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Blades of Time In Blades of Time, players don the persona of the gorgeous gunsword-wielding treasure hunter, Ayumi. Blessed with beauty and a trigger happy finger, she's on a mission to find lost bounties in a mysterious and dangerous island. Quickly, she learns this island isn't just trees, berries and gold - but something more sinister lies beneath the surface. As the wonderment of the island becomes to reveal itself, she learns this land can gift her powers man can only dream of, but also she's not alone on this island! Thank goodness she brought her own weapons. Ayumi then proceeds to battle against menacing villains on the island by destroying them and everything in her path while looking to acquire magical powers that only the strongest warrior can possess.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2175
Genre Action, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Gaijin Entertainment / Gaijin Entertainment

Blades of Time reviews ( 7 )

teckchris, Apr 28, 2012

Blades of Time is an excellent game that is highly underrated. It seems like a good combo of Devil May Cry and Prince of Persia. Not just a button masher, and very fun to play. The level design is very unique and fantastic compared to other games. It's graphics are modern but not the best quality around however it plays well and is extremely fun.

Madmoon, Jun 11, 2015

- Successor of X-Blades - Nice Graphics - Very Hot Babe - DmC styled Sword Combat - Easy to Master third-person Rifle Combat ... headshot does matter now - Awesome massive launcher Weaponry - Gears are able to Mix-n-Match ... equip and fit to player's own playstyle - Magic Skills - Flying Ability - Dragon Form - Great Storyline - Time Rewind Ability ... more awesome than "Prince of Persia"

SchizoTyler, Jul 15, 2012

I don't usually like these sorts of games. I hate God of War for example. Ninja Blade I thought was ok for a level or two but I lost interest quickly. Darksiders I enjoyed but the sections between story progression felt too long at times and so I drifted away from it. The only other game in the... I guess "brawler?" category I've liked was Enslaved, which is one of my favorite games of all time (though that game I liked for different reasons than why I like this one). The combat is incredibly fun and stylish. One of the main things that separates Blades of Time from other games is the time aspect. You can rewind time and then resume and fight alongside your past self. The meter recharges fairly quickly and if you do it right you can have a whole swarm of yous attacking a single enemy. I had probably 8 versions of me attacking an enemy once early in the game and it was hysterical and entertaining. There are guns in this game but they are handled pretty well, if you have played Enslaved, the guns are handled pretty similar in Blades of Time if I am remembering correctly. The boss fights are interesting, some of them are straight forward and others you have to figure out. A few bosses I have died once or twice confused as to what I was supposed to do, but then once I figured it out I felt really satisfied. Its the same feeling I get when I solve a difficult Portal chamber. lol. Hint: Don't forget about your rewind time ability, you can get pretty creative with it sometimes. The voice acting is excellent. There are journal pages you find throughout the game from people who came before you and they are voiced and the voice acting in those is excellent and their storylines are pretty interesting and give a little more insight into the world. The music is great. The visuals are great for the most part. Textures are usually pretty good. The main characters, the environments, art style, and the animations look gorgeous. I'm probably 3/4 of the way through the game, if not further by now, and the storyline is good. Its not going to blow anyone away, but its a good storyline so far with interesting characters. There is also a constant sense of progression. You are constantly gaining new abilities to use and some levels will have a specific thing that makes them unique (for example on the desert planet level you can't step into the sunlight for very long else you die. Also there is a floating islands level in which you temporarily gain the ability to fly which was amazing and I wish would have been in more of the game.) I'd say this game is a definite hidden gem. I hadn't heard of it at all before I stumbled across it on the steam store for pretty cheap. Its an awesome game and I am having a blast playing it. Its definitely one of the funnest games I've played in a while and I am very happy I found it. This is my first Metacritic review and I'm doing it because of the weirdly low scores this game got. I'm having a blast playing this game and for me personally I give it a 9/10. If you want to get all technical and scrutinize every detail then I guess a "professional" reviewer would give it something like an 8/10. But when a game just strikes that chord and its just addicting and an absolute blast, its worth an extra point.

Lythom, Feb 16, 2014

A game without a fail : decent story, reactive and fun gameplay, good art, respect of the current "standards" of game design good practises. A few points are really great, others are not bad when not good. What's very good : balancing with action/redundancy. You never get bored because you feel it repetitive, neither you get bored from inaction, and this all along the game which is in my mind a remarkable performance for this kind of games. What could be improve : the game lack the charisma of great and memorable games. What makes me mad in "professional" reviews : "The game only play the sexy card". Yeah the marketing is too much about it. The good point is the people who make the game are not the same who sell it : You get a real "normal" character without insisting fan service around her. The scenarist/developers did not fall into easy sexist stereotypical "woman as object" and this is appreciated. The game still deserve, 2 years later, a good mark. If you want to kick some asses, get this and have fun =)

frast, May 2, 2012

The game is actually pretty interesting hack n'slash. The game is nice, this shows a few interesting ideas, such as shifting time. After some time (as in 3/4) gets a little boring and a bit too heavy (although the games are heavier). And finally, we realize that we prefer to play a lot of other interesting hack n'slash's. If you like hack n'slash and played in the greatest hits, why not, the smaller ones can be fun too. My rating -7/10

dumle, Apr 20, 2013

Blades of time is a pretty mediocre third person action game. Its not that it lacks ideas. The time manipulation is really cool even though it could have been so much more. The rpg elements in the game could also have been pretty cool. There are however way too few items to find and the items you do find are simply too similar to each other. The unlocking of different abilities are way too linear and yet again are there too few and too similar abilities. The game do also have a lot of other cool ideas like a level where you need to avoid the sun, levels where you can fly, weapons that you can pick up, different (quite easy) puzzles and some bosses. All ideas aren't implemented all that great but it makes the game quite varied. The games campaign is quite decent. It took me around 8 hours to complete and i greatly enjoyed the different environments in the game. The environments are surprisingly varied and i thought some of them were pretty cool. The campaigns story however is quite generic and the character cast are quite slim, boring and underdeveloped. Now the main meat of this game is the combat. Personally i didn't really care about the combat. Its by no means a trainwreck and there is plenty of bosses and enemies to fight. But i just didn't care about the core combat mechanics. It was a bit too spammy and unvaried for my taste. There were also some annoying bosses in the game. Blades of time is an ok third person action game. It wont win any prices but you will probably get your moneys worth if you like the genre.

Baroness, Feb 14, 2015

This is not a good game. This is a very bad game with good intentions, but with a lack of proper execution and coherent vision. It's buggy as hell, e.g. sometimes dying makes you advance the game or doors don't open. It's pretty badly thought out as well. You get killed in 2-3 hits, and don't get the option to increase your health or your defence. The story in convoluted and confusing. Safe yourself the trouble and your money and don't buy this game!