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Blade of Darkness Stunning, richly detailed fantasy world. Real-ime lighting casts eerie and terrifying shadows. Unrivaled blood and gore combat. Hack off an enemy's limb, then thrash him with it. Learn devastatingly fluid combo attacks and use them to slice your enemies to pieces. [Codemasters]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1791
Genre Role-Playing, Action Adventure, Fantasy, General, Action RPG
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Rebel Act Studios

Blade of Darkness reviews ( 7 )

asdrubael, Jun 3, 2011

I hate those review magazines..THIS WAS THE BEST F*CKIN AWESOME hack and slash 3rd person game of its time.Period.A TRUE LEGEND!!!The shadows were overwhelming,the music was trully epic,the battles were really hard,the enemies were f*cking awesome and brutal,the fatalities differed if you hit different parts of the body..pure awesomeness!!!Although mainly underrated by the press,i remember PC magazine gave it a 90%!!!Thank god i saw it on the package and bought it immediately!(ps.PC magazine of that time was really nasty on scoring.. ;) )

Adrian, Jul 14, 2005

Best medieval game ever, Lot of weapons, lot of combos (more with mods) and a unique system of combat that is the best ever made, you hit where you want legs head arms.

openworlds, Jan 20, 2017

This spanish game has probably the best real time combat ever. The most challenging and the most pleasurable. Slightly better combat than Rune, Dark Souls and Mount and Blade, the other three real time best combat systems, and a universe better than the rest. The original and immersive atmosphere, full of avestic, old iranian references is a good point too. The rest is decent. But the combat system is a must try.

Vamrem, Nov 26, 2014

This game redefined the Action-RPGs and till today games that approach its concept are venerated among their fans, but none of them became a true equivalent of what this masterpiece meant. A game that used the best technology available in a dark Nordic mythology of endless loneliness with dynamic shadows and scary sounds, even the long silences could be disturbing when you are risking your life at each step. From 2001 till today the 3D environment and models looks lovely designed and with mods is perfectly playable, a must have to each fan of Gothic, Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen, and all kind of those games in which each strike counts.

RagingPoet, Feb 12, 2018

9.5 out of 10 One of the best PC slashers ever made, Blade of Darkness has amazing and brutal swordplay and dark atmosphere. Visuals look decent even today, 16+ years after it's release. The only flaw is lack of a plot, but you won't even notice it while decapitating goblins and painting the walls with orcs' blood.

Didacticus, Oct 17, 2013

That whispering that I was hearing when I was walking in the darkness gave me the creeps. This game also is very big! Hours and hours of gameplay, even with Godmode on.

SallyJ., Aug 3, 2006

I am only now playing Blade of Darkness. For anyone reading this, this game still is better then most of it's modern counterparts. If you're not a "eew the graphics are not as good as Crysis-whiner", PLAY THIS THING!!!! One note on the audio though: There's a reason the music is fantastic. Most music tracks are live orchestra loops, coming from a premade CD. These loops can be found in numerous budget titles. With this in mind, you could say the audio is the only thing in this game not up to par with the rest. It still is functional though. Also, these loops are converted to mono, degrading the loops in quality. in Stereo, they sound FAR better. I do have one more thing to say: the loops are "beefed up" with additional sampled instruments. Here you can see a hint of the "composer's quality". These additional melodies are outstanding. The tracks where he added horn melodies dubbed by a tenor singer are outstanding en very immersive. Let's hope the composer did better in other games. Conclusively: This game is worth every penny. Pick it up, you WILL NOT regret it!!!