryr, Jan 22, 2015

Fanatstic turn based strategy game in a fantasy setting. Some things were changed in a very positive way. Fights are now smoother and more strategy than luck compared to the first sequel. Character creation is easier but complex and ambitious enough for having characters which fits on your own play style. Combat is more balanced, Magic inclusive so it's now a lot of fun to play this hexgrid game. Story is solid, unfortunately some minor bugs occur. Nothing bad though and I'm pretty sure they will fix them asap. I really love the strategic map with the city campaigns which gives you a good mixture between strategical and tactical combat and some more options. With all this changes for me the games is a lot of fun, challenging but not impossible and every minute worth to play it.

Aditu, Jan 22, 2015

Totally hooked! I already loved the first Blackguards and I was so longing for this second one to be available, that I started right the moment I got hands on it. And they did not disappoint me. They changed a lot; above all I am really glad that they changed the to-hit-chance so that it is not a matter of luck anymore if you hit. The graphic style and the humor I liked in the first part are as great in this second part, too, and they added some new features, like the strategic map, which makes the game way more complex. And there are still a lot of tricky situations where you have to find your best way through. Sometimes again very challenging but lots of fun anyways. It creates this "Ha! Got it!" feeling once you resolve a situation and this means there are a lot of emotions while playing this game which is great.

Sjalka, Jan 24, 2015

This is a great game - like Blackguards 1 it is a game with tough, sometimes almost puzzle like tactical combat, a nice story - interesting characters and the trusty Dark Eye levelling system. The arenas seem to be larger sometimes, adding enormously to the strategy and tactics feeling - as well as more interactive environment scattered on the maps. atmosphere, music and voice acting is solid - there is no reason not to play that game, especially if one liked the first one. The only thing i would have loved to see is more choices and branching story/character developement. - but i guess there needs to be something left for a third part of the franchise.

WolfKing, Jan 24, 2015

Very good sequel, I love the battles, love the story, its just a great tactical RPG which has all the elements you truly need, loot, customize your heroes with items and deep skill trees. Wish they made more tactical games like that. The reason I'm taking away 2 points is because you cannot make your own character, your forced to play a female hero, and for me I cant play female characters as a main toon its just doesn't work in my role play world. Huge let down for me.

StaticSpine, Oct 17, 2015

Blackguards 2 is more a strategy game rather than RPG. I won't go deep into mechanics: the roleplaying system became much more simple, the combat got some improvements, though not of them are useful. There is a feeling that the game was made in a hurry and not all the decisions were carefully thought out. Anyway, worth a try if you like decent tactical combat, the game has plenty.

cottoneyej31, May 14, 2015

More RNG, more bad design. Having the "right" skills can make a fight super easy. Having the wrong skills can make it super hard. RNG is not skill. RNG is not fun.